Anatomy of a Nutritional Smoothie-Guilt Free and Easy

Anatomy of a Nutritional Smoothie-Guilt Free and Easy

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Red nutritional smoothie

Anatomy of a Nutritional Smoothie-Guilt Free and Easy

Now why would you read about how to make a nutritional smoothie from a fashionista?? Obviously I’m not a food blogger, but sometimes it’s good to go outside the niche for many reasons. I’m all about healthy (as evidenced by our nutrient dense way of eating post here and my journey with healthy eating here).
Plus I do get quite a few requests for how I stay in shape. And as one of my fitness friends says, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

Quote of the day: “Truth has no special time of its own. It’s hour is now—always.” Albert Schweitzer

And the truth of the matter is, our health is something that is more important the older we get. It’s not like you can just go to the store and purchase it. Along with the fact that it is DIFFERENT for EVERY person! Sure, some people talk about fasting or this new kind of diet. But when the rubber meets the road, your body is so unique that what works for one person, may not work for you.

Insider tip: Diet fads may change, but if I’ve learned anything in my medical training it’s that you need “good” food to make your body run. It’s no different than putting bad gas in your car and wondering why it’s not performing. Granted what your body considers “good” is the million dollar question. But remember, you can’t expect to eat the same things over and over and expect your body to feel different.
Complaining that your joints hurt? Or that you have heartburn? Check what you’re eating. That’s all I’ll say.

Now let’s talk about ideas for a nutritional smoothie and how you can make it work for your food likes and schedule. Feel free to scan down to the bottom for the true anatomy of our smoothies and even a couple of recipes.
As you can see by the length of this post, I have a lot to say, LOL!!

Revive Superfoods

Convenience Nutritional Smoothies

Our nutritional smoothie journey actually started with a collaboration with Revive Superfoods. I was gifted a box of these frozen smoothies to post about them (here is the video we put together for it). Before these, my husband never had an interest in smoothies because he doesn’t like the idea of “drinking” a meal.

Insider tip: Almost any company will give you a discount to share with friends. My code is linked to get 55% off your first box. I receive points to use on our next order if it’s used. This is in no way a sponsored post.

Both of us were very surprised at how much we liked the ingredients in these smoothies and how good they tasted. Granted we haven’t tried them all. Just like anything there are pros and cons. And my pros/cons may be the opposite for you.

BTW, we also just purchased another pre made smoothie box called Smoothie Box. We’ve only tried one of the smoothies so far and liked it (it was the Clementine one). They don’t have as many flavors but Rob thought they were easier to blend and handle. I’m sure there are other companies providing this same service also!!

Pros-Already Made Smoothies

1-It’s so convenient to pull it out and have things already combined for you.
2-They are frozen so nice and cold especially in the summer.
3-Revive brand uses the same anatomy that our naturopath recommends.


1-You can’t tailor the ingredients for your specifics. For example, some seeds and nuts have more sodium, and if that’s something you’re watching, you need to check those details.
2-Revive has a autoship program. Therefore, we have to add a note to our calendar to go in monthly to edit or skip the month. We consider this a con, but it could be a convenience for you. Smoothie Box let’s you choose this option but the autoship is less expensive.
3-Price of the individual smoothie could be more than buying the ingredients individually. But again that depends because some ingredients can go bad!

Nutritional smoothie as part of my breakfast

Our Smoothie is Only Part of Our Breakfast

While some people don’t mind “drinking” their meal, let me reiterate that my husband wants more than just a nutritional smoothie for any of our meals. So even though what we put together ones that click all of the nutrition boxes, our breakfasts also include coffee, water and some kind of “cereal” or pancakes (healthy pancakes of course).

Our favorite cereals include:
1-Mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and nutmeg. We add coconut milk, nuts and other fruit.
2-Steel cut overnight oatmeal. The overnight part helps it digest better.
3-Carrot and banana N’Oatmeal bake which is like carrot cake for breakfast. (the photo in that link is not how it ends up looking like, it’s more of a piece of casserole).
4. Baked apples or pears diced. Add milk, nuts and spices.

The Anatomy of a Nutritional Smoothie

So many times you see smoothies that are just protein powder, yogurt and a banana. Sure, you can call that a smoothie, but why not make it all around nutritional?
What this means is you know the foundation and can put it together without needing a recipe each time. Just like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and knowing that adding in a great jacket and accessories makes it spectacular.

Here’s the foundation that we use for all of our nutritional smoothies: (then I will talk more in detail about the elements below). Don’t stress over the exact amount.
3-Nuts and Seeds
4-Non dairy milk or extra ingredients


I try to use at least 2 veggies in every smoothie. This makes me realize that I am starting the day with good “gas” in my system. Here’s a couple of favorites:
1-Spinach or kale (I use a handful)
2-Frozen riced cauliflower
3-Frozen avocado half (I learned this trick from my friend, Kellyann. Just cut the avocado in half when it’s ripe, take out the seed, and scoop the entire half into a baggie and freeze)


This is how I sweeten the smoothie naturally. Usually I use at least 2 different fruits if not 3 or 4. I don’t think there is a fruit we haven’t tried!! In fact, this is a great way to use the fruit that maybe wasn’t as yummy when you bought it. For example, we bought a papaya that wasn’t stellar. So instead we cut it up for our smoothies.
Or if you have fruit that is getting too ripe (you can also freeze it for smoothies later on). Maybe your apples weren’t as crisp as you like them? This is the perfect way to use them anyways.

Here’s our go tos lately:
1-Kiwi (we buy them in bulk at Sams, and will leave the skin on but remove the ends)
2-Grapes (seedless)
3-Bananas (almost always. Rob is bananas about bananas. The riper the banana the sweeter it is.)
4- Avocados. (this will thicken it nicely)

Nuts and Seeds

I just pour (which equals about 1-2 TBSPs) seeds in the smoothies. Each day I alternate between my stash. As for nuts, I don’t add them anymore only because we add collagen to our coffee in the mornings now, so we get our protein that way.
My usual seed selection:
1-Chia seeds (I have both the powder and the seeds. Beware-the seeds get stuck in between your teeth, so brush after)

Non Dairy Milk and Extras

We alternate between coconut milk and almond milk…ALL non sweetened!! We recently tried goat milk and it was wonderful. In fact, for some reason it made our smoothies VERY creamy almost like an ice cream smoothie! We will definitely buy it again.

Extras? If we aren’t sure that a combination will be yummy, many times we will add a special ingredient that makes a difference:
1- Cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is GOOD for you because there’s no sugar in it. I add 1-2 TBSP.
2-Coconut flakes. Even if you don’t usually like the texture, it’s gets blended smooth.
3-Cacoa nibs. These are bitter by themselves, but in a smoothie the sweet fruit counteracts that.
5-Ice. You can add ice if you like them colder.

The making of a smoothie

Favorite Recipes

Now we all know we eat with our eyes as much as our taste buds. So I’ve had fun creating some colorful nutritional smoothies that look as good as they taste. (Many of the smoothies can come out a murky brown otherwise. Don’t worry, they still taste good!)
And for our routine, we have found that making them the night before in a mason jar is the key. While we are getting dinner ready, I’ll also be prepping the smoothie jar. Sometimes, we have more than fits in the jar, so the extra goes in a baggie. This amount feeds both Rob and I for breakfast, so for one person you could use a smaller jar.

For all of the smoothies that we make ahead in the mason jar, we put in the fridge for the next morning to blend. Rob uses 1 cup of our non dairy milk, and blends it twice to make it smooth.

Red Smoothie

Ingredients: (can be frozen or not)
Beet (already cooked. You can buy them cooked and packaged)
Any seeds

Orange Smoothie

Ingredients: (can be frozen or not)
Mango (Sams has bags of frozen mangos)
Any seeds

It’s truly VERY easy and we switch it up daily depending what is in the fridge. The only time we threw one out was when I accidentally added dates that had pits in them. The blender cut up the pits but not enough! OOOPS!
Otherwise, if you pour it out and it’s not fabulous, try putting it back in the blender with something to fix it. Most of the time we want it sweeter, so add cocoa or coconut or another banana.
If there is too much to drink all at one time, you can easily put it back in the fridge for later!!

Anatomy of a nutritional smoothie

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