Faux fur scarf with poncho

Adventurous Ways to Create a Winter Boho Style

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I am the worst at knowing the categories of style for certain things. Yet I would classify this look as one with a winter boho style along with a modern twist.
Then again, how important is it to put a name to our outfit? Does that make it better? In fact, I might suggest it’s really more fun to incorporate all different kinds of styles in one outfit.

Quote of the day: “Maybe happiness isn’t what you believe, but who you believe.” Phoebe Waller-Bridge

If you listen to most stylists they will harp about how important it is to “find your style.” In fact, in many of the Facebook clothing style groups I’ve joined, there are women who obsess over some of the details or colors. Yet, I often question how important it is to put a name to our style.
Granted it’s a great way to start putting together a look, but then again, we are all so unique.

As for a winter boho style, I have to laugh about the bohemian elements in my closet now. I missed out on all of the hippy-dippy styles when I was growing up. And when I was working, I felt the need to look professional.

Once I retired and started blogging, I started enjoying some of the more creative looks and interesting details that I had never explored before. Many times, my husband would comment that I looked like a hippy chick because he remembers that from his youth.
Me? I just like all different kinds of styles.

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PInk in the winter

Pants: Kut from the Kloth~~ Poncho: no label-local boutique~~ Sweater: I knit it~~ Boots: Mix. No. 6-DSW~~ Scarf: the Limited~~ Earrings: Pam Neri~~ Hat: Nordstrom~~Gloves/Mittens: no label~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop~~ Socks: Go2 Compression socks

What Makes This Winter Boho Style?

In my opinion, a poncho seems to be part of the classification of winter boho style. Ponchos always seem more practical during the transitional months when it’s slightly cool but not cold. So I wanted to see if I could make it work as a colder weather “jacket”.

With that in mind, I layered it over one of my hand-knit sweaters and added a heavy scarf along with mittens.

While I’m not an expert on winter boho style, I think the mixture of colors and textures adds to that idea also. Most of us think of bohemian style as more eclectic, and I would certainly classify much of my style as that.

Asymmetrical poncho for winter boho style

Let’s Talk Texture

The texture is something that appeals to me as a knitter. In fact, some days you can find me in my yarn room (seen here) just touching and going through all of my yarn to give me inspiration for the next project.

This winter boho-style outfit is full of texture. I don’t even know how to describe the texture of the poncho. It’s really one of the reasons I bought it because it’s not something I could knit up easily. I’m not sure of what kind of stitch it is, and the colors are right up my alley.
Besides that, I’m such a fan of asymmetrical pieces, and this poncho can be worn with the points in front or on the sides.
You can see how I wore it over a dress from years ago.

The other two textural items are my scarf and the burgundy, velvet jeans. More about those below.

Winter Accessories

Your winter accessories can be the same or different from your summer accessories. Charlotte wore a pair of statement earrings that could easily transfer to the warmer months. My earrings are a new pair I purchased for my birthday from Pam Neri. Maybe the pink sequins are not so easy to see with the faux fur scarf, but a nod to the sparkle I love to incorporate daily.

As for the faux fur scarf, if you live anywhere where it’s cold, I swear you need one of these. I’ve worn this one many, many times and sometimes even add a brooch to it.

Insider tip: Brooches are perfect for knit and fur items because the pin won’t ruin the material. However, if you don’t like the idea of putting a hole in your clothing, you can always find magnetic brooches like this one on Amazon.

My hat is another great winter accessory. I could have easily worn a beanie, but I chose the felted hat since I was wearing a knitted poncho.

Winter boho style for women over 50

Velvet-Another Winter Boho Style Detail

Velvet is another textural material that could be classified in our winter boho style. While velvet may not be purely bohemian in nature, it’s certainly a fabulous winter texture that can be both elegant and casual.

More fun with velvet:
Velvet Green Dress Ideas-Ways to wear a sleeveless dress in winter.
Burgundy Velvet Pants-All three of us styled a pair many winters ago.

BTW, you can find velvet pants in all kinds of silhouettes. Don’t limit yourself to only skinny jeans or one color.

Burgundy is one of those winter colors that are absolutely perfect for the winter holidays. You could call it cranberry, burgundy, or merlot. The name just doesn’t matter, which I think is the case for many points about styling clothes.

Insider tip: Don’t worry about which colors are “in style”. You’ll feel a ton better in colors that look great with your personality and complexion. Don’t know which ones those are? Then consider an online color analysis. I’ve blogged about the pros and cons.

Pink combat boots with burgundy velvet jeans

Why Combat Boots?

If you’re anything like Lesley and my mom, your opinion is that combat boots are not your thing. And I get it. I would never believe that I would wear them until I found my floral pair a couple of years ago.
I figured that being more open to styles I didn’t think I liked, would help me be more open in all of life.

That’s why when I found my floral combat boots for under $20 at Gordmans years ago, I gave them a shot. (You can see how I styled them in all kinds of outfits here).

Admittedly they aren’t my most worn pair of boots, but I do like how they “toughen up” a girly look, or add an “edge” to a conservative look.

My only complaint is how heavy the floral pair is. So now that I’m seeing them everywhere, I decided to use my DSW rewards to buy another pair. And trying on this pink pair made me realize how comfortable they can be. This pair has quite the cushion in the sole. And they aren’t as heavy.

Insider tip: When you aren’t sure you’re going to like a new trend, I always recommend finding the piece either secondhand or discounted. Therefore, if you find you don’t like it or wear it, you haven’t wasted much money.
Why try it in the first place?? Just like your mother used to tell you with food, “You won’t know how good it is unless you try it”. And remember, not all combat boots are created equally.

Poncho for winter boho style

Layering Stylishly

Summer styling is relatively easier because you can put on one piece of clothing and be fine. Yet in the colder seasons, layering is key and it’s not rocket science.

My winter boho style included not only the layers you see but also a couple of hidden layers. Beneath my sweater is a long-sleeve tight-fitting t-shirt. This serves two purposes:
1-To add warmth.
2-As an easier layer to wash if I perspire.

This evening I also wore my compression socks (as we blogged about here) as a layer. Not only do they keep me warm, but they also help with circulation.

Make sure to see how Charlotte layered for the winter season in Arizona, and then how Lesley dressed for the exact same day.

Winter boho style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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