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Ageless Ideas of How to Style a Shacket

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The idea of how to style a shacket is being seen everywhere lately. Yet this isn’t as new a trend as you think. In fact, Lesley is showcasing a shirt/jacket that she has had for over 15 years.
And the best part about the outfit is all of the intentional details that make it look so modern.

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Even with items that we have worn years ago, we can incorporate them into an outfit today and make them look stylish and contemporary.
We’ve been seeing lots of articles on how to style a shacket. In fact, it was part of AARP’s Fall Fashion article for last year, and it’s still going strong this year.

I only shared the link to AARP’s article so that you can see this is not just for the younger generations. Sure, you’re seeing ideas of how to style a shacket on the millennials too, but Lesley is showing a version that will work for any age and any shape.
Let’s call it ageless style because just like MOST items and ideas I share on this site, it can work for women from their 20’s to their 80’s. In fact, my mother who is in her 80’s showed us how to style a shacket with a dress. While I wanted to see how the item worked with faux leather leggings.
Or here is all three of us with different shackets.

What Do You Mean by Shacket?

The word itself is a combination of “shirt” and “jacket”, thus the shacket. The true definition is that it is meant to be thicker than a shirt yet thinner than a jacket. This makes it the ideal layering item, especially for those transitional months when the weather is not quite cold but not quite hot.

While many of the shackets are plaid, you can see a huge variety of prints and solids now that they have been trending for a while. In fact, Charlotte wore a color-blocked shacket.

The piece is usually oversized enough that you can layer it over something else. Yet it’s versatile since you can wear it on its own also.

Insider tip: You can find shackets of all different materials and lengths now, so don’t rule them out. As I discussed in the ways to make this trend affordable, you could thrift a man’s shirt as well as check out the younger girl’s stores. Remember, there is no age limit at ANY store.

Women over 70 and how to style a shacket

Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt~~ Shacket: Main Street Blues~~ Top: Joseph A~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Scarf: ~~ Earrings: Chicos~~ Purse: Target

Lesley’s Thoughts on How to Style a Shacket

First, I had to laugh when Lesley told me about this shacket. In her words: “I purchased this “Shacket” 15 + years ago to wear around the house on cold winter days with jeans or leggings.  Who would imagine that in my deep senior years I would be a trendsetter?   Are you a trendsetter if no one knows you or takes note of your outfit?

“Anyway, it made the Denver to Arizona cut and honestly comes forward in my closet every fall.  It’s large enough to go over thick or thin sweaters.  Heavy enough for cool morning dog walks and was ordered large enough to also survive several weight waves. (you know in and out, on and off).  I can’t remember exactly why I purchased light pink originally, but it has been worn over many different color combinations.   I’ve never worn over a dress or skirt,  I could, but it’s not really my style.”

Of course, Lesley is a trendsetter! Let’s just explore all of the intentional details of this outfit below so you can recreate a fabulous look with your shacket (or any open shirt).

How to style a shacket for apple shape women

The Foundational Layer

Lesley will describe her shape as a zucchini (her words, not mine). Many women with this type of body shape tend to keep the tops flowy. This can work, but it’s good to remember, that it’s not bad to show off our shape.

Having a shape is a good thing and any kind of curve is good. When you have any negative self-talk, I’d like you to analyze the why.
For instance, who decided that thin is better anyways? Or why is having a tummy a bad thing? Let’s love our bodies as is and not stress about what we consider our faults!!

Anyways, I LOVE that Lesley tied a knot in her shirt under the shacket. Since the shacket is oversized, it’s nice to create some shaping underneath it.

Insider tip: This knot is made with an elastic band and Lesley grabbed the extra material from the inside of the shirt. That’s what makes the puckering instead of seeing an outward knot. The ends hang down to give a vertical element.
BTW, I use these elastics for everything from shirts, scarves, and Charlotte even used one for her necklace.

You could buy a top that is already knotted for you. The advantage of doing it yourself is you can place the knot wherever you want.

Accessories Combined with How to Style a Shacket

I love how Lesley not only wore a scarf with her outfit but she braided the scarf and then added in a silver necklace. This isn’t the first time she’s worn both a scarf and necklace together, and it always looks so great.

Other examples of styling a scarf and a necklace:

Insider tip: I made a YouTube video on how to braid your scarf this way. There are actually 2 different methods to do this. You can see a shorter Instagram video on one of the ways.

Make sure to notice the longer and brighter earrings that Lesley is wearing. If you take the time to put earrings on, they may as well be seen.
For example, if your hair is silver and this length, then silver earrings will blend in instead of standing out.

And the circle purses are a fun and fashionable shape for bags right now. If you don’t like to spend a lot on your handbags, Lesley picked this one up at Target.

Knot up your top

Black Jeans and a Shacket

We talked about the different silhouettes of jeans that are fashionable now. Lesley loves straight-leg jeans and a black pair is always ageless. In fact, if you aren’t sure of how to style a shacket, black jeans are an easy solution.

We laughed about the only drawback to black jeans is if you have lighter-colored pets. Then again, any good pet owner considers pet hair as a wonderful accessory, right??

Insider tip: While we all know and love these lint rollers; however, if you are without them, another trick is water. Sprinkle a little water on your hands and rub them over the material. It will pull up the hair easily.

BTW, Lesley loved these Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and they come in many different silhouettes below.

Black jeans and brown ankle boots

Ankle Boots are Ageless

Now the piece de resistance for Lesley’s look is the fact that she didn’t “match” the booties to her jeans. Sure, you could wear black boots with this outfit, and many of us have been told time and time again we should do that to look taller and slimmer. BUT let’s throw out that rule and have fun.

I love that Lesley chose these taupe Jambu boots as a lighter detail to work with the lighter colors in the top half of her outfit. She made it look even more intentional by carrying the same color with her purse. NOT that your footwear and purse have to match, but it’s a wonderful way to bring in a totally different color scheme to the look.

Lesley showcased these booties that were part of the fall selections from 2 years ago when we worked with Jambu. While these exact boots aren’t still available, Jambu always has comfortable selections and my discount is still available until Dec. 5, 2021, for 20% off. Use code JTOUCHF21.
It’s also a great example of how you don’t need to buy new boots every year because they are classic.

How to style a shacket for older women

Similar Ideas in These Posts

Even if you don’t have a shacket in your closet, there are other shirts you can use. I’m including a white blouse along with a chambray style shirt for ideas. PLUS, if you aren’t sure how to style a shacket, just think of it as a heavier version of a kimono.

How to style a shacket

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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