Pink jacket with yellow and white look

Adding the Unexpected to a Yellow Pants Outfit

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We are talking about yellow this week since it’s such a happy color for the season. For those women who remark that yellow doesn’t look good with their complexion, there is always the option of styling a yellow pants outfit since then the color is not near your face.
And if you don’t have yellow pants, then think of these as tan or ivory because they are light enough to appear that way.

Quote of the day: “We must all learn not only to not fear change, but to embrace it enthusiastically and, perhaps even more important, to encourage and drive it.” Tony Hsieh

It’s amazing how something like the idea of change can cause us to worry and have anxiety. But starting small is always the answer, and changing up our outfits and style habits is definitely something that is harmless. You can’t be arrested and you don’t hurt others by trying new things with clothes.

In fact, I think color combinations are the easiest aspect of style to play around with. And Lesley is showing an incredibly unexpected yet modern color pairing here.

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Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt-Amanda-thrifted~~ Jacket: Christopher & Banks-thrifted~~ Top: LOFT-thrifted~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek

Yellow Pants Outfit for Spring

Just like with any color, there are multiple shades and variants of it. Lesley is showcasing a light yellow pair of jeans which could easily be substituted for ivory or even tan pants to make this idea work for your closet.

Then she added a lemon print top to match the yellow pants. There is more to this lemon print top which I’ll showcase below.

Looking to add yellow pants to your wardrobe? I have a widget at the bottom of the post with many options.

But the cherry on top is the pink jacket. Pink may not be the color you would think to pair with the lemon print top and yellow pants outfit, but it creates an unexpected combination.
And the advantage of unexpected pairings is that people take notice. It’s also a great way to look modern and fun.

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Ruffle sleeves for woman over 70

Lemon Print Top with Ruffle Sleeves

I’ve heard more than one women scoff at the idea of ruffles. Ruffles definitely give off an air of feminity and whimsey which many of us career-minded women would not wear because it wasn’t professional.

Yet now that we are older and wiser, I think we can benefit from expanding our style options and trying those things that we wouldn’t wear when we were younger.

You might look at Lesley’s lemon print top and not even notice there are ruffles. But look closely at the sleeves and you will see the fabulous detail.
Do you love the lemon print? Here are a couple more pieces.

Insider tip: Starting with baby steps is the easiest way to wear something new. For example, the ruffles on the sleeves are not super obvious because of the print. Basically, the print hides them, so you could be wearing them, and only you would realize it.

BTW, having details like ruffle sleeves, bow ties, sheer material, or even pouf sleeves can add some interesting detail to an otherwise plain top.

Accessory Details

Now let’s look at the accessory details that go with Lesley’s yellow pants outfit. If you look closely, you’ll see where she got the inspiration to add pink to the overall look. There is pink on the lemon print top.
From far away you just don’t notice it, yet this is a great trick to incorporating colors you might not think pair together. Find the very subtle colors in a print and use them in other parts of the look.

Reminder: Don’t forget that you can add a totally different color to a look and have it be harmonious. Just as Charlotte did with her green shoes lately.

Lesley used pink and yellow for her accessories in both the pastel versions and the brighter versions. Notice that even the shades of pink of the purse and jacket aren’t exactly the same. Yet they coordinate beautifully.

Do you need a pink purse?? Take a look at the last 7 outfits you’ve worn and ask yourself if a pink purse would have added a punch of color to the look. While I don’t carry mine all the time, it’s a wonderful option for those days the outfit needs a boost.

Unexpected pink and yellow pants outfit
Summer sandals with pants

What Color Shoes to Wear with Yellow Pants?

There are always many options for what color shoes to wear with any outfit. Let me list the 4 ideas I always use:
1-Match your shoes to the pants. One example is seen here.
2-Coordinate your footwear with the other colors in your look. For example, Lesley could have worn pink shoes. Here’s an example where the burgundy shoes coordinate with other aspects of the look.
3-Pick a neutral shoe so you don’t notice them.
4-Add in a totally different color. Charlotte wore green shoes even though there was no green in the clothing items.

Lesley went with option 3 for her look. Since her yellow pants are very light yellow, the neutral is a wonderful choice to keep the bottom half of the outfit light.
Her shoes are the brand Italian Shoemakers and she and I both have many versions of their shoes. They are very comfortable for our hot summers and easy for a day of walking.

Shirt hanging out below jacket

Modern Detail for a Spring Outfit

Sometimes it is the little details that can make your outfit seem more modern as opposed to old-fashioned. And choosing a top layer that is shorter than the bottom layer is one of those details.

You can see that the pink jacket is shorter than the lemon print top. This looks fabulous with this yellow pants outfit for a couple of reasons.
1-The top and pants are both lighter colors/shades, so the jacket is the focal point.
2-The hem creates a waistline and a nicer proportion to the overall outfit than if she didn’t wear it.

Insider tip: It’s always good to think about how the outfit would look without the top layer. For instance, if Lesley did need to take off the pink jacket, it would be much cuter if she “did something” with the lemon print top.
For example, use a clear elastic (they are small enough to have a couple in a small bag as part of your purse essentials) to create a tie on the side. I have a 10-minute video showing ways to make a shirt fit better.

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Yellow pants outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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