Thin striped turtleneck option

Adding Interesting Color to Your Striped Turtleneck Outfit

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As a nod to the colder weather, the three of us wanted to discuss turtlenecks, and in particular, Charlotte chose this striped turtleneck outfit.
It’s a great example of how a turtleneck can be made out of different materials depending on what you need for where you live.

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Most of us imagine more of the equal horizontal stripes when I talked about a striped turtleneck outfit. And I bet you also think about those knit, tighter clothing items that we wear when the weather gets cold.
My mom’s blouse certainly fits into the category of turtleneck, yet it’s a blouse instead of a knit material and very lightweight.

If you are looking for a more classic type of turtleneck, the original models styled those in the past which I will link to below. You can also see Lesley’s idea with a black turtleneck tunic. Or see how I styled a turtleneck dress.

Wear your turtleneck under a blouse

Turtleneck under other shirts
Dresses and turtlenecks

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Black and white striped turtleneck outfit

Pants: Catherine Stewart~~ Cardigan: St. John’s Collection~~ Top: Paul Alexander~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Scarf: Handmade by a friend~~ = Purse: Copy of Vera Bradley handmade by a friend

Black and White Striped Turtleneck Outfit

The idea of having stripes on your turtleneck is no different than a striped top which really is classic. Yet there is a ton of variety with this item. I’ve seen tops and sweaters where the turtleneck part is solid, yet the body has stripes. Or all different widths and colors of stripes are available.

Charlotte had this black and white striped blouse for ages, yet the colors arent always super flattering on her. That’s why I suggested adding an interesting color by layering a sweater and wearing accessories.

For those who live in warmer regions, it’s nice to have the option of lightweight pieces like this turtleneck blouse Charlotte is wearing.
In fact, you may even find the sleeveless turtlenecks to be a great design.

Insider tip: You could always remove the sleeves from a blouse to make it sleeveless.

Adding color to striped turtleneck outfit

Mint Color Cardigan

I had to twist my mother’s arm to wear this mint-colored cardigan. It’s a St. John’s knit and if you are familiar with the brand, it’s an expensive designer. Charlotte purchased it and a matching skirt when she was working at the alterations department in Nordstroms over 20 years ago.

However, my mom hardly wears the sweater unless I force her to wear it.

You can see how we styled it 3 years ago (by “we”, I mean I told her to wear that outfit, haha), and here is when I had her wear the skirt by itself. My mom said she was very uncomfortable wearing only the jacket of the suit, but I feel like there is no reason not to wear it.
It’s a beautiful sweater and a wonderful color for my mom’s complexion. And it seems like such a shame to have it in the closet and ignore it year after year.

Insider tip: Don’t hang your “suits” or matching sets together in the closet. Put the top portion with other tops and the bottoms with other bottoms to have a better chance to see it and wear it. Then if you come upon the top, you’ll remember there is a matching bottom and can always wear them together if you want.
However, if you hang the set separately, you’ll never be as successful at breaking it up to wear with other pieces.

Accessories with the Striped Turtleneck Outfit

You may think that adding a colorful cardigan over the striped turtleneck outfit would be too random. That’s where the magic of accessories comes in.

By adding in some other mint pieces to the outfit, now the additional color looks intentional and fabulous. Maybe you realize this, however, the scarf is a darker mint (which could be called turquoise) yet because it’s in the same colorway, it works wonderfully.

The eyelash yarn scarf was knit for my mom by a friend (not me this time). It’s actually a necklace and not a true scarf because there is a clasp in the back.

Insider tip: You can make many of your scarves into a necklace by either tying them into a loop (like an infinity scarf) or by braiding it (seen in my video here).

Then another friend made the purse which is a Vera Bradley dupe. My mom even had some turquoise earrings that look great with the scarf.

Mint cardigan with print purse

Black Pants

Black pants are one of those clothing items that everyone has in their closet. They are a staple and are an obvious choice to wear as part of a black and white striped turtleneck outfit.

Since you see them on everyone, don’t get too caught up in having ten thousand pairs of black pants. Your rationale may be the fact that they are all a little different, but in all reality, very few people recognize those differences.
In my opinion, black pants rarely stand out (unless they are sequins) so they shouldn’t be the focus of your outfit.

Heck, I bet you could wear the same pair of black pants every day and no one would notice!!

Ankle boots with straight leg pants

Burgundy Ankle Boots

I know most of us would have styled black booties with black pants. Yet sometimes being predictable isn’t as fun. Therefore, I had my mom wear her burgundy ankle boots with the striped turtleneck outfit.

We have all heard the adage that our shoes can make or break an outfit. Personally, I think that when we add in a fun color or style of footwear, it makes us feel confident.

This pair of burgundy booties are from Jambu from 3 years ago. All three of us have this style of bootie and I still wear mine too. It’s a good reminder that good quality footwear can last many seasons and even though we think styles change often, many of them work for a very long time.

We were spending the day exploring a nearby town, so it was paramount to have comfortable and stylish shoes for the look.

Older women fashion
Striped turtleneck outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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