The Advantages of Internet and Social Media for Older Women

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Advantages of internet

The Advantages of Internet and Social Media for Older Women

Look, I’m not going to be able to talk you into something you don’t think is important or don’t want; yet the advantages of internet and even social media is something that can’t be ignored.

Quote of the day: “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” C. S. Lewis

This quote reminds me of my husband’s words that time is going to clip by no matter what. So why not take advantage of what ever we can?

Let’s just look at it this way. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t take advantage of the internet. Being able to read and write blogs that can inspire and give suggestions is amazing if you consider how life was 50 years ago.

Advantages of social media for older women

Advantages of Internet

Obviously you subscribe to the idea of reading blogs since you are here.

Yet I still hear many women say they don’t love online shopping that much. And I think it’s like anything. The more you do it, the easier it becomes and better you get at it. If you have signed up for my emails notifications, I shared a document about the best tricks for successful online shopping. They are the steps I go through EVERY time I shop online. And trust me, I’m experienced! LOL!

For me the advantage of online shopping for clothes is the bigger variety than at the stores especially if you are petite, plus or any in between size. Along with the options of more colors AND finding pieces that not everyone else is wearing.

Another great example is my post from a couple of weeks ago about online prescription glasses. Before the internet, you only had the option of going from store to store to find the best glasses for you. Sure, it takes time to shop this way online, but it’s even more so to get in the car and go place to place. Besides the fact that the online versions can be much less expensive.

On top of shopping, let’s talk information. Isn’t Google better than an encyclopedia? Rob has learned to switch out a sump pump, and I’ve been guided through how to shorten the sleeves on a blazer, all by YouTube videos. Granted there can be bad information out there. But that’s no different than in life. People tell you the wrong facts and methods also.

Social Media

Again, I’m not going to change anyone’s mind if you are gung ho against social media. But as a stubborn girl myself, I have to admit when I’m wrong. When I was working, I just didn’t get it. Besides the fact, I didn’t have time. And while there are always advantages/disadvantages to everything, I wanted to share some of the aspects I’ve enjoyed.

Want more opinions on the subject? Here is an article that is an internet and technology guide for older adults.


First meeting new friends like Lisa above when she joined us in our sneakers photo shoot. I happened to see one of Lisa’s Instagram posts where she was in Colorado, so I reached out to her. To me, that’s one reason to tag your photos with the location.

I just read a post from a friend on Facebook. She said: “I had lunch yesterday with a dear friend who reminded me of the power I hold inside myself. He told me a fascinating story about the word “abracadabra”, which in Arabic means literally – I create with my word. Amen and so it is.” Now that’s wonderful inspiration if you are having lunch with this friend in person. But social media can be that same idea whenever you want it to be.

You can “meet” new people on social media who remind you that life is a gift, that you are wonderful, and that you CAN do it! Who doesn’t need that?

Touching Base

It’s not only about meeting new people, but I’ve found that I feel somewhat in touch with my friends in other states. I realize I’m only seeing a glimpse of what’s going on in their life, but it’s better than not knowing. That’s how I found out a friend had lost her husband. It’s how I see updates on our niece’s and nephew’s kids and how they are growing.

Sure you could say that you can get all of this in a Christmas card, but….

It’s exactly why a ton of my friends with kids are on Instagram. (You realize that Facebook is for older people now? Not that that’s bad, but the younger generation is usually on Instagram and Snapchat). Heck, that’s why my mom (who is 81, remember?) is on Instagram for a couple of minutes a day. She can see glimpses of our life especially in IG stories.


Finding new places is also a great advantage. Granted you can use Google for this too. But especially on Instagram, that’s what hashtags are for (you know, this thing: #). Many times I search posts with #denverlife or #denverliving to find new areas for us to take blog photos.

It’s not just about blog photos. Heck, we’ve found great food places and rooftop bars this way too.

I expect I will use this a lot when we move to AZ. Even for someone with a new hobby or a new time of their life, this could be helpful.


Now this is one of my favorite reasons I’ve been loving Instagram and Facebook lately. Pinterest is another area that you can get a ton of ideas, but I just haven’t been on there much lately. So I can’t speak to it as well.

Let’s talk grey hair. Now if you’re only around your friends in your area, and they all color their hair and think grey hair is awful, then I bet you might think the same way. Yet I’ve found incredible inspiration to let my hair go natural on both Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, I joined the Going Grey Gracefully group. On Instagram I love checking the hashtag #silversisters and #greyhairdontcare.

Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our Forever Fierce Facebook group. Since joining up with this group 3 years ago, I feel like I’ve sincerely found my tribe. The kindness of these women makes you remember there is good in this world. That’s the reason I’m one of the administrators of this group.


I know there are just as many disadvantages as advantages of internet and social media approach. Since I’m more of a Pollyanna, I’m only concentrating on the good aspects today. Heck, this post would be too long otherwise! But let me share some of my tips to make it a successful venture.

1-It can be addictive. While I do it as part of my “business” and spend a lot of time on it, you might want to only check in for a certain amount of time. Maybe you look at Facebook on Mondays, and Instagram on Wednesdays. Or set an alarm for 10 minutes each time you’re on one or the other.

2-You can easily be more of a voyeur than participant. It you don’t want to share your photos, you can still look at other’s posts and ideas.

3-Just like there are bullies in real life, they are online too. Block them. Ignore them. Don’t even respond to them. You only need positivity in your life at this point.

4-If you are even considering starting a blog at some time, I might suggest starting with an Instagram account first. I had this discussion with a friend recently because a blog post is much more time consuming. While your social media account is not your platform (it’s owned by someone else) as opposed to your blog, it’s still a great way to dip your toe in the water and find like minded people.

5-I just came upon this post on Facebook from a friend of mine. Here’s a great way to analyze if social media is helping you or not. Because in reality, you have the control to see only what you want to see.


Look, there are bad people out there, and we all know this. So don’t think they won’t come after you. It can happen to anyone.

So I want all of you to do each and EVERY one of these steps today!! Don’t put it off. Don’t think it won’t happen to you. Don’t even pin this and come back to it. Be Nike, and Just Do It!!

Because even my mom’s Facebook account was recently hacked. And not that they are going to get much information if you do get hacked. It’s just a hassle. So let’s make our life hassle free and follow these steps. (And forward this to all your friends so they do it too)

Two factor authentication is the easiest way to keep your account more secure for all social media. That’s what I’m going show you how to do in the following steps. Basically if someone tried to get into your account, they will have to put in a special code. But they won’t have that special code because the special code will be texted or emailed to you only.

Now in the future, if you do need these codes, and you’ve forgotten what to do. Just Google it.


On your computer, you will find the photo of you in the upper right-hand corner. Click your photo, go to “Settings and Privacy” and then “Settings”. On the left will be a tab that says “Security and login” which is where you will find the Two-Factor Authentication.

On your phone, it’s the three lines in your photo. Scroll down to Settings and Privacy. Go to Settings, then Security and Login. Now look for the Two Factor Authentication and choose it. There will be instructions on where you want the codes sent.


On your phone, go to the bottom icons which show the head of a person on the lower right. After you click this, on the upper right are three lines. Click here to get to the settings. My Settings is at the top of this page, but it could depend on what kind of user you are.

Find Security and click the two-factor authentication. Follow the prompts and you are done.


On your computer, in your Pinterest account, go to the arrow in the upper right corner. Click on settings and find the security and logins option on the left.

This will give you the option for two-factor authentication, follow the prompts and you’re set.

PS…All of these sweaters I’m wearing are hand knit by me. Thanks to Jude for suggesting that I should start showcasing them. In fact, every Saturday on Instagram, I’ve been talking about pieces I’ve knitted over the last 20 years.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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