Animal Print Fashion Trend for an Interesting Color Recipe

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Animal print fashion trend with another neutral

Animal Print Fashion Trend for an Interesting Color Recipe

The animal print fashion trend is not losing steam at all for the next season. Many times you hear stylist say that the animal prints should be considered a neutral. Part of that reasoning is they are made up of other neutrals.
I wanted to give you 5 different color combinations as part of my color recipe that will help you style any of your animal print fashion trend pieces.

Quote of the day: “Doing anything less than something amazing is squandering this whole reason that you’re here.” Brandon Stanton

My color recipe works for any color or print you have in your closet. It’s the answer to ‘What colors do I wear with this?’ I’ve showcased the same concept with a print with color in it and also with a solid item.
It’s my hope that having this recipe at your disposal makes it easier for you to find outfits in your closet.

Here’s the recipe in a nutshell:
1-Match to a neutral in the print
2-Find a neutral that is NOT in the print
3-Choose a muted color
4-Have fun with a bright color
5-YES, print mixing is fun
There’s a lot more information in the details of each outfit and about the skirt itself below.

Animal print fashion trend times two

A Neutral in the Print

Matching. This is a concept that we all understand and enjoy. It’s the easiest part of my color recipe, IF, and only IF you have the right pieces. It’s when you don’t have items that really match that many of us get frustrated.

Insider tip: You may only purchase items that “match” with other items in your closet. That in itself is very limiting. Therefore, this recipe gives you MANY more options for your wardrobe.

Details of the Look

This top is one I used to wear to work all the time under a blazer. I would consider it a classic piece and it’s a good neutral for my complexion.

I did have to add in a pop of color with my shoes. These are the Walking Cradles “Samantha” pumps. If you have trouble wearing heels, then you should definitely try Walking Cradles (make sure to use my link and code, JODIE15 to get 15% off).

Also notice that I did use two animal print fashion trends together in this outfit with my leopard earrings. These are leather earrings and therefore very lightweight.

Navy as a neutral

A Neutral that is NOT in the Print

Navy is considered a neutral, and in real life this top is more navy than blue. The other neutral that many of you would pair with this would be black.

Insider tip: Black and navy can be worn together now. It’s NOT taboo. Heck, many times we have trouble distinguishing one from the other. Remember if you have trouble telling them apart, then everyone else will too.

Details of the Look

In fact, just to prove my point, the bracelet I’m wearing is black. So wear your navy and black together. The earrings are from Frannie & Elinor. I love how since they are gold AND silver, they go with everything. That’s another example of mixing together what used to be wrong.

These pumps are another Walking Cradles item. These are the Marley pump that have a more rounded toe. I showcased these worn with 5 different outfits last fall. (Again, the code, JODIE15, gives you 15% off, and thank you for purchasing through my link).

Color recipe to mix and match colors

Muted Color

When I say muted color, I am referring to the opposite of a bright color. You might think that red is always bright; however, this red (more obvious in person than in these photos because of the editing) is what I’d call muted.
If you are looking for a less colorful color with this same skirt, make sure to check out this post. (Needless to say, I purged that top because I didn’t love the cutouts in the back.)

Then again, you can also get an idea of how a muted color will look with this animal print fashion trend skirt by taking a closer look at the purse in the first two examples.
That purse is a light pink. Yet when it’s next to this animal print, it certainly looks almost cream colored or nude.

Details of the Look

Both this top and the navy one above were given to me as hand me downs from different friends. I LOVE hand me downs for some reason. I always think that once you’ve worn something once, it’s used anyways. So what does it matter who wore it the first time.

These red sandals, Lydia, are again Walking Cradles. (It goes to show how many pairs of their shoes I have. I’ve been working with them for over 2 years now, and even though I get some of their shoes gifted to me, I have purchased just as many on my own.

Insider tip: I think that’s one of the ways to evaluate how much a blogger really loves a company. Whether they repeatedly purchase from them. I listed some of my favorites here.

Notice the leopard bracelet too. Just like in the first photos with the leopard earrings, it’s okay to mix and match your animal print fashion trend pieces.

Animal print fashion trend with bright colors

Bright Color

This comes only after I have seen so many other women style the animal print fashion trend, and having pushed myself out of always trying to match my items. Bright colors seem like the perfect pairing with a print that is composed of neutrals.
In fact, I showcased this example with my leopard pants this winter too, when I wore bright green with them.

Details of the Look

This top is actually a tunic. If you’d like to see it full length, I wore it for the post 10 outfits ideas with wide leg pants when I added extra poundage on for the post to showcase that they can work for curvy shapes too.
It’s an asymmetrical top that is fabulous with tighter jeans and leggings. Yet it’s thin enough that I can tuck it in also.

These sandals were a great purchase from Target. I think the wider heel makes them so much easier to walk in. Even if it’s just around the grocery store.

Then I tried layering two necklaces. Lesley is the pro at this, and I’m not sure I love my combination. But it’s like anything in life. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Showing skin for women over 50

Print Mixing

I know many women are still very afraid of print mixing in their outfits when the pieces are next to each other. However, I figured this might not be as bad since they are neutrals.
This top is from Chicos about 12 years ago. I used to wear it to work under a blazer. It’s hard to see in the photos, but it has metallic threads in it.

Details of the Look

I tied up this top to create more interest in the outfit. When I tried on this outfit and had the top untucked, it looked very frumpy. And since I had tucked in 3 of the other tops, I wanted to show some variety.
Even if you aren’t comfortable showing skin like this, you could always tie it lower. Having that extra piece in the front, adds a vertical dimension to the outfit.

Insider tip: Hair elastics work wonderfully to tie up a shirt (and skirt) this way.

Since the top and bottom were both neutrals, I added in some yellow with my shoes and earrings.

Animal Print Fashion Trend in a Skirt

This is a skirt I’ve had over 15 years in my closet. In fact, I wore it for a post about items we have that we hardly ever wear. Why would I not wear this?
Well, before I started blogging, I only thought about “matching” to this print. And it was hard to match to this skirt. I had very few ivory colored tops and no browns this same color.
So I was stuck with how to wear it.

This is exactly why I love talking about this color recipe. ANY item in your closet can be more easily paired when you think about color combinations using this color recipe.

Back to the skirt itself. Luckily I never ended up purging it even though it rarely saw the light of day. In fact, what you may not realize is that it’s a couple of sizes too big for me now. Therefore, it tends to hang a tad lower than it originally did.
It would be easy to alter except I like how it’s not tight in this Arizona heat. What do you think? Is it obviously the wrong size?

Insider tip: Skirts are MUCH more forgiving with sizing. That’s because they only have 3 fit points (waist, hips and length) as opposed to pants which have many more due to their silhouette.

Animal print fashion trend

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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