Amuse Bouche #34 -Boxing It Up

Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!)

Boxing it up

Boxing it Up

For this wonderful idea, I have to credit my mother, Charlotte—the 70’s model in my blog.  It’s one of those things that when I saw it, I thought….”why didn’t I think of that?”  And maybe in all respects it’s obvious to everyone else out there.  But hey, it’s my blog, so I get to share what I want, right?

The idea is to use a small box/container to take all the items you use for something, and make it easy to grab and take elsewhere. My example is for my nails. Now granted, I realize many women get their nails done at the salon. But there are still times you need to touch up or even do them yourself. And I usually do this when watching television. I used to grab from my bathroom the polish remover, cotton balls, an emory board, my clear polish and figure out which colored polish I wanted . Then I’d stack them in my arms to take to the living room. How silly!! Now I have this box set up and ready to go—I just add the color polish and voila!

I used a box that I had laying around for this concept.  If you really wanted something prettier, the container store is full of these items–see below

Hinged-Lid Stackable Boxes Boxing it up These are hinged & stackable….from $15-30.

Mini Storage Boxes Boxing it up These even have handles….from $2-4 

Or if you want your box visible (like decoration) you could use a basket

Boxing it up crate & barrel Crate & Barrel $10

kohl's boxing it up Kohl’s $18

If you’re an avid traveller, another example of this which can be helpful is to have your makeup & toiletry bag filled and ready to go. Since most of us already have travel size goodies, why not have them already arranged in your travel bag, so you don’t forget anything? I’ve done this for years and it does make packing for a trip quite easier.

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Would this idea work for you? Or do you already do a version of this trick? The rest of this week, I’ll be styling bomber jackets (since it’s starting to get crisp outside)!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    A place for everything and everything in its place! It drives me CRAZY when I can’t find something. This happens when I don’t stick to the cardinal rule. I rely on containers and storage methods of all sorts to help me keep my hoard of EVERYTHING sorted and locatable! Otherwise, my things sit useless somewhere and I don’t get to wear or use what I wanted. I do what Charlotte does with nail stuff, cleaning stuff, cat meds and paraphernalia, etc. I have my mom’s sewing basket too. (She passed away in 2006, and I love having this basket that I remember from childhood.)

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I’m right there with you Kathleen!!
      I feel so out of sorts when things aren’t organized well! Now I’m no saint and life happens. But I actually consider organizing very fun! In fact, my necklaces seemed to have reproduced lately, so I’m working on a new system for them!! Back to IKEA, I go!!

  • Darcy

    This is a great idea! I have all my nail polish supplies in an acryllic box and it has made things so much easier!

    • See…it’s amazing to me how many females already do this….I must be a little on the slow side…ha ha!

  • I used this method to organize everything under my bathroom sink. I used plastic milk crates from Target.

  • Lorena

    I have to agree its a great idea.
    I usually remove my nail polish in the bathroom, I am terrified of spilling the nail polish remover.
    Once as a child I did, I knocked it over a wooden table my grandmother had, it was ruined, so I guess that stuck with me.

    • That’s probably not a bad idea to use the remover only in the bathroom!

  • samantha4blair

    I do this…. :oD
    So much easier than struggling, dropping or (worse) spilling nail products.
    So your Mum’s name is Charlotte? That is such a pretty name (it was on my “top five” list for my girls)

    • Of course you already do this….you’re one smart cookie!!!

      • samantha4blair

        Hahaha, not really…just a bit clumsy!

  • Patsy Holland

    You’re right….”why didn’t I think of that”!