A Quick Way of Dressing For Your Body Shape Effortlessly –Ageless Style Linkup

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Woman over 50 dressing for your body shape

A Quick Way of Dressing For Your Body Shape Effortlessly –Ageless Style Linkup

As part of our Ageless Style group, Jennie suggested the theme of dressing for your body shape.

Quote of the day: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Mother Teresa

There are MANY articles out there promoting the perfect way of dressing for your body shape, and I think I achieved that goal with this outfit. Yet I still think it’s just as important for us to wear what we like.
Don’t discount a fabulous color, interesting design or many other factors that can make us feel confident in an outfit.

What is my body shape? Measurements would call me an hourglass shape and vertically challenged. Did you know that I am 5′ 2″ tall?

Other examples of posts where I wore dresses that “I shouldn’t”
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When you are dressing for your body shape

Dress: Piphany~~ Shoes: Kelly & Katie~~ Purse: Steinmart ~~ Sheec Cushions:

Dressing for your body shape for an hourglass figure

The Quick Way of Dressing for your Body Shape?

The answer to the question of a quick way of dressing for your body shape is one word. Dresses!
Dresses are considered one and done. What that means is you don’t have to worry about many things like should you be tucking in your top or do the colors of your top and bottoms go together.

A fit and flare dress is suggested for many other body shapes too including the apple shape, athletic shapes and even a pear shape. If you tend to worry about a large rear or thighs, then it’s wonderful at camouflaging those areas.

Insider tip: There is a formula to find the perfect length of your skirts based on the golden ratio and your height. However, I want to say that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to this length only!! Having variety in your closet is the spice of life.
My results with the formula? This dress is about 2 inches too long!! Yet I will argue is looks nice.

If you don’t like dresses though both Lesley and Charlotte have other ideas that would work also:
Now Is the Time for Wearing What You Want
Finding Proven Ways to Style Clothes for Your Body Type

Matching Accessories

Lesley commented that this is one the most tame outfits I have put together. Heck, I even wore a matching set for my necklace and earrings.
This set was made by an Israeli designer which I purchased over 10 years ago. I used to wear it many days while working. As a dentist, I thought it was a nice distraction to look at the necklace than up at the ceiling.

In response to Lesley’s comment, I wanted to focus on the idea of dressing for your body shape more than showing off my personality with my outfit. But I will say that at least I added in a bright purse that matches my lipstick.

Perfect dress for dressing your body shape
Sheec cushion in floral sandals

Making Sandals More Comfortable

Heels are my go to shoes especially with dresses if we aren’t out walking. One of the things I have found that make them more comfortable is the Sheec cushion.
I don’t need these cushions in my Walking Cradle shoes since WC has the tiny pillows that are basically the same thing.

Funny thing is I have been wearing these cushions all summer and decided that maybe I didn’t need them anymore. The first time I went without them, I realized why I liked them so much. Obviously the ball of my foot has lost a lot of cushion over the years.

If you would like to see my full review of Sheec no show socks, click here.

Insider tip: I have a tab on my site of both Rob’s and my favorite Sheec socks along with the discount code made easy for you to find. Click here.

Fit and flare dress for dressing your body shape

Dress Details

After living in Arizona for a year, I will say that dresses and skirts can be a girl’s best friend for the heat factor in the summer. However, I will point out that there are better options than a solid, light colored dress because it will show sweat stains.

Insider tip: Heat has been discussed many times on my blog:
Both car and clothing tricks to counteract the heat were given in my post on Sun City, Arizona a year later.
All 4 models on the blog styled outfits to avoid sweat stains.

I’d love for you to check out my Instagram video of ways I tried to Zhoosh up this same dress by clicking here.

Dressing for your body shape

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style Group

I really hope you visit the other women in the group to see their ideas about “dressing for your body shape” since everyone’s body is different. Yet we are ALL ageless!

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