Adding Floral to Black and White for Spring

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How to style black and white for spring with color

Adding Floral to Black and White for Spring

Quote of the day: “The first step toward change is acceptance. Once you accept yourself, you open the door to change.” Will Garcia

While this isn’t a spring time quote, I felt it was perfect for the idea that I was print mixing with my black and white blouse. And hey, at least it’s a floral print which is totally spring related.

I remember the first time I decided to try print mixing on the blog. I definitely got the eye roll from my mom. Yet my mom has a ton of different prints as pillows on her bed. So you may be already mixing prints in your house. So accept that it works and is fun, and try it in your outfits.

Print mixing with black and white for spring with floral pants

Even if you’re not a fan of more than one print, black and white goes with everything. As Nancy showed with bright colors and my mom showed with pastels. Or click over to see all of us together.

Jodie’s Wearing

Pants: Banana Republic ~~Cardigan: Chicos~~Top: Cabi-thrifted ~~Shoes: Aldo ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Crown Vintage

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Jodie’s Black and White for Spring

Print mixing with black and white for spring


Truthfully, I didn’t even pick out this blouse when I was at Goodwill. I was shopping with a friend. She found it for me. That’s what gave me the idea to buy all three of us black and white tops and style them differently.

And maybe you don’t know, but I’m not much of a brand person. I buy things because I like them, not because they are a certain brand.

This blouse is Cabi. And while that does nothing for me, I know many women just love this brand. In fact, I had it in the pile to take to the consignment store after we took these photos. But I decided to keep it after seeing the photos. I like how it’s a print, but more subtle and so it will print mix with so much. And it very sheer, so it will be nice in the summer.

Black and white for spring for women over 50


Because I was wearing two prints together, I vacillated on whether to wear much in the accessory department. Then I remembered, I’m not a minimalist, so added them in. Yet I tried to keep them in the same colorway.

For my necklace, I’ve been wanting to work on layering necklaces again. I’ve done it in the past, and forget about trying it more. Yet with all the necklaces I have, it’s a great way to wear more of them. So I put 4 of my pearl necklaces together. No, they aren’t all real, but who can tell?

Print mixing with black and white for spring with brogues


I would NEVER have bought brogues back when I was working. I didn’t consider them either sophisticated or pretty enough for me. But once I started blogging, I really started being more open to new trends and styles. They have a masculine flair which I like as dichotomy at times.

While not all shoes this style are super comfortable, there are ones that are more like “sneakers” that are amazing. I know this because Nancy has a pair in grey that she’s worn on the blog many times. They are SO comfortable that Rob has the same pair in beige, and I have them in black. They are these Cole Haan ones, and while they are expensive, just wait until they go on sale. We got ours at DSW for under $60. Not only are they comfortable but super lightweight.

Speaking of comfortable shoes, I have been trying out a new pair from Walking Cradles. I just uploaded a new video that you can find in my Video tab, or here’s the link to it. And if you like anything of Walking Cradles, make sure to use the code Style15 for 15% off. You’ll see them next week on the blog too.

Print mixing with black and white for spring and teal


I consider these pants as opposed to jeans only because of their cut and how they fasten in the front. They are just like my work pants, although much brighter and fun.

This smaller print could actually work for an office environment, I think. From far away you don’t even notice that they are a floral print. And there are so many colors to choose from if you’re trying to match. But don’t forget that neutrals are a good choice too.

And I like that these are ankle pants. While you may still feel like they look like “floods”, I consider it a modern style. And personally I like showing off my ankles when everything else is so covered. My secret? I am wearing hosiery for warmth.

Long Cardigan with floral pants and black and white for spring


Now that longer cardigans are having their day, I feel like they are great because they can also be a coat. We showcased these kinds of cardigan last fall when it was warmer. It’s nice there are heavier and lighter versions.

Now if you’re wearing it as a topper, I realize it may not be super “flattering”. Sure, you could wear a belt to give it shape. But truthfully, I think we get too caught up in that flattering thing. Remember, perfectly imperfect is the way to go. Have fun, enjoy your clothes.

Print mixing with black and white for spring with a long cardigan

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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