It’s Alex Munday of Charlie’s Angels at your Service

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Alex Munday for any Generation

It’s Alex Munday of Charlie’s Angels at your Service

I chose this quote because dressing up as Charlie’s Angels has been quite an eye opener for me. At first, I was at a loss of how to style these characters, but the more we talked about the descriptions that Sheela sent us, the more we all figured it out.

Quote of the day: “Self-correction begins with self-knowledge.”  Baltasar Gracian

This experience started out with Natalie Cook, and then Dylan Sanders. All 3 characters could be considered similar, yet they can also be so different. Hopefully we did them justice.

So as our last of the Charlie’s Angels theme, we are being inspired today by Alex Munday who was played by Lucy Liu in the movie. The description of Alex is of a kickass sexpot, loads of black, loads of leather, and loads of form-flattering shapes. Even though this would not be considered everyday wear for most of us, I bet we would all feel quite fierce in a costume like this too.

Eve Let’s just say that Eve really knows how to make a statement in this outfit.

Of course I’m biased since I wore my silver booties in the Natalie Cook post, but in reality, this is something I could almost copy.

Sheela  For Alex Munday’s look, Sheela certainly kicked it into high gear with sexpot.

And considering that the 5 of us collaborated with the camo print last spring, I thought it perfect that she wore some camo again. And isn’t it neat how both Sheela and Nancy picked a faux fur coat for the character? As I always say, great minds think alike.

Faux Fur Coat – c/o Boohoo~~Lace Bralette – Poshmark~~Camo Pants – c/o Forever21~~Booties – Bakers~~Choker – c/o ManicPanic

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Now my confession for this outfit to copy Alex Munday was I didn’t think I could pull it off.

I never think of myself as a sexpot, but I had a little help. First, the dress. Thanks to Catherine who generously gave me this dress when I was out visiting her in LA in November. It’s got these leather inserts on the sides and zippers around the neck. You can’t see these details right now because I had to add a layer because of the weather. But trust me, it’s a fabulous dress.

Doesn’t everyone consider the little black dress the most versatile item in their closet? We’ve certainly shown it for most of the seasons on the blog, with the winter ones styled last December.

Alex Munday style for women over 50 years old

And I even restrained myself with the accessories for this outfit. I figured these leopard earrings took up enough real estate.

I just purchased these lovely earrings while thrifting on Small Business Saturday, but I didn’t realize they were clip on earrings. However, I will need to convert them, because they just aren’t comfortable as clip ons (which is probably why someone donated them….)

Alex Munday style with accessories

Maybe you already saw this photo of my fishnets on Instagram?

These fabulous hose were provided to me from Lipton Publicity for Berkshire Hosiery, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. I told the story on the Instagram post, but I was jonesing for a black pair. I already have a nude pair, grey, brown, but I was missing black!

These fishnets are so stylish right now, and if you want to know my secret to staying warm while wearing them, I’ll tell you. I layer another pair of sheer, nude hose under them!!

Alex Munday style with fishnets

But even though Alex Munday is all about wearing black, I decided to give it my own spin with a brown leather jacket. The leather jackets are all the rage right now. If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, then here are a couple to consider. A grey one would absolutely go with everything, or burgundy is such a rich color. Of course the black ones are the gold standard, and if you don’t want to pay a ton for one, you might want to try out an inexpensive one first.

Now my cousin just commented that she doesn’t love black and brown together, so I’d be interested to know who else feels that way?? To me, they are two fabulous neutrals that play well together. I mean, just look at the leopard print. That’s the perfect inspiration for this color combination.

Alex Munday style for 50+ women

Dress: Ali Ra (similar here)~~Jacket: Mauritus (similar here)~~Boots: Fioni (similar here)~~Earrings: thrifted (similar here)~~Bracelet: NAKAMOL out of my Rocksbox set—get a free month with the code JTouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Fishnets: Berkshire c/o (here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: When Nancy read about Alex Munday and her style, she thought about her fringed skirt.

A fringe skirt may not be a piece that you think you need in your closet, but after I made one for my mom, I realized how super fun they are. And then Nancy joined in the fun by ordering this one not so long ago.

The black fringe skirts are the most popular, but there are other colors too.

See this same outfit of Nancy’s with some different twists. It’s an easy way to recreate an outfit without totally copying the exact same look.

Alex Munday inspiration for women over 60

The outerwear that Nancy chose is her faux fur jacket from our recent Fall Fashion show at our local boutique, Trendz! If you see me sporting the same jacket, it’s because I bought the same one! It’s such a great way to look stylish in the colder weather.

You realize that lead in is going to introduce you to some other fabulous faux fur jackets, right? For example, if pink is your color of choice, you wouldn’t get lost in a crowd wearing this one. If that one is too bright, but you still enjoy pink, then this one could be your new friend.

And I want to say two things about these jackets. Don’t worry where you buy them. If it’s at the “younger” women’s store, it doesn’t matter. The other aspect is they are fun. If you feel bulky in them, that’s a good thing. Who wants a skinny teddy bear to cuddle anyways?

Alex Munday inspiration for fun

The accessories are a great addition to Nancy’s look.

This necklace is different metals and beads and always looks so interesting to me. I can never find one just like it to link for you, but I did find some other cool ones. The layered bib necklaces really make a great statement, along with the beaded collar ones.

Alex Munday from Charlie's Angels

Nancy’s footwear also makes this outfit look fabulous. These ankle boots are quite sexy. Although they certainly aren’t her walking shoes, they get worn quite a bit when we get dressed up.

Since black is such a basic color for ankle boots, it’s always a great idea to have a casual pair and dressier pair. To make your black pair seem fancier, you could choose a pair with pearls, chains, or metallic on the heels.

Alex Munday in today's world

Skirt: WD NY (similar here)~~Jacket: Willow & Clay from Trendz (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Boots: Impo (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mother pulled out her leather skirt as inspiration from Alex Munday’s character.

Ever since my mom made the three of us a leather skirt, we’ve styled them quite a few times on the blog. I know when my mom first made these, I wasn’t too sure about them, but the idea of leather has certainly changed over the years. It’s not just for rock & rollers and biker chics anymore.

You can certainly find leather skirts that would work for your style and shape. This one and this one could be styled for many fabulous occasions.

Alex Munday copied for women over 70

The accessories that got paired with this outfit, may not be ones you conjure up when thinking sexpot, but that’s where our own personality can shine through with an inspiration.

Maybe all of you do this automatically when looking at an inspiration photo. You change it up to fit what you have and like, yet still “copying” the photo. I know I’ve learned that trick from reading J’s Everyday Fashion over the years. We can take almost any fashion photo and make it work for our closet. Just like the 3 of us did when we worked with a brain coach earlier this year. It’s actually great for your brains to change up the look and NOT duplicate it exactly.

Alex Munday copied with leather & sparkles

To top off the Alex Munday idea of being super fierce, my mom even got an apple tattoo on her arm!

Of course this is only a temporary tattoo (or sticker shall we call it?), but I thought it was the greatest addition for this theme of fierceness. And why an apple, you ask? Well because my mom was a teacher, and so she bought this many years ago.

I always joke with her that she could get a tattoo over the spider vein on her leg that she’s always trying to cover up with her hose. And I always get a “no way” when I say that, ha ha!

Alex Munday copied with a tattoo

My mom even made this sparkly top that would be perfect for any New Years Events you have coming up. Of course, since she created this one, finding one like it is a challenge. But this is the season for sparkles and glitters, right?

For example, an all black one could be dressy or worn for casual. Or you could opt for a silver sparkle top with long sleeves instead.

Alex Munday style for older aged women

Skirt: Mom made it (similar here)~~Top: Mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: Bandolino (similar here)~~Necklace: thrifted (similar here)~~Tattoo: (similar here)~~Bracelet: thrifted (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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