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A Variety Of Selected Color Options With Plaid Styles

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There are many varieties of plaid styles and with this abbreviated color recipe, you can find color options to go with any of them.
For my example, I am using a dark green, plaid, mini skirt and changing the color of the top half.

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A color recipe is something I thought of to try to give women options of different color combinations above and beyond what one always puts together. I’ve talked about it many times before, and I’ve used different ways to describe the options.
For instance, I used my color combination with a red plaid skirt in the past.

For today, I’m using an abbreviated version including one neutral, one color, and one print.

Plaid styles have been showcased many times before if you are looking for more inspiration

Plaid Skirts

There’s no reason not to wear skirts even in the colder months now that there are fleece tights and leggings available.

This is also a perfect time to wear a skirt that might seem too short by itself. When you pair leggings/tights AND tall boots with it, you don’t feel or look exposed.

As for this exact skirt, it’s from Your Revolving Closet, a clothing rental service where you can get a 30-day free trial. I totally recommend using the free trial to be able to try out new or different styles without spending a dime.

Insider tip: This clothing rental service sends you the pieces that you pick out. It’s not like the clothing boxes where they send you mystery items.

Green plaid mini skirt and black for older women
Skirt: Hyfve-Your Revolving Closet~~Top: Ann Taylor~~Boots: G by Guess

Black with Plaid Styles

Neutrals are always an easy option for what goes with plaid styles. Since this green plaid skirt is darker, I went ahead and combined it with black.

Other neutrals:
Brown-both tan or dark brown
Grey-both light grey and charcoal grey
Denim-I like to think that denim goes with everything

By wearing the same color top as the tights and boots, you create a skirt showcase. It’s very similar to what my crew styled years ago in grey, black, or brown.

Bright yellow with plaid styles
Skirt: Hyfve-Your Revolving Closet~~Sweater: Skies Are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Boots: G by Guess

Color and Green Plaid

I like to think there are a ton of color options to go with olive green as I’ve discussed before. For this example of plaid styles, I chose a bright yellow cardigan that contrasts against the muted olive green plaid skirt.

This cardigan is also from Your Revolving Closet.

Other colors that I would wear
Pink-any shade
Purple-because it’s in the print
Green-either a lighter green or matching olive green
Blue-denim because I consider it a neutral.

Insider confession: I wouldn’t rule out wearing red but personally I tend to shy away from most red/green combinations.

Print mixing with plaid styles
Skirt: Hyfve-Your Revolving Closet~~Vest: Handmade by my mom~~Boots: G by Guess

Another Print with Plaid

As always, print mixing is a challenging way to get more combinations from your closet. Even though the olive green skirt doesn’t have any brown in it, I thought this brown check vest went well with it.

This example of print mixing is having one large print (the plaid skirt) with a small print (the checked vest).
Of course, you see that I have another print in the look with the circle scarf in my hair, but it’s not as obvious.

Insider tip: Print mixing may seem hard, but once you start looking at great home decor, you’ll see it and start appreciating how it can be worn on your body.

Other prints that would work:
Stripes-As shown in this article
Floral– Like my mom’s outfit in this look
Camo– Especially when it comes in different colors
Polka dots-One example shown with print pants
But don’t stop there. Pull out all kinds of different prints and try them before saying they won’t work together.

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I always think it’s fun to change up color combinations. If you need more inspiration, you can find ideas of what colors go with red and gold.

Green plaid styles

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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