A Unique Braided Belt Outfit with a Jumpsuit

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Fun with style with a belt outfit

A Unique Braided Belt Outfit with a Jumpsuit

Styling a belt outfit with a braided belt isn’t super unique, unless you create a bigger belt out of three different ones. At least that was my idea for the day.

Quote of the day: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” Helen Keller

I’d consider optimism one of my strong suits which is why I don’t mind experimenting with new ways to wear the things we already have in our closets. And sometimes your clothing item needs something more. That something could very much be a belt.

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While this jumpsuit is a print and you might think it needs a solid belt, I have tried that before. Yet, I like the idea of a wide belt, and if you don’t have a wide one, why not combined what you have?

Insider tip: Just because an item comes with a self belt, doesn’t mean you have to wear that belt with it. Switch it out with other belts. And while you’re doing that, use that self belt as a scarf (like I did in a past post).

Jumpsuit and belt outfit

Jumpsuit: Wild Fable from Poshmark~~Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey c/o~~ Earrings: Alison & Aubrey c/o~~ Purse: Banana Republic

Braiding your belts

Styling a Belt Outfit

This idea for combining more than one belt in an outfit came from my love of arm candy. What do I mean by arm candy? You know. When you layer a ton of bracelets on your wrist. The reason being that sometimes you don’t notice just one small bracelet.
That idea can be the same with a thin belt. So I decided to try braiding them to create a wider belt.

Now there are a couple of ways this could work depending on what you have and what you are wearing. Here are my thoughts:
1-You could just wear two or more as you normally would so one is above the other. (Not braided. See in the widget below for an example.)
2-Braiding the same color thin belts would look like a solid one.
3-And then this method of combining different colors of belts. (BTW, I tried this with 3 solid belts first, and the combination didn’t work. Just because the first attempt doesn’t look great, keep trying)

Insider tip: If you do braid the belts, it works better to use a clear elastic to hold the ends when you start and then at the end so they stay put. You can see the elastics if you look close in these photos, but no one else will notice.
I have used these elastics for shortening necklaces and tying up tops too.

Pearls and belt outfit


I haven’t always been a jumpsuit fan. But now that they are everywhere, I have to admit they are easy like a dress. One and done for the most part. At least you know that the top and bottom go together with a jumpsuit. Then you can add your own accessories to make it unique.

This jumpsuit I showcased on the post How to Shop on Poshmark because that’s where I purchased it. Most comments thought it was a dress because of the wide legs. Which is why I posed like I did in one of the top photos.

If you hate jumpsuits due to the bathroom issue, I did address some of those concerns last year.

Insider tip: Maybe it’s TMI, but with a wide leg pantsuit, you could pull up the leg and push things to the side to go. I bet you’ve done this with a swimsuit too.

Now the Accessories

Animal prints aren’t going anywhere soon. And since I considered it somewhat wild to try this belt outfit together, I figured adding in leopard would work.
I also wanted to bring in some dichotomy with the pearl necklace. This is a necklace my mom had made for me from the pearls in her wedding dress.
I’m learning to wear the pieces I have even if they aren’t “casual”. Who else has heard the saying, “Don’t save the good china”?

Braided belt outfit
Neutral wedges for summer

Wedges for Summer

This pair of Walking Cradles I purchased for our cruise last winter. While it’s a summer shoe and might not be available for much longer on their site, I think it’s been such a great shoe. This is the Lynn (with a 2.5″ heel) and there is also the Kerry version (with a 1.5″ heel).

Even though I do LOVE my bright sandals for the summer, there is an outfit here and there that needs a more neutral shoe. This shoe I’ve worn a ton this summer, and you can see it featured in both my excursion outfits and dining outfits from our cruise.

Keyhole back opening with belt outfit

Rear View

I say this a lot, but it’s good to remember. Just as many people see you from the back as from the front. So it’s always nice to have something of interest to be seen in the rear.
Many tops now have a keyhole or cut out in the back of tops!! Why not try something like this?

Insider tip: When I posted ways to style thin straps on your top creatively, one suggestion was to match your bra to the straps. Obviously mine aren’t the exact same color, but close?

Styling a belt outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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