Ageless Style: Daring to Make Earth Tone Outfits Sassy

Ageless Style: Daring to Make Earth Tone Outfits Sassy

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Ageless Style: Daring to Make Earth Tone Outfits Sassy

The idea of earth tone outfits is the theme of this month’s ageless style group thanks to Cammi. And the three of us didn’t want the idea of these kinds of outfits to be boring, so welcome to earth tone outfits with sass!!

Quote of the day: “Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.” Wangari Maathai

Since this month is Earth month, the idea of wearing her colors is not much different than our inspirations from either fashion magazine or another woman, like Liz. Both themes are what we have been playing with lately. Yet, even though you might think of earth tone colors as muted or dare I say boring, let’s see how you can add fun.
Each of us picked at least one earth tone color and styled it how we wished. Which gives you 3 different inspirations just from us. Then you need to check out the other women in the group to get even more ideas.

If you’re wondering what earth tone colors really are, then it depends who you ask. Sure, you could say it’s only colors with some brown in it, but then again isn’t the earth made up of many other colors? For this post, we decided to take our own creative license and interpret it as we wished.

Wearing earth tone outfits for Earth Month

Charlotte in Brown

Brown prints

My mom chose to style her outfit around brown. Yet in no way is it a boring outfit of brown. She added a brown print blouse to her brown pants and added all kinds of fun accessories.
For example, check out the belt. Not only does the belt function to keep the blouse from being overpowering, but it even adds some print mixing to the look. It may not be an obvious, in your face kind of print mixing, but I’d consider it a print because it’s made up of a couple of different colors (yellow, red, brown and dark brown). It’s not tremendously obvious in these photos (or even in person), but I do think it creates a little more interest.

Insider tip: Too many times we see an item differently than others “see” it. Most of the time, I think that’s because we get up close and personal to our items whereas, other people see them from more of a distance PLUS they see the whole picture of the outfit.
Therefore, it behooves us to stop obsessing about certain things. Sure the details can make a difference, but they can also drive you crazy.

Charlotte’s also wearing an ivory fedora and her owl necklace. I’d consider these details that create more drama to the overall ensemble.

Woman over 80

Lesley and Earth Tone Outfits

Earth tone outfits including the sky

Lesley admits that she doesn’t wear many colors from nature. But she picked tan to concentrate on for our earth tone outfits. Now this is where the interesting part about lighting comes to play. In real life, this top is more green. Yet in these photos it really appears blue.
And I wouldn’t have remembered that the top is green except that Lesley wrote it in her outfit description.

Insider tip: It’s another reminder of how we perceive our outfits and how others see them. Color is VERY subjective depending on the lighting plus not everyone sees color the same. Makes you wonder if it is really important to stress over if a color matches something else or not?

Whether the top is more green or blue really doesn’t matter. The tan pants are a neutral and would go so well with either.

Earth tone outfits for women over 70

Jodie’s Nature Look

Mixing prints with earth tone outfits

I have to admit, that when I first thought about earth tone outfits, I thought it would be boring. You know how much I like to add sass to an outfit! And I chose olive green as my color to wear.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear with my olive green pants until this new to me company sent me this tunic. The site is called Time For Me. It very much reminds me of Soft Surroundings in what they have available.
The tunic is a lighter olive green and I feel like the embroidery adds the required fun. Heck, even my earrings (gifted from Audra Style) seem to match perfectly.

The funny thing is I saw similar mules on Time for Me’s site. Mine are from Target a couple of years ago, but I wear them a ton. This is not sponsored at all, and I’m not working with the company (at least yet, because they don’t have a budget for working with influencers).

Muted color outfits

White Tank Mountains

We took these photos at a park near us called the White Tank Mountains. It’s a regional park that Lesley goes to quite often since she has a pass. There’s a wonderful nature center located there, and then many trails (some easy and some not so easy).
In fact, right after we moved to Arizona, Lesley, Rob and I went on a guided moonlight hike together. They have scorpion hikes too but I wasn’t up for that!!

Women over 50 in style with earth tone outfits
Earth Tone Outfits

Ageless Style & Earth Tone Outfits

Here are the other women in my Ageless Style group. I hope you pop over to see how they styled their looks!

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