Different options of which shoes to wear with joggers

9 Terrific Options for Which Shoes to Wear with Joggers

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Since any woman of any size or age can wear these pants, let’s discuss which shoes to wear with joggers. I think the key is to remember that joggers can come in a multitude of styles and materials so you can style them for winter, summer as well as all different occasions including a work environment.

Quote of the day: “The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.” Rita Mae Brown

Thinking about that daily quote is a good reminder of how there are no rules about which shoes to wear with joggers. You should try them all and evaluate them. And I am here to show you 9 unique options that can inspire you from your own closet.

Which shoes to wear with joggers
What are joggers
4-Ballet flats
6-Combat boots
7-Ankle boots

What are joggers?

For older women, you might be confused as to what are joggers in the first place. Let’s clear up any confusion.

Joggers started out as athleisurewear. It was the upgraded “yoga pants” that the younger kids were obsessed with. Most times when you read the description for joggers, you see the words “comfy” and “soft” because they are loved for lounging.

Most times they are made of sweatshirt material and had an elastic waistband and fitted cuff at the ankle with tapered legs (reminiscent of a skinny jeans silhouette).

As time has gone on, joggers now come in all sorts of materials including velvet, sequins, and satin which makes them work for every day instead of just lounging around or working out.

The fact of the matter is you can transform your joggers into everyday wear just by pairing them with fabulous tops and of course experimenting with which shoes to wear with joggers as I show below.

Other times we have styled joggers

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Sneakers as shoes to wear with joggers
Joggers: Entro from Naomi & Ruth~~ Top: from Nordstrom~~ Shoes: Naot-won in a giveaway


Sneakers are the most obvious answer to which shoes to wear with joggers.

But you don’t have to style the outfit to look like you just came from the gym.
Think about wearing your joggers that are made from a silky or shiny material and then pair them with fashionable sneakers and a top that isn’t a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Insider tip: It’s still stylish to have no-show socks with your sneakers so they are invisible. My favorite brand that really stays up is Sheec socks.

Brogues as shoes with joggers
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Brogues or oxfords are a more masculine option for which shoes to wear with joggers. This is one style that could work nicely for a work environment too.

While you may not see oxfords and brogues trending as much on the fashion scene right now, I think they can be considered classic shoes.
The advantage of them is they are flat for those women who can’t wear heels, and they look more upscale than sneakers.

If you have never tried a pair, I suggest looking at second-hand stores first.

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Can you wear mules with joggers
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Mules are the perfect footwear for the in-between seasons.

The advantage of mules is you are still showing some skin between the shoes and the joggers. While this could be too cold in the wintertime, it’s a great way to transition when it starts warming up.

Insider tip: The key is finding mules that are comfortable. If you still need arch support, try Soul Insoles which can be switched from different shoes repeatedly.

Ballet flats as an option for footwear with joggers
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4-Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are making a comeback on the style scene which is fabulous since they are so classic.

There are so many varieties of ballet flats that can work for outfits. I always love them as an option of shoes to wear with joggers.

Insider tip: You have much more selection shopping for shoes online. The key is knowing the return policy BEFORE you “add to cart” because shoes are not something that you can alter to fit as easily. Saying that though, I have shared an article on ways to help if you have narrow heels.

Styles of shoes to wear with joggers
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Loafers are making a comeback in the style scene and fit the bill as wonderful options for which shoes to wear with joggers.

The trend with loafers has been with thicker soles (lug soles). Another option is finding a white or ivory pair since that color goes with everything. But even the classic styles look great.

Insider tip: Charlotte is wearing a pair of Walking Cradles loafers in the example photo. I am an ambassador for this brand because they are made for comfort and include such a wide range of sizes. Use code JODIE15 for a discount.

Combat boots and joggers
Joggers: Skies are Blue-Goodwill ~~Sweater: Hand knit by me ~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox

6-Combat Boots

Combat boots are a great winter option as footwear for your joggers.

There are many reasons to embrace combat boots as an older woman.
1-They are usually flat so work for women who can’t wear heels.
2-The thicker soles keep your feet warmer in the winter because it is insulation against the cold concrete or snow.
3-There’s no way you will look frumpy in a pair of combat boots.

BTW, notice that I cuffed my joggers up so they would end right above the combat boots.

Insider tip: If the black combat boots seem too clunky, try the ivory or white versions. They look “lighter”.

Ankle boots as shoes to wear with joggers
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7-Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the solution for which shoes to wear with joggers when the weather is colder. Just as with the combat boots in the example above.

Covering the skin between the hem of the joggers and your footwear is the formula for staying warmer in the winter. If your joggers have a looser hem, then you can wear tall or low-cut ankle boots like Nancy is showing in the example above.

Insider tip: If you have high arches and find it hard to get your foot into an ankle boot, look for ones with zippers. They make it much easier to get on and off.

Joggers: Skies are Blue-Goodwill ~~T-shirt: from Southern Soul Collectives ~~Sandals: Blowfish


Sandals are ideal for when the weather warms up. Since joggers come in all kinds of materials, you can find ones that are lightweight and you can wear them in the summertime.

Insider tip: I believe in finding supportive and comfortable sandals first and foremost. However, there are times when the original support is just not enough. This is why I also bought Soul Insoles and use them especially when we are walking for most of the day.

Wearing heels with joggers
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Heels are the perfect option for which shoes to wear with joggers that give dichotomy to the look.
You are pairing a more casual item (the joggers) with a fancy item (the heels)

Even if you don’t wear heels much because of foot issues, I bet you can find some comfier options nowadays than we could years ago. I just love the fact that many brands are incorporating arch support, extra cushioning as well as bigger toe boxes to make their shoes (including heels) feel good.

Insider tip: Two details make wearing heels easier:
1-Block heels
2-Ankle straps

And if you are looking for ideas of what shoes to wear with cargo pants, I have options for those too.

Options of shoes to wear with joggers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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