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Amazing Mature Style: Shacket Outfit with a Dress

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There is no reason that women of any age can’t wear a shacket outfit. Charlotte is showcasing her shacket outfit over a dress, which is perfect for a couple of reasons I’ll discuss below.

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Quote of the day: Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” Ray Kroc

Since sweating doesn’t seem very sexy, it’s always good to find the lighter-weight items while the weather cools down. That’s where the newer shacket trend can fit in perfectly for your wardrobe.

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What is the Shacket Trend?

After sharing this item in my Fall Trend Update, the three of us decided to experiment showing that older women can have fun with the newer styles.

As for the shacket itself, the word itself is a combination of “shirt” and “jacket”, thus the shacket. The true definition is that it is meant to be thicker than a shirt yet thinner than a jacket. This makes it the ideal layering item, especially for the fall and spring months.

You will see many of the younger generation sporting this style as part of their casual outfits. The other thing that is predominant is that many shacket are plaid.

The piece is usually oversized enough that you can layer it over something else. Yet it’s versatile since you can wear it on its own also.

Insider tip: You can find shackets of all different materials and lengths now, so don’t rule them out. As I discussed in the ways to make this trend affordable, you could thrift a man’s shirt as well as check out the younger girl’s stores. Remember, there is no age limit at ANY store.

Column of color under a shacket outfit

Dress: Land’s End- preloved from Lesley~~Shacket: Amazon~~Shoes: Vivaia Shoes~~ Necklace: thrifted ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Rosetti

Charlotte’s Shacket Outfit with a Dress

Just because the vibe of a shacket is more casual, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with dressier items. Combining two different styles this way is the idea behind dichotomy in an outfit. You could also say it’s the idea of yin and yang. What this does is create a more interesting point of the overall look.

The reasons the shacket trend is perfect with a dress?
1-The dress provides a column of color under the shacket.
2-Longer shackets like this one act as a long cardigan and create a wonderful proportion with the knee-length dress.
3-It casualizes the dress so you can make sure to wear it more.

Insider tip: Stylists will tout that your outfit is more flattering with a 1/3 to 2/3 (or 2/3 to 1/3) cut-off between the top and bottom. This shacket is creating the 2/3 while the dress hanging below is only 1/3 of the entire outfit.
WHILE it’s good to know these “tricks”, I also hope you don’t stress about proportion too much. Sometimes the best outfits are those which break the rules.

How Accessories Create an Intentional Look

Charlotte had this beaded necklace in her collection and was tickled pink of how it matched the color blocking of the shacket so perfectly.

Insider tip: Corralling your necklace can be easy with a clear elastic like these. This works wonderfully if your necklace tends to get caught on the girls OR if it would be seen better in a narrow space like this example.

My mom also had multi-colored earrings that seem like they were made to go with the shacket outfit. One advantage of earrings with multiple colors in them is they can coordinate with many different outfits.

The reason she chose the color block purse for the day, is she couldn’t resist having 2 color-blocked pieces in the outfit, especially since the purse is shades of blue.

Pastels for autumn

Color Block Shacket

My mom purchased this color-blocked shacket from Amazon recently. The ones they are offering now, have a variety of different color options, and it doesn’t look like this exact pastel one is still available.

She will tell you that she loves the colors in this one AND the fact that it is lightweight for our warmer climate.

This shirt/jacket trend is new to my mom, so she didn’t have anything in her closet from the past that she could transform to work for her shacket outfit. But she’s really glad she bought it because the colors are wonderful with her complexion.

Insider knowledge: Color blocking is an abstract form of art and is a great way to add interest to an outfit. It took off in the style world in the ’60s. Some will tout that it makes it easy to create illusions for accentuating body shapes, thus making people look taller and thinner. I hope if you wear it, it’s because it’s fun and you love it. No need to look taller or thinner since we are already perfectly imperfect!

Great proportions with a shacket outfit

T-Shirt Dresses for Older Women

What you may not realize is that Charlotte’s dress is a t-shirt dress. Of course, you can wear a t-shirt dress for casual days and even fancier events. It’s not usually obvious that the material is knit. Besides, if you are worried about the fact the dress seems casual, that’s where accessories and all of the extras can make a difference.

Lesley gave my mom this dress when she was purging her closet. The color, navy, is a wonderful option instead of black for older women if black tends to be harsh with your complexion.

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Vivaia shoes for older women

Sustainable Shoes

These Vivaia shoes are made of recycled water bottles. We tried out this brand to see if it would be something that we could wear. I love the goal of sustainability, yet women our age are very concerned with comfort. And then the fashionistas in the group need footwear that is stylish.

I do think this brand has everything in one package. At least the footwear that we tried out in this post. Charlotte is in love with the color and heel of these shoes. While she does wear flats and sneakers occasionally, she still yearns for beautiful shoes that make a statement.

The company did offer a small discount of 18% with the code JTS for you. Buying shoes online can seem very risky, so it’s nice that Vivaia has free returns or exchanges for eligible items in their original, unworn condition within 14 days of delivery.

Lightweight jacket for fall

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Shacket outfit with a dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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