Analyzing a Person: Inspection of Their Medicine Cabinet

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What can you tell about a person by looking in their medicine cabinet?? Maybe their health. A glimpse into their skincare routine. Or possibly that their hair is important to them?
Our Where Bloggers Live is investigating this tremendously exciting topic about medicine cabinets. For my reveal, you don’t just get one medicine cabinet, but I sorta have two. You’ll see.

Quote of the day: “Your habits are how you embody a particular identity.” James Clear

When we bought our house in Arizona, one drawback was that the master bathroom only had one sink. It was a 1967 house that had recently been flipped, but they didn’t expand the bathroom to accommodate two sinks.
We decided that we could make it work since there was an area in the bedroom where I could do most of my getting ready.

So I’ll give you a peek not only into “my” medicine cabinet but also the one I share with my husband. There are a couple of great tricks that I’ve been using that you’ll love to hear.

I’ve shared other articles about our house if you’re interested

What’s In My Medicine Cabinet?

I thought I’d share what my vanity looked like when we first moved in. There was no extra medicine cabinet, and at first, I didn’t think I would need one, hahahahahahaha.
I started off just using the drawers but found out very fast that it wasn’t going to be enough.

So off to Home Depot to purchase a medicine cabinet that we installed on the side wall.

I’m not sure how I got started taking care of my skin but even in dental school, I learned to remove my makeup every night and started using moisturizers.
So no surprise that my medicine cabinet is full of skincare.

In my defense (which means I’m trying to rationalize the amount of skincare in my medicine cabinet), I work with some skincare companies, I like supporting local brands, as well as I create UGC (user-generated content) for other brands.

Tips for Organizing a Medicine Cabinet

Well, it only took me 50 years to figure out that I should organize my medicine cabinet by categories.

So that’s tip #1: Put all like products next to each other. It’s similar to your closet where all of the blazers are together and all of the dresses are together.

Bottom shelf: Hair and oils
Middle shelf: Medicine, serums, and lip products
Top shelf: Day and evening moisturizers

I won’t go through all of the products, but I will give a shout-out to my favorite brands and products which tend to be clean and non-toxic:

  • Paula’s Choice– I use many of this brand’s serums and a daily exfoliant.
  • Versed– Their sunscreen is fabulous and I can’t live without their Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm to remove my all-day lipstick.
  • Scrubs Studio-You can see her fragrances on the lip of my counter, and I use the Glow face oil after applying my makeup for the day to give me a glow. Use code Jodie10 for a discount.
  • Annmarie Skincare-This is one of the purest skincare I use. They have a sample kit available often, and this quarter it includes their sunscreen. I found that combining the sunscreen with the facial oil makes it easier to apply. I use their facial oil over my moisturizer at night.
  • GoPure– I love their lightweight serums and moisturizers. I have used almost everything they offer from when I was creating UGC for them.

Tip #2: Use the back of the door to store miscellaneous things.
For my cabinet above, I use magnets (like these on Amazon which come with an adhesive backing) to hold my scissors and bobby pins.
For our shared cabinet below, we also put the toothbrushes on the door in a bin (similar on Amazon) that is held up with suction cups.

The Shared Medicine Cabinet

Of course, some things require water, which is why some of my products reside in the husband’s medicine cabinet (and drawers) in our master bathroom.

You can see that we keep the electric toothbrush plugged in and we have a magnetic clip to hold the extra length of cord to the back wall of the medicine cabinet.

What you don’t see is the Waterpik that is residing in the shower.

Insider tip: As a retired dentist, I recommend a Waterpik (get this brand and not an off-brand) to EVERYONE, even more than an electric toothbrush.
I’ve written a handful of articles about dental issues. Feel free to check the Category’s tab under Themes: Dental.

Feel free to analyze me by my medicine cabinet(s). I’ll start.
Skincare freak.
Lover of variety.
I’ll try anything once.

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