Amuse Bouche #30-Makeup for the Lips

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Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!)

lip Makeup for women in their 50's, 60's, & 70's

Makeup for your Lips

Of course as we’ve gotten older, we realize things sag, crease & don’t stay where you put them.  This is especially evident with your lipstick when those darn creases form around your lips.  I’ve read many an article on how to combat this phenomenon, but let me tell you what works best for my mom!

First, I know “they” say that older women shouldn’t wear dark lipstick.  Of course, I’m going to disagree with that point depending on your definition of “dark.”  I like the lighter lipsticks at times too, but there is a time and place when you want your lips to actually stand out (instead of disappearing into the rest of your face).

So that being said, here’s the process (remember my mom is in her 70’s…if your creases/lines around your lips aren’t that bad yet, you won’t need to do all of these steps–I don’t.   But beware…if you live long enough, it’s good information to have in your back pocket).

1-Cover your lips with your foundation or a specialized primer for lips

lip Makeup for women in their 50's, 60's, & 70's This one is very inexpensive (here).  My mom only uses the primer portion of it because the plumper makes her break out.

2-Then draw a line around the outside of the lips with a lip-lock pencil —it fills in the lines so the lipstick doesn’t bleed into the creases.  This is probably the most helpful step to combat the lipstick from bleeding.

e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil Lip Color, Clear, 0.68 oz lip Makeup for women in their 50's, 60's, & 70's  This product is what my mom applies.  I can find it (here) or on ebay.  There are other brands available (here).

3-Use a light colored liner on the outside of your lips.

4-Dust a small amount of translucent powder around the outside of the liner.

5-Fill in your lips with a light lip color.  My mom likes the stay-on lipsticks—so do I, except I can’t use them everyday as they dry out my lips too much.

6- Now you can use a darker colored lip color, gloss or shine. Many of the glosses don’t tend to bleed as much, plus you have the advantage of having a nice base under it!  I have also read that older women should stay away from glossiness on their lips—another disagreement on my part.

Another tip: Maybe everyone already does this, but if I have a color of lipstick that I’m not crazy about, I’ll use it on top or underneath another of my lipsticks/glosses.  The combination can be a much better color for me.  Why waste what I already have?

Do you have any tips that work great for you?

Thanks for reading!  I’ll be showing different hosiery on the blog this week.  If you missed the first two makeup discussions, you can link to the Eyes (here) and Face (here).

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