Amuse Bouche #20-Chobani’s #BreakYouMake

Chobani #BreakYouMake

This picture was taken at our patient appreciation event in 2013 to welcome Dr. Claire to the practice!

Chobani’s #BreakYouMake

Chobani is having a project to nominate someone you think needs a break and a little “me” time (which is really everyone, no?).  Definitely check out their Flips here (yum, no?)!

I’d like to nominate the woman who bought my dental practice 2 years ago, Dr. Claire.  In truth, it’s for all of the small business owner dentists in this day and age.  Being a dentist is quite a challenge in itself.  Unless you’ve experienced the job firsthand you may not realize:

1-How strenuous on a person’s body it is to crouch over a mouth.

2-The fact that our field of work is extremely small and tedious along with the constant sound of that wonderful drill in our ears all day!

3-We got into the profession to help people (we are not like the dentist in The Little Shop of Horrors or Finding Nemo).  Thus is does get hard to hear, “I hate the dentist” on a daily basis.

Then there is the fact that the dentists that own their own practice also have to deal with the stresses/concerns of running a business:

1-Dealing with dental insurance, which is so helpful for most patients to have, but can be a bugger to jump through all their hoops!  Dentists want to help patients out by accepting insurances, but the fact is, insurance cuts into profits by about 40%.

2-Federal and state regulations must be adhered to and followed like OSHA, HIPPA, taxes, etc

3-There are employee issues with which to contend.  It’s fabulous to have great employees and to have help in running the business, but the fact remains, all decisions/consequences fall on the owner’s shoulders at the end of the day.

4- Personally, dentists are also stressed about repaying their loans.  Did you know that most dentists graduate with more debt than medical doctors?  Thus the thinking that “She’s a dentist, so she must be wealthy” is far from the truth.

Of course every profession has it’s pros and cons, and most dentists will tell you what a wonderful calling it is!   I’ve been extremely happy with Dr. Claire taking over the practice that I built up over the last 20 years and I realize (as a retired person) how stressful her day can be.  I hope everyone will give a little love to their own personal dentist!  And every dentist should take a little break daily whether it be a healthy snack (like yogurt) or a trip to the park with loved ones!

Who would you nominate for a break?  Go ahead and tag them #breakyoumake!  This week on the blog, I’ll be styling a kimono!!