Wearing color as an older woman

Adding Energy to your Fall Style by Wearing Color

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Fall style wearing color

Adding Energy to your Fall Style by Wearing Color

For some reason, wearing color goes by the wayside when fall rolls around. In fact, someone commented that they considered the autumn season the hardest time to wear colors.
Since the three of us were trying to incorporate a summer accessory into a fall look, I see no reason we shouldn’t still be wearing the colors that make us happy, whether they are “fall colors” or not.

Quote of the day: “I try to live in a little bit of my own joy and not let people steal it or take it.” Hoda Kotb

The original suggestion from Kaitlyn, was to wear a beach summer accessory–an anklet. None of us actually owns an anklet (although I did wear a large bracelet on my ankle) so I tweaked the suggestion to style one of the accessories that we used in our beach vacation post.
Make sure to see how Lesley interpreted the idea too.

Pants: Northern Isles~~ Top: eShakti~~ Shoes: Keds~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor c/o~~ Purse: thrifted

Charlotte Wearing Color in Fall

My mom decided to style the colorful bag from the beach vacation post. And since it’s full of great colors, she had her outfit also reflect those colors.

Why is it important to wear color all year long? It’s no secret about the psychology of color and how it affects not only us but also those who see us wearing it. I may be swimming upstream to suggest wearing the colors that you love all year long, but swimming upstream has become my specialty, haha!

So here’s the question for you. If you saw my mom wearing this outfit here in Arizona either this month or next, would your reaction be it’s not season-appropriate? Or would you think she looks nice? I’m team “she looks nice.”

Striped top from eShakti

eShakti Blouse

Charlotte took advantage of the $50 off offer for eShakti a while back. The company is promoting it again for first-time orders by going through my link. This site is such a great idea if you like a certain style and don’t want to pay for alterations. Besides, it’s not more expensive than normal pieces at your local stores.

Insider tip:  This deal includes their fit guarantee program for free. In case you are unhappy with the fit, they will offer a free remake to get the perfect fit. The minimum purchase with the offer is $25, but that can include shipping. So my mom bought this top for $25 and was able to choose 3/4 length sleeves and a higher neckline which she prefers.
I am working on writing a post about my experience with the brand and items I’ve purchased. The good AND bad. Because in my experience, everything in life has pros and cons.


I truly think this bag could be pulled out all year long especially with the darker background it has. My mom found it thrifting and it adds color to almost any outfit.

These earrings were a gift from my friend, Joan, who owns Frannie & Elinor on Etsy. They are such a soft color that goes so nice with my mom’s complexion.

Print mixing with a purse

Wearing Color with This Shade of Green

I love how my mom isn’t afraid of wearing color. And whether you call this shade of green sage, lime, or any other name, I think you could transition it to any season. Let me give you examples for the traditional color pairings. Although I hope you consider wearing all colors all year long!
Fall– Wear it with brown. It’s not much different than my example in our gem colors post.
Rust or orange would be great too.
Winter– It would be a nice contrast against a charcoal grey. I bet it would work with olive green too.
Spring– Pink!! Pink and green is always such a fabulous combination. Another option would be turquoise.
Summer– Pull out the white pants (although I contend you can wear them ALL year long). Or how about yellow?

Wearing color in pants


My mom didn’t have many sneakers at all until we started blogging. The fact that we tend to go exploring and walking as an activity along with our photoshoots has been a good reason to add them to her wardrobe. While she still likes her heels, the sneakers have become very functional.
Therefore, it’s nice to find ones that have some personality and go with many outfits.

Insider tip: There are many sneakers with prints or colors that don’t even look athletic.

Women over 80 wearing color
Wearing color for fall

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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