Ankle Pants and Spring Fashion from Sixty + Me

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Spring Fashion

I was delighted when I was approached about blogging for Margaret Manning’s Sixty and Me. My first blogging piece for her is linked below. (If the image doesn’t show with the link below, please will you refresh—for some reason it didn’t always pop up for me?)

Ankle Pants and Spring Fashion for Women Over 60

Even thought this post was written with the older generations in mind, I feel like it’s very appropriate for any aged female! Because as we know style can be truly ageless!

Are you familiar with Margaret and her  community? If not let me introduce you!

Thanks to Margaret and her unending work, she has created Sixty and Me which has developed into a community of over 200,000 women aged 60 and over. The entire idea of this online center is to help women realize they are not alone in this time of their life. One of the goals of the site is to inspire and show women that this age, as with any age group, that one should never give up on anything that inspires you. Margaret’s website has videos, article & tutorials about beauty & fashion, health, travel, money, family and so much more.

Ankle pants for older women

So possibly you aren’t 60 right now, but if you’re lucky enough, you will be someday and much of this information can be applied to any female. Besides, we all realize that age is just a number, right? The experiences we have throughout our life are meaningful and teachable whether we are 20 or 80. Sure some points and details can be different for different age groups, but many times the underlying facts are the same.

Ankle pants for older women

Ankle Pants and Spring Fashion

As for the article I put together, there was a number of opinions about the ankle pants on the Sixty + Me’s Facebook page ranging from love them to hate them. I will say I was surprised at how many women remarked that their ankles are awful and they would never show them off. As a woman who struggles with more than one scar on her face & a head of unruly hair, I understand not loving our looks. But I’m still on a mission to get all women of all ages to love their bodies since it’s the only one we have and we are very blessed by what it does daily.

It is a great honor to be part of the Sixty and Me community as a guest writer. Even though I feel that the writing part of my blogging journey is still developing for me, I love the fact that I can inspire older women to use the clothing from their closet as a way to express themselves. I hope you’ll click over to Margaret’s site and check out the ankle pants article.  If you do, be sure to see all the other resources she has on her site! You’ll find a plethora of great information.

How do you feel about ankle pants? I’m going to be showing them on all three of us this week—do you have a pair? If not, here’s some to consider:

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