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Here is a place where it’s never too late to look great. Join me, Jodie, along with my mom, Charlotte, and good friend, Lesley. We are 3 different decades of women with unique body shapes and styles. This isn’t just any website. I span the gamut from using what you already have in your closet to finding deals and even thrift shopping.

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Word on the Street about Jodie’s Touch of Style:

“Thank you for your blog. Unequivocally it has been a joy this year to make going through cancer lighter. As you are aware, a cancer diagnosis is scary, and the cures are devasting. The clothing tips, hints, and advice have made this time lighter. As I lost weight, I learned how to mix clothing items to fill in the holes (sleeveless with longer-sleeved blouse), color mixing, matching, and accessories. My mind has been challenged and I strive to find new ways of playing with my clothes every day. I am developing a new style along with a different personality. I am becoming more of a true ” free spirit”. For all of this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart” -Frances

“I didn’t know clothes could be so much more fun than always practical. Again, thanks for helping me to keep my mind young in spite of an aging figure.”

“Through your posts, I have gained so much confidence, especially in mixing and matching, never thought I could do it, it turned out to be easy, & I am having fun, thank you!”

“I really think you do a lot to boost the self-esteem of women 50 and over. I know that I’m feeling more confident about my 56-year-old body and feeling more confident in my clothing choices because of reading your blog and hearing you say over and over that we can wear what we want and that we should learn to be comfortable in our own skin. Thanks for all you do!”

“I love your attitude when it comes to dressing and clothes…”

“I have subscribed to your posts for several months and look forward to your ideas every day. I like your color recipe; it has helped me get out of a rut of ho-hum color combos.”

“I’m so glad I’ve been following your blog, It teaches me so much and opens my eyes to new possibilities in my limited closet.”

“I came across your blog just a couple of days ago and subscribed. I just wanted to let you know I love your style and have picked up several ideas. I am so trying to get away from my age-long habit of everything HAS to match, but I’m old school and it’s hard to let go.”

“I LOVE your blog, FB, emails, and IG. You are the first fashion blog that I have ever followed or cared about….What I like about your blog: You incorporate multiple age groups, body types. You have something for everyone-even me. I especially like the section  “categories”  on your web page. I find myself being called there again and again. DIY, thrift, saving money, shop your closet minimalist, frumpy and ageless style are the topics I am bingeing on at the moment. You are very practical giving easy-to-follow tips and ideas.”

“I love your style, your commitment to fun in fashion, your friendship with your mom and Lesley, your obvious love of your husband Rob, and well … just your joy in living…Thank you for your daily joy.”

“I will continue to follow you because I’m learning all the time to love my body the way it is, to try to stay current, and to get my eyes accustomed to “other” styles.”

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