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I think I was successful in wearing a variety of pants and skirts this week. Of course, it’s helpful when the weather is balmy!!


I had this pair of tights that I realized hadn’t seen the light of day recently. PLUS this blazer that I used to wear when I was working.

So I created an outfit using the 2 pieces. And I’d consider it successful because I had 2 random compliments from people when I was out grocery shopping.

These velvet shorts are perfect in the winter with tights or tall boots.

Since the blazer is blues and tans, I added a silk blouse under it and made it more casual with the booties.

This pair of booties is a Jambu pair from Fall 2020–You can see how I styled them with jeans at the time.

Then the extras (besides all of the texture and print) come from the thrifted collar necklace and the fun earrings. Both of those extras were thrifted.


This dress was from my birthday shopping trip and I just LOVED the color combination. In fact, the store had the same material as a blouse, and I vacillated whether to get the blouse or the dress.

Unfortunately, I chose wrong because the smocking part doesn’t stay put while I wear it. I think I’ll try to convert it into a skirt.

But I wanted to see if I could mix and match it with things in my closet, and here are 4 options below.

I’m sure everyone has a favorite, and while I wore the velvet blue vest, I almost like the plaid shirt the best.
The plaid shirt is from Target found here, and comes in all kinds of colorways.

I was surprised at how many people liked the print mixing version when I posted these options on Facebook. Who knew?

But the overall winner was the yellow cardigan. It’s surprising how many people like the brighter colors yet don’t wear them during the season!! Because of that, I incorporated more yellow into this week’s outfits.


I’m not usually a matchy matchy person, but I had to pick up this red snakeskin jacket when I saw it at the thrift store on a recent visit. Since I knew I had red snakeskin jeans, I wondered how they would look together.

Does this constitute a suit? LOL!!

Anyways, I paired a light blue graphic tee with the darker red and then finished off the outfit with my white booties and white faux fur earrings.

The earrings may seem silly since Christmas is over, however, I like wearing them all winter long. I figured they helped add some lightness to the look.

BTW, the earrings are still available on Amazon and they are under $2. I consider them an incredible deal. Plus they have other colors.

And these white boots have been SO well-loved. They add a modern vibe to any look when I don’t know what color footwear to choose.
Maybe my motto should be “when in doubt wear white?”


I call this my Houdini sweater. It might not seem obvious, but it will if you check it out from behind when I wore it here.

The skirt has elephants on it and was from one of my Fashom boxes. If you’ve never tried out an online clothing box, I really think you’re missing out. EVEN if you like to shop!!

Insider tip: I compared 3 of the most popular services here.

BTW, if you use my link for Fashom, you get $20 (and so do I).

Even though the outfit is relatively tame, I wore my navy OTK boots (thrifted) to be more covered.

And I added in orange with my scarf and necklace. The scarf is braided (see how to do it 2 different ways here), and I even added a bracelet. This bracelet is usually too big, so it stays wonderfully when on top of a sweater this way.


Would you guess that these teal tights are actually workout leggings? I came up with the idea when I was searching online for bright pink tights (because doesn’t everyone needs bright pink tights?) and one option was pink workout leggings.

It’s the perfect example of how our clothing can be much more versatile than we think. If we stop categorizing our clothing and just think about describing the item, it can do double duty.

I found this dress at our recent thrift store adventure. In fact, I hope you check out the cute video, we put together for our shopping trip (can you believe that cart at the end?)

Anyways, the leggings are mid-calf length, so I covered that up with my thifted cowboy boots.

I added the orange scarf (with a brooch because you’ll see more brooches soon) for brightness. Did you realize there is no orange in the dress? Yet it combines fabulously with the other colors in the dress!


I wanted to add in some yellow for the week, and this blouse was hanging in my closet from when I won credit from Caite and Kyla.
The blouse is very lightweight, which ends up being great for AZ. In fact, I can wear it in the summer even though it’s long-sleeved because then I’ll be covered from the sun which keeps you cooler.

So I challenged myself to print mix with it and wore it with this long cardigan from Steinmart.

I wore white jeans because in my world white jeans are fabulous all year long, and it was a perfect time to wear these felted sneakers that I’d thrifted last year.

The newsboy hat was stolen from Rob’s stash, and I added a brooch to make it more girly.


More yellow for the wintertime along with some bright pink. Too extra for you?? I can see how many women would think this is too much. But I just LOVE it.

Both this dress and jacket are from our recent thrift haul at Horizon thrift. I hope you take a minute to watch our short video with the three of us, and then with the video showing the 8 (yes 8) dresses I found. This yellow dress was one of them.

The wonderful thing about thrifting is finding brands you’d never heard of. Like this Horny Toad company is a sustainable brand I hadn’t heard of before.

I don’t usually wear the same earrings two days in a row, but I loved these Ask N Have triangle earrings so much and they worked so well with Thursday’s and today’s outfits.

The shoes are so old that they are cracking. It’s a disadvantage of living in an arid environment.

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