Amuse Bouche #33-Pet Hair

Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!)

pet-hair tips

 image from Roadtreking

Pet Hair

For those of you out there that enjoy the company of a pet or two (or more), you deal with pet hair on a daily basis.  Is there an easy way to not carry it with you every minute of the day?  I may not have all the answers (don’t tell my husband…he thinks I do have all the answers)…but here are a couple items that make pet hair somewhat manageable—besides the obvious lint rollers.  Of course every pet owner has one of those in every room, right?

1-Coated or Leather Jeans.  We all know that the advantage of leather couches in our house means no accumulation of pet hair. But have you tried the leather or coated jeans?  Oh my golly—they are so, so great! After my first pair of coated jeans, I quickly purchased two other pair in different colors after realizing that my kitty hair did not stick to them like glue! And the coated ones don’t have to be shiny and look leathery.  There are so many variations and price points, so if you haven’t tried them, I’d suggest to purchase an inexpensive pair and see for yourself. (Then, you too, can buy more).  Here’s two examples to check out:

  Designs by Stephene $25

Sierra Trading Post under $20

If you want a certain size or color, email me and I’m happy to try to find what you want.

2.The Pet Fur Remover Sponge. If you don’t have leather couches all over your house, here’s a fabulous reusable tool that really works wonders.  We’ve had ours for over 5 years.  It doesn’t wear out and it works on all of our upholstery. It basically is your lint roller that never needs replacing…how great is that?

Central Vacuum Stores under $10Pet hair tips or Bonanza

3. Water. Ok…laugh all you want at this suggestion, but when we first started brushing the kitties, half of their fur wound up on me. I stupidly thought that throwing my clothes in the washer would solve that problem, until I found that it really just spread the hair to everything else in the wash. So now, I just run my hands under the faucet, wipe them over my clothes to collect the pet hair, and then ta-da, it’s like I used the lint roller!

What are your trick for winning the war on your pet’s hair? This week’s theme on the blog will be matching sets…are you game?

  • Lorena

    I can totally relate to pet hair on clothes… in my case I use masking tape or just any tape – the wider the better.

    • Good idea…then you can get the places that the rollers miss!!

  • samantha4blair

    Welcome back Jodie….I have missed your posts!
    I have my own pooch and hair can be a problem.
    A rubber glove works really well.
    I have also made the washing-machine error….yikes!!
    Dog hair EVERYWHERE.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes silly mistakes…but it seems reasonable. It actually makes me question, does the washing machine really get my clothes clean? And then again, maybe I don’t want to know!!!

  • EJ

    As someone who speaks French, and who deals with cat hair daily, I was frankly grossed out by this (mis) appropriation of the term “amuse-bouche.” The French have a great word –astuce — which used to mean “ruse” but now appears to be more like the English “tip.”

    • I actually laughed when I read your comment, because I can totally see why it grossed you out! I never even thought of it together for this week. Sorry to give you the willies! I was using “amuse-bouche” as a small sampling term—it’s actually my favorite part of going out to a nice restaurant! If i wanted to rename the Monday posts– I don’t think I really could use the term “astuce” since it’s not known (even amuse bouche isn’t hugely popular)—do you have a suggestion?

  • I just bought a ton of lint rollers at Costco. lol I’ve never heard of that sponge. I’m definitely going to get one! Thanks for the info!

    • The lint rollers are a necessity too!! Especially in my car, since that’s where I tend to notice all the hair on me (mine & the cat’s). I’ve actually never tried the sponge on my clothes—I always use it for the couches & curtains—but your comment made me think of it! I’ll let you know!