A Crochet Poncho Made from a Kimono

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Kimono turned into a poncho

A Crochet Poncho Made from a Kimono

Lesley is styling a crochet poncho that is really a kimono. When we discussed wearing something with crochet detail, she didn’t have any in her closet. So I let her borrow my blue kimono.

Quote of the day: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

This is one of my favorite quotes because I always feel like we can learn SO much from other people when we discuss ideas. Especially when those ideas are different than how we think.
How does this relate to a crochet poncho? Maybe because what Lesley is wearing is really a kimono that she got very creative in styling. In fact, you can see how she did it here on my IGTV.

I bought this kimono on our Caribbean cruise and wore it a couple of time. Below is how I wore it as a kimono, and you can see how I wore it as a scarf in the post on getting creative with cruise dinner outfits.
If you notice I did knot the ends below because it’s long and I’m short. That’s part of the issue that Lesley had with it too, which is why she magically changed it into a poncho.

While crochet isn’t everyone’s favorite detail, it certainly has it’s goods and bads. You can see how Charlotte brought this trend to life. And then I showed off a cardigan I’ve had for ages.
Personally I think it can be like natural air conditioning in a piece. It covers you yet there is space for air to move.

Blue and white with a crochet poncho

Pants: Jessica London~~ Poncho: ~~ Shoes: AK Sport~~ Scarf: Lux Satin c/o~~Earrings:~~ Purse: SAK

Making a kimono into a crochet poncho

Wearing White Before Memorial Day

Lesley said it’s hard to break out the white before memorial day as old habits are hard to break. However, to me, white is a wonderful backdrop to any other color and lightens up an outfit so nicely. Granted, I like to do this in the dead of winter too.
I also love how this color combination really makes you think of spring. The white as the column of color for the outfit and then the blue and yellow as the pops of color.

All the Extras

Even if you are someone whose complexion isn’t great with yellow, you can always stick to yellow extras instead. In fact, the three of us showcased yellow accessories in the past with different colored outfits.

Not only that, I believe that a yellow purse should be in everyone’s closet. This is one way to add color to any outfit. Even if you don’t wear yellow clothing.

And since Lesley is the queen of scarves, she even added a beautiful print scarf to her purse. This scarf was gifted to her from a woman I “met” on Instagram. Luxsatin is a shop on Etsy that not only has scarves but also other accessories that are hand made. On top of the fact Luxsatin’s products are quality and the scarves are extremely reasonably priced.
While I usually tie my scarf in just a knot to my purse, Lesley created an asymmetrical look this time. It goes to show how there are many ways to “tie” your scarf on your purse.

Crochet poncho for women over 60

Crochet Poncho

Ponchos are an item that I think are good for the spring time. Since they tend to be looser, they aren’t as warm as a traditional sweater. All of the ponchos I linked to at the bottom of this post are also asymmetrical.
Why is that a good thing? Visually, having something asymmetrical is a great way to make the eye move around your outfit better. It adds that vertical component that we’ve all heard makes us look slimmer.

Yellow shoes for summer

Spring Shoes

When I think of spring shoes, I tend to think of the peep toe shoes and ones where only part of your foot is exposed. Granted, here in Arizona, it’s much warmer than I’m used to compared to Denver. Sure, wearing sandals is realistic for us right now, I know that I’m still trying to wear my in between shoes before it’s a hundred degrees.

The cute peep toe shoes like what Lesley is wearing is an easy transition in spring. Personally, I also like the peep toe booties right now. Of course, I didn’t understand why you would have booties with toes showing at first, it makes sense now that we are living in AZ.

White jeans and crochet poncho

Creativity with our Clothing Items

I was just so impressed with how Lesley transformed this kimono into a crochet poncho. It reminded me of how I took a sleeveless top and made it a scarf. You can see that trick in our styling excursion outfits from our Caribbean cruise.
I bet even you have some clever tricks like this. If so, please share because we can all benefit to gain from each other. If not, I believe we can all “learn” to make our brain work this way. They say that creativity can be learned and relearned, so there is hope for all of us.

Crochet poncho

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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