Zuvi hair dryer review with aging hair

Advanced Technology Fundamentals: Zuvi Hair Dryer & Aging Hair

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Who knew that there were such advances in the hair appliances we use all of the time? It wasn’t on my radar until Zuvi Life company reached out to me, and then I researched the claims of the Zuvi Halo hair dryer and aging hair.

My goal with my blog has never been to try to get you to purchase something you don’t need whether that is clothing or beauty products. But I love learning about the new advances/trends and sharing the ones that could benefit you and me.

Quote of the day: “Small things matter when they accumulate. The details when finely polished and carefully combined, add up to something remarkable.” James Clear

If you know me, then you know I am a budget-oriented person. Sure, there are things that I will spend my money on, and things I look to find deals and bargains on.
When I started researching the Zuvi Halo hair dryer, the cost was something that I wasn’t sure about. Yet, when I add up the cost I spend on my hair masks, special shampoos, haircuts, plus extensions, it made sense that the quality of your hair dryer could be a huge factor.

Insider detail: Would it surprise you to know that the previous hair dryer I owned I picked up at the thrift store and have had it for over 12 years?
I say that because I was trying to figure out the cost per usage of buying the Zuvi brand hair dryer. Needless to say, it’s minimal.

In fact, I even looked at other articles covering the question of whether the quality of your hair dryer could make a difference from reliable sources found here and here.
On top of that, there have been many awards given to the Zuvi Halo hair dryer including Allure Beauty 2022 Award winner, the Cosmopolitan 2022 Holy Grail Award, Elle 2020 Green Beauty Star, and Times Best Inventions of 2022.

My research didn’t stop there. I wanted to hear other people’s experiences with this tool which I found on YouTube with Peaches Skincare and even a man’s perspective with Robin James.

The Difference with Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer & Aging Hair

Using light to dry hair with Zuvi
The green light is the signature Zuvi feature

When you hear about healthy hair, you always read that heat styling is traumatic to our hair and scalp. Yet, that’s exactly what traditional hair dryers do…they heat up the hair.
That’s what makes Zuvi Halo hair dryer so different. It uses advanced ion technology called lightcare technology to break down water molecules and it doesn’t use extreme heat. Zuvi’s marketing says that it speeds up the drying process, but in my hands, it was the same time for drying.
What I think is important is that it maintains the hair’s internal moisture which is key for how the Zuvi hair dryer helps with aging hair.

What I noticed the most the first time using my Zuvi Halo hair dryer is that it wasn’t as hot. Do you know, how your whole body heats up after drying your hair? That’s the last thing you want when it’s 100 degrees outside, and considering how hot this summer has been here in Arizona, I was thinking of giving up the hair dryer. Yet with the Zuvi Halo, it’s not an issue.
Using this dryer also means no burnt scalp, no dried-out hair, and no burnt neck or ears.

Now that may not be the primary focus for you when evaluating a hair dryer, but the idea that you are increasing hydration is a huge factor too. Just like how our skin needs hydration to stay supple and healthy, so does our hair.

In all reality, I was a tad skeptical when I first received this hair dryer. I was still under the impression that all hair dryers are the same. The first time I used it I noticed the lack of heat. And then after using it over an entire month, my hair has really felt softer.

Insider discount: Use code Jodie12 at Zuvi Life. If there is already a sale on their site, then that discount will be disabled but you can save an extra 5% with code Jodie5.

I’ve shared many other articles about my hair journey and the struggles with aging hair.

Attachments & Settings

One of the things I learned in my research about if quality hair dryers are worth the cost, was the fact that having different attachments and settings is key to individualizing the hair dryer to your unique hair needs.

Let me give you some details about the settings and how they help the Zuvi hair dryer and aging hair.

Zuvi hair dryer review with aging hair

When you get anything new, it’s nice to have some written directions to know how to use it. I laugh because many of the newer products seem to have everything either online or in an app.
So it was a nice surprise to have a small booklet available to refer to the first couple of times I used the dryer.


The Zuvi hair dryer attachments are magnetic and go on super easy.

If you have curly hair, then you know your way around a diffuser. They are meant to disperse the air evenly around our hair, to lock in and define the curls and coils.

Even though I don’t let my hair go curly often, I wanted to try out the diffuser to see how it works. You saw the end result recently in our Palazzo pants outfits and that was two days after the original drying day.

Gentle air attachment
Gentle air attachment

Also included is this gentle air attachment that is meant for women with sensitive or compromised scalps by putting out softer and cooler air.

I can’t speak to this attachment because I don’t have a sensitive scalp, so it wasn’t one that I used.

This is the attachment I use most often. The styling concentrator is meant to straighten and smooth out your hair.
What I’ve noticed by far is that I don’t need to use my hair straightener tool after using this attachment which is a huge advantage both time-wise and having less heat on my hair.

After just using the hair dryer with the Styling Concentrator attachment. No products applied yet.

Other Details

Another concern in using any hair appliances now is how heavy they are. I was happily surprised that the Zuvi Halo is just over 1 pound, so it doesn’t cause my shoulder muscles to spasm. It’s very easy to use and easy to hold in my hand.

Yes, I am still using the shampoo, serums, and hair mask, that I’ve discussed in the past.

Yet, I’m almost hitting myself for not thinking that my hair dryer has been part of the issue with my hair troubles. I use my dryer as much as I use my special shampoo and even more often than I use my special hair mask and thermocap.
How could I have not entered it into my hair equation?

I have never invested in good hair styling equipment before this but now that I’ve tried this, I definitely can’t go back.

I have been given a small discount code if you struggle with your aging hair. Use Jodie12 for 12% off anything at Zuvi Life.

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Zuvi hair dryer and aging hair

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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