A Colorful Kimono Styled with 5 Different Color Combos

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Colorful kimono

A Colorful Kimono Styled with 5 Different Color Combos

How can you style a color kimono? When I was putting together a presentation about color and accessories I came up with a recipe for color combinations with a print. It’s an easy recipe and works with everything, so I thought I’d share it with this colorful kimono.

Quote of the day: “I choose clothes because I respond to them. I think pulling it off or not pulling it off, doesn’t exist for me. I’m looking for experiences, not some report card” Sarah Jessica Parker

Reading this quote gives me cause to pause. Because so many of the fashion articles we read are all about how to style clothes that are flattering or look good on your specific body. I do the same thing many times.
Yet, what if we had a different idea about getting dressed? What if we embraced the way clothes make us feel? It’s an entirely interesting way to look at it.

For example, this colorful kimono caught my eye when we recently visited Wickenburg (a small town NW of us in Arizona). However, I wouldn’t call it “flattering” since it’s boxy, but I grabbed it because I loved the bright colors.

So I wanted to use this kimono as an example of how to find at least 5 color combinations with any print item you have.
1-Pair it with a Neutral that is in the print
2-Combine it with a Neutral that is NOT in the print
3-Use a Color that is in the print
4-Style a Color that is NOT in the print
5-Use it to Print mix

Insider tip: Make sure to also read the blog post about tips and tricks of styling kimonos that may seem overwhelming along with a video that gives 8 ways to style it.

Neutral in the Print

Column of color

If your colorful kimono seems like a lot of color (more than you are used to wearing), it’s a good start to pair it with a neutral that is already in the piece. I used a column of color of white under this for this example.

Insider tip: A column of color is also an easy way to put together an outfit, like I showed on Instagram recently. (In fact, you’ll see this kimono in that video)

Details of the Outfit

My column of color is made up of a white pair of capris (gifted from Ethyl Clothing two years ago, and a white v-neck top. This v-neck is not as low as the one I showcased last week.
As my accessories, I added in colorful statement earrings and a bracelet.

Neutral NOT in the Print

Grey as a neutral

Since we know neutrals are something that goes with everything, then any neutral should work with your print item. I could have easily paired black, navy or tan with the colorful kimono and they would have all looked great.
Instead I opted for a light grey top and jean skirt.

Insider tip: Colors can look very different and trick our eye. Just like this example, So a light grey can almost look white depending on the lighting.

Details of the Outfit

I accessorized with a long yellow necklace (from Chico’s) and yellow sandals. These are the sandals I was gifted from Bzees and talked about in my Comfortable Everyday shoes. Not only are they comfy, but they are machine washable.

Color in the Print

Pink and yellow

Pulling out one of the colors of the print is another easy way to create a cohesive outfit. In fact, I cheated in the “neutral in the print” look by using this bright pink for my accessories.

Details of the Outfit

This is a dress I purchased at Francescas. Sure, it’s not a store most older women go to for clothing, but I like to keep an open mind. I paired it with my bright pink sandals from Target (which you saw when Lesley styled me, here). In fact, this is another example of how color can appear different depending on what it’s paired with. Didn’t you think the sandals looked more purple in that post?

I opted to forgo a necklace since the colors are so bright and instead wore earrings and a bracelet that have many colors in them. Thanks Judy for these earrings!!

Insider tip: It adds variety to your closet to shop at different stores for your clothing. That’s one of the reasons I like smaller boutiques so much because then you don’t have the same clothes as everyone else.

Color NOT in the Print

Kimono and dress

Now you may think that the flowers in the colorful kimono are blue when it’s worn with this blue dress. But no. Look closely at the top photo of the kimono by itself, and you’ll plainly see that those flowers are lilac and dark purple. Again, it’s another example of how colors can change depending on their environment.

Insider tip: When you are looking for a color that “matches” your item and you don’t have it, grab one that is close to that color on the color wheel. For example purple and blue are neighbors on the color wheel.
If you’re not sure how they really look together, take a photo of yourself outside.

Details of the Outfit

I wore this blue dress to an appointment, thus the heels. I even cheated and incorporated print mixing in this look since the shoes are a print. The necklace is gold and clear so it wouldn’t compete.
The earrings are ones I purchased from Pam Neri. They are wood so even though they are big, they are lightweight.

Colorful Kimono with Print Mixing

Camo and floral

Print mixing turns many of you off. Yet, it can really be a benefit to your closet and to your brain. How? It’s good for your closet because you can have many more outfits with the items you already own.
And your brain benefits because you are building new pathways by challenging yourself.

Insider tip: We explored the 101 of print mixing in the past. The easiest way is with shoes, scarves or your purse. Yet if you are looking to try it with clothing, then black and white is the way to go.

Details of the Outfit

Even thought this colorful kimono is full of different colors, I wanted my second print to be more muted. That’s why I chose these camo shorts. Now trust me when I say I never thought I’d be wearing camo. Yet, it’s a fashion statement now.
It helped that there is olive green in the print, especially noted in the back panel.

I tied the ends of the kimono up for this example, which gave me the idea to showcase different ways to wear a kimono which you will see soon. Since I was print mixing, I kept the accessories minimal and matched my sandals to the shorts.
BTW, I have shown 5 different ways to wear these shorts on the blog.

Details of the Kimono

The brand of this kimono is Angie and I picked it up at a local boutique. I know most of us think expensive when we hear the word “boutique”, yet I think it’s a shame not to look anyways. As a budget shopper, I have still found wonderful deals at these stores. And even this kimono was only $30.

The reality about kimonos are there isn’t much shaping to most of them. So if you sew, you could make your own style, I bet. This also tends to keep many of them more inexpensively priced. So I hope you add a couple to your wardrobe, especially when you see how versatile they can be made to look tomorrow.
Therefore, I linked to many more examples below that are all affordable.

If you like the longer versions, make sure to visit the recent post about what to wear under a long kimono.

As for this recipe about finding color combinations with your prints, what do you think?

5 color combinations for a colorful kimono

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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