Amuse Bouche #24-Anti-Aging Creme Review & Giveaway

Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!)

Anti Aging Cream

Anti-Aging Creme

As we get older, some of us will try anything to “turn back time.”  Furthermore, over the years most of us have been told over and over to take care of our skin.  We all have our difference of opinion about what we are willing to do to look good!  But in my humble opinion the easiest way to keep our skin healthy is to wash and moisturizer!

I must admit, I’ve been doing the basics since I was 25 (I can’t actually remember if I did much moisturizing before that…it was a long time ago). So when Beauty Encounter asked if I would review this Estee Lauder Creme product, I thought why not?  My age group of women are the perfect market for these moisturizers.  As a biology person, I decided to compare it to what I am currently using (which happens to be an Arbonne product at the moment—a first time user for 6 weeks now).

What I did:  I used my current moisturizer on the left side of my face and this Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Creme on the right side of my face. End Result: It works nicely.  I couldn’t see any huge difference between the two sides of my face, but then again, one can’t expect miracles, can one?

I did this process at night only because this Estee Lauder creme did not have SPF in it. I used the creme for 3 weeks and still have over 3/4 of the jar remaining–so it does last awhile.  I have never tried this or any Estee Lauder moisturizer before (I’ve never been one to spend a ton on face products).  I will say I’m not a picky person when it comes to moisturizers, nor am I particularly loyal to one brand.  I do dislike a ton of fragrance, and the Estee Lauder creme did have very light and a non offensive one.  It was a medium thickness which I found perfect.

If you’d like to purchase said Anti-Aging creme, using Beauty Encounter ( can be a thrifty prospect. This creme truly retails for $75 (I checked) and you can get it on their site for $51.  All of their beauty products are discounted.  They do guarantee that all of there products are 100% genuine (that was my worry at first…obviously I watch too much tv).

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Thanks for reading!  In this week’s blog I’ll be addressing Wearing White on the Lower Half of your Body.  

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