Your Accessories Can Add Fun to your T-Shirts

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Your Accessories Can Add Fun to your T-Shirts

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You’ll notice T-shirts are really part of most women’s everyday outfits if you have been people watching around your town! But are there ways to wear your t-shirt and still stand out from the crowd? That’s the idea behind our theme this week thanks to a suggestion from Jill!

The 3 of us explored the idea of having the focal point be on the bottom half of your outfit earlier! Now we’ll try to change the focus to be on some big, fun or bold accessories!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: My accessory of choice for this experiment was my fedora!

And when I say my fedora, I really mean my husbands hat! But I wear it more than he does, so that kinda makes it mine, right?

This would be one of those items that you could shop in the men’s section or your husband’s closet and no one would be the wiser! The 3 of us recently wore our hats for a casual time and dressier time if you missed it!

But I didn’t stop at the hat, as my only accessory to spruce up my t-shirt! I added in long earrings and sunglasses too!

I vacillated on whether it’d be appropriate to wear a hat for work, and I’m sure that would depend on where you are working and the day! And certainly you’d take off your sunglasses when you’re inside.

But relatively big earrings could be a great way to bring the attention up towards your face! In fact, all 3 of us wore some variety of dangle earrings. Colorful earrings would be a great purchase because then they’d go with everything!

I know many women always hate how a hat smushes down the hair when you take it off.

My answer to that concern, is to leave it on all day!! But maybe another thought is to wear a hat that is a tad bigger than normal. Like I said, this is my husband’s hat, so it’s not super tight on my head! Either that or my curls have a super power to stay curly no matter what–ha ha!!

The rest of my outfit is pretty tame & subtle, I think!

I wore my polka dot jeans and cuffed them to show off the sandals more!

The white sandals are a recent purchase since DSW was having their sale! They are a brand called Spring Step which are so comfortable, and the heel isn’t too high!! I’d really gotten out of the habit of getting white shoes for the summer, but I’ve seen more and more of them recently. If you like your toes covered, but want some fun on your feet, then you might appreciate this pair! But if you like sandals as much as I do, then this pair looks almost as comfy as the ones I’m wearing!!

Jeans: Garnet Hill-thrifted (similar here solid colored)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Patrizia by Spring Step (here)~~Hat: H&M (similar here)~~Earrings: thrifted (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s accessory of choice for this category was an interesting necklace.

She chose this three dimensional floral necklace that she bought on one of her trips she had been on in the last couple of years!

A statement necklace can be the perfect way to bring all the attention elsewhere!

For example, if you aren’t a fan of crew neck t-shirts, then I think a fun necklace can make you forget that fact! You may think that it’s somewhat silly to wear such a fancy necklace with just a t-shirt, but that’s the yin/yang part that makes it so fun!

And the wonderful thing is you don’t even have to spend much money to get great necklaces! For example if you’ve been participating in the tassel trend, then this one might catch your fancy! Or if you are ga-ga over turquoise like I am, then this necklace is quite the unique piece! Of course a floral necklace can’t be beat at this time of year either!

Even though the necklace is the big star of this look, we didn’t want to omit other accessories like the earrings and a bracelet!!

Nancy has only recently embraced the longer earrings! I’d love to hear other women’s opinion about the length of earrings!! Now that I have short hair, I love the longer earrings even better because you can see them so much easier!!

But even some of the stud earrings have fun colors or designs! I almost bought this pair a couple of weeks ago because I thought they’d go with everything. Or here’s another pair that are small yet fun!

Since I decided to have Nancy wear blue jeans with her t-shirt, then I wanted her shoes to pop!!

Nancy’s floral shoes don’t have a tall heel, so she is very comfortable wearing them around! If you like wedges for stability better, then this pair looks perfect! I thought the description of this pair almost sounded too good to be true?? I’m lucky that I don’t have issues wearing heels (yet..ha ha) but could this really be true? And as a public service to you all, I went ahead and ordered them to try them out! I’ll keep you posted!! You can check out my Instagram post to see them! I was super, duper impressed at the shipping time!!

Jeans: Levis (similar here)~~Top:  (similar here)~~Shoes: Nine West (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Say hello to another owl item from my mother’s closet!! This is the accessory she chose for her look!

Now I realize that even if you carry a purse into work, you then set it down and it’s not really part of your outfit! That’s why I had my mom also put on long, tassel earrings! But isn’t that purse just the funnest? If you are a fan of owls also, then I linked to a couple of other owl purses below. But if you are more of a dog fan, then here’s an option. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to the cat lover’s out there if I didn’t show a feline purse!!

My mom has been wonderful about wearing her different colored jeans!

This pair is mint, but she also has a red pair, print pair and a lilac pair!! If you don’t love the skinny versions of jeans then I went on a search for some straight legged jeans! Would you consider a pink pair with a raw hemline? Or these Gloria Vanderbilt jeans come in a ton of different colors for very little money! I know Nancy has a couple of this brand in her closet and loves the way they fit!

My mom’s other trendy item is her set of earrings!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of earrings at the bottom of this post just for your viewing pleasure! I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve been on an earring binge lately. Maybe because there are so many fabulous sets everywhere I turn!!

Finishing off my mom’s outfit are her gold shoes!

The metallic shoes are one of those items that really work anytime, don’t you think? I know I wear my silver sneakers that were DIY’ed more than I ever thought I would! If you have been vacillating over a pair, then you can try them out inexpensively first and make sure you’d wear them!

And if you aren’t a huge fan of sneakers then you’re still in luck. Because the metallic shoes seem to come in so many different varieties too! Like these loafers would be the cat’s meow! And the bow sandals are super big right now, if you’ve been perusing footwear as much as I have!

Jeans: Fabrizio Gianni (similar here)~~Top: Anvil (similar here)~~Shoes: SO (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: Far Nine(similar here or here)

So those are our ideas of how you can add many different kinds of accessories to your t-shirt. Whether that means wearing a hat, a bold necklace or even a fun purse, they can be a great way to spruce up your tee!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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