Amuse Bouche #19- IFB Links à la Mode

Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!) or today: an announcement:

Links a la mode

My post on Bright Pink with a muted neutral was featured on the Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly roundup~

bright pink for the 50's, 60's, & 70's

you can see it again here.

Here are the other Links à la Mode: June 4

It’s fun to check out new blogs–I’m partial to the small, personal ones.  And my 3 favorites (besides mine) this time are Fashion Tales Blog (Useful Apps), Pudding Monster (Why you should dress well) and Riva La Diva (DIY Circle Skirt)!  See if you agree with my picks!

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1. Heads up! We’ve changed our submission process. First, read LALM’s submission rules here. Then submit your links on our Facebook page in the comments section of this post.

2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code.

This week’s styling will be fashioned around the summer weddings!

  • styleatacertainage

    what a wonderful feature! loving the pink on all three of you gorgeous gals.

  • rumeladey

    Congrats on the feature and love the pink and neitral combo all the looks were fabulous.
    My blog: RumelaTheShopaholic

  • Congrats for the feature Jodie and thanks for the nomination. Pink is such a fantastic color. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  • Congrats! : )


  • Hiya, thanks so much for liking my post as one of your favourites. Congrats on making LAM as well. /Madison 🙂

    • Of course Madison…I’m going to try out the BzzAgent soon! Thanks for the info! jodie

  • Congratulations. I’m also a big fun of small, personal blogs.They are so down to earth authentic.
    Have a great and creative week. say hello to the lovely ladies you style!

  • I love hot pink, but discovered long ago it’s not a color I can wear near my face. I still wear it – in small accessories: shoes, necklaces or scarves. I’m always looking for more – thanks for the inspiration!

    • That’s so the right attitude…even if it doesn’t look good right next to your face, to wear it other places—because it is such a happy color, right?

  • Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see the summer wedding looks!

    • Thanks Darlene…and we just got back from Rob’s nephew’s wedding!!