A Fashionista’s Perspective on What Goes with Camo Pants

A Fashionista’s Perspective on What Goes with Camo Pants

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A Fashionista’s Perspective on What Goes with Camo Pants

It’s not hard to figure out what goes with camo pants especially if you are open to new ideas and color combinations. However, I figured that many of you may not appreciate the idea of camo pants, so I tried to curb my response of getting too colorful.

Quote of the day: “Take your work seriously, but never yourself.” Margot Fonteyn

Admittedly the quote above may not be easy to wrap your head around. At least for me, I felt like I was my work. And when it comes to style and fashion, I think this carries over. If we are drawn to classic or conservative styles, does that mean we aren’t fun or have a bit of wild in us?
One of my mottos is our personality isn’t one dimensional so our clothing style shouldn’t be either.

Even if you don’t like the trend of camouflage (for the reasons that I shared in Lesley’s post), I don’t imagine I will change your opinion. Yet I will ask that you be open to ever changing styles. Because change is inevitable and I would like to think it can be fun!!
Heck, even my 80 year old mothers styled it in a fabulous way.

Insider tip: I think the best way to try out a newer style is to find it secondhand. Then you haven’t spent a ton of money in case you decide it’s not for you.
Case in point! I started the camo trend with this pair of shorts from Clothes Mentor in Denver.

What Goes with Camo Pants

Print mix outfit for what goes with camo pants

Jeans: Anthropology-thrifted ~~ Vest: thrifted ~~ Sweater: LOFT~~ Boots: Soft Surroundings c/o~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Patricia Nash (I won it)

I started by wanting to choose a neutral to go with these camo pants. I found this grey sweater with the embroidery sleeves and thought it was a small print mixing victory.
Yet as a layering fanatic and someone who likes a lighter outfit, I then added in the vest.

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This pair of jeans was found at our local Goodwill recently. I knew they would be a tad big but luckily my mom came through with her wonderful alteration skills and made them fit.

Keeping it neutral for what goes with camo pants

Adding in Color

Even though I wanted to keep it neutral for the idea of what goes with camo pants, I added in some color which is better for my complexion. The warm burgundy collared blouse brings some glow to my face.
On top of that I wore my burgundy glasses (these are from Glasses Shop which you can get a discount with code, GSHOT35 for 35% off your entire order) and burgundy earrings.

Insider tip: You can paint your earrings if you want them to be a different color. These were originally silver which isn’t good for my complexion but a quick application of some nail polish made them look entirely different.

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Neutrals as what goes with camo pants


It’s funny because when I surveyed a group of millennials about “old lady style” one of the responses was vests. Yet, I feel like a vest is a great layering option especially when you have cute sleeves to show off.

This faux fur vest is reversible with quilting on the other side. I found it new with tags on at our local Goodwill.
My first ever faux fur vest (which you can see here on all three of us), I purchased at Sams Club because I wasn’t sure I’d wear it much. Since then, I have found a half dozen more with many of them from the thrift stores.

Insider tip: Many jackets can be converted into vests by removing the sleeves.

Grey camo pants

Cut Out Booties

When I first got these booties, I was concerned I wouldn’t wear them much because of the cut outs. Yet I have found that even in Denver in the winter, I would wear them with tights or socks.
If you wonder about how to style boots and socks, I recently came up with 6 ways.

For this day, I did wear my Sheec socks with them. Even though there are cut outs on the side, I wear the nude no show socks so you don’t even notice them.

Fur vest to lighten up look

More on What Goes with Camo Pants

So the answer to the question of what goes with camo pants could be answered with my color recipe. I’d start by evaluating your camo item since they are all different colors now. Instead of thinking of your camo item as camo…how about thinking of what else it reminds you of? For example, this pair of jeans could be described with the words, grey and silver abstract print.

To figure out which color to pair with it you could start with a neutral or color that is in the print.
Another option is to find a color or neutral that isn’t in the print. In this example, a burgundy sweater would also have looked amazing.
Then, if you’re really adventurous, add in another print. Most camo prints are subdued enough that they work wonderfully with other prints. (We showcased this idea many years ago).

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What goes with camo pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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