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Approved Comfort Fit Shoes with Jambu: Promoting Foot Health

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This post is sponsored by Jambu

When the American Podiatric Medical Association approves certain Jambu styles, then you can be sure that they are comfort fit shoes. We are working with Jambu to showcase some fall and winter 2022 styles that will promote good foot health.

Quote of the day: “Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide.” Honore de Balzac

Now if this quote doesn’t resonate with a fashion blogger, then I don’t know what does. Yet, just because we want to look good, doesn’t mean we can’t find comfort fit shoes for women of any age.

Comfort fit shoes promoting foot health
More about the company Jambu
“Erin” Sneakers
“Woodbury” Duck Shoes
“Sandy” Sneakers

Not only are we showcasing a couple of Jambu’s comfort fit shoes, but it’s also the start of the Friends and Family sale which means you can get 30% off anything on Jambu’s site only from Oct. 27-Oct. 31 using code Jtouch30FF. (That is a zero after the three and NOT the letter “O”.)

Comfort fit shoes with APMA endorsement

The Company Jambu: Known For Comfort Fit shoes

I was introduced to the company Jambu over 5 years now when they reached out to me to try out some of their fall styles and we styled them both in casual outfits and dressier looks. It was the first time I had explored the idea of comfort fit shoes since I had always thought that description meant ugly old lady shoes.

Yet, Jambu has been working hard to make shoes that would be stylish and feel good on our feet. Over the years they have evolved and incorporated details that help a wide range of women. There are certain styles that are available in wide widths, there are certain styles that are available in sizes up to 12, and there are also certain styles that have the APMA seal of acceptance for good foot health.

They even have shoes that are eco-friendly, vegan, and/or water-resistant, so make sure you check out all of the options.

Today we are concentrating on 3 of the styles that have been granted the APMA seal of acceptance. Because you deserve to have comfort fit shoes that look fabulous and it’s even better when they are 30% off during this week’s Friends and Family sale.

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Lesley Outfit with “Erin”

Pants: Chicos~~ Top: Justar~~ Shoes: Jambu “Erin” c/o ~~ Scarf: thrifted ~~ Necklace: SteinMart~~ Purse: Maruca

Let’s talk about Lesley’s overall look first, and then you can read more about these Jambu comfort fit shoes.

Lesley’s style is usually more conservative so she paired two solid-colored clothing pieces together and then added interest to the look with her accessories. The shoes end up being cohesive with the rest of the look, yet also modern since they don’t match the pants.

Scarves for Fall

Lesley is the queen of working in her scarf collection. I think it’s fabulous when you can add such a beautiful focal point with these magical pieces of fabric.

I know many women struggle with how to tie a scarf, so let’s explore what Lesley did.

With an outfit comprised of two solid pieces, your scarf is a perfect solution to add something that has a print and gives your eye something to land on.
Lesley found this grey and brown print scarf that ties the two solid colors of the outfit together. By wrapping it around her neck and just throwing one end over the other in a half knot, she creates a long line down the front of her outfit.

Yet, she didn’t stop there. Then she grabbed a necklace with the same color of metals in it to drape over the top knotted portion of the scarf.
This is a brilliant way to wear a necklace and scarf together.

Insider tip: Remember that our accessories can play well together. Just because you have one piece on doesn’t mean you can’t add to it.

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Jambu’s “Erin” Sneaker

The Erin this season is one that is also available in wide widths (you have to search for Erin Wide). It’s also a classic style that has stood the test of time. In fact, both my mom and I have the same shoes in different colors.

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What you may not realize if you’ve purchased from this brand two years ago or more, is that many of the styles have evolved to be more comfortable. My pair of Erin’s do not have these extra details (they are still comfortable, but the newer ones are even more so).

There is a foam insole as well as a cushion around the heel so it fits well and doesn’t slip.
This style has bungee cords on the side to make it easier to slip on and off. You’ll notice the perforations on the top that also give some air circulation.

Another wonderful factor is the non-slip traction outsole that makes these perfect for any kind of weather.

Insider details: This style comes in 8 different colors although some of the colors are limited in which sizes are still available. Lesley is showcasing the gunmetal grey which has two different materials on it for extra fun.

Charlotte & Comfort Fit Duck Shoes

Long tunic with long vest over
Leggings: Land’s End-thrifted~~ Vest: Mom made it~~ Tunic: J Valdi-thrifted~~ Shoes: Jambu “Woodbury” c/o ~~ Necklace: hand me down from me~~ Purse: Mom made it

My mom chose Jambu’s duck shoes for her fall selection of comfort fit shoes that have the APMA seal. Let’s talk about the overall outfit first, and then I’ll give details about the footwear.

Charlotte matched her outfit to her shoes by wearing mostly blue and carrying a brown purse. This is her favorite way to put together her looks, yet these shoes could really go with all kinds of different colors outfits.

Wearing Leggings for Women over 80

Since we are seeing different silhouettes for denim styles, I hear many women asking if leggings are still appropriate.
I believe you can make any style look modern and fabulous by combining different textures and trends.

For instance, Charlotte is wearing navy leggings with her navy duck shoes which would be considered classic and casual.
Yet she paired a long hoodie tunic with a long leopard vest to give the outfit some personality.

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My mom actually made this vest many, many years ago, and I think it’s something that will never go out of style.

Insider tip: Worst case scenario if you have a long vest like this and don’t like it long, think about having it shortened to a length you’d feel more comfortable wearing.

Jambu’s Woodbury Duck Shoes

The Woodbury is your classic duck shoe yet it’s been designed to be as comfortable as your sneakers. It’s part of the styles that are considered comfort fit shoes on Jambu’s site and has the APMA seal of acceptance.

Not only does it have EVA insoles for support and comfort, but it is waterproof to keep your feet dry.

Now if you are looking for more warmth with your duck shoes, then you should consider the Winona which also has faux fur lining, as well as all of the comfort, and features the Woodbury has. You can tell a difference because the Winona is missing those ties on the front and are only available in navy and tan.

Insider details. The Woodbury is also available in a chocolate brown color. And if you prefer taller duck boots, then you are in luck, because Jambu has 6 styles that fit that bill.

The waterproof aspect of these shoes or boots is wonderful for rain, but also for snow. When I lived in Denver, I wore my rain boots when the snow was melting and there was a ton of slush everywhere. They are also fabulous anytime you are out working in the yard.

Jodie Wearing a Dress With Sneakers

Print mixing with dress and jacket
Dress: Desigual ~~ Jacket: no label~~ Shoes: Jambu “Sandy” c/o~~ Purse: no label-thrifted from Savers~~Best no-show socks: Sheec

I surprised myself at getting black sneakers for this collaboration, but if you’ve been following along in my daily outfits, then you’ll know that I’ve been wearing these much more than I ever imagined.

For the overall outfit, I wanted to try my hand at print mixing since the shoes were solid-colored. I have had this dress for over 10 years and rarely wear it for casual days.
Therefore, I paired it with a lightweight, floral jacket that had the same colors as the dress.

It might be too much for many women, but always remember that it’s called personal style for a reason. It’s PERSONAL!

Wearing Dresses for Fall

Now that I have grown to love wearing dresses, I think they can work perfectly for the fall season. When it’s still warm enough, it’s so easy to layer a lightweight jacket and wear your closed-toe shoes, sneakers, or ankle boots.

When the chill comes around though, we think about wearing tights to cover those bare legs. And the problem can be that your dress sticks to the tights. What’s a girl to do?

I have 2 solutions:
1Wear a slip. Now there’s an old-fashioned item, right? Who even had slips anymore? But they can be not only a great answer to materials sticking together, but they can add a bit of warmth to the outfit. And you can find them on Amazon.
2-Faux leather. The leather or pleather options for leggings can be modern but also so functional for this purpose. And if you need extra warmth, then don’t forget there are fleece-lined versions too.

Insider trick: This dress seemed too short when I purchased it, so I had my mom sew a panel of black material at the bottom to increase the length by 2 inches. You’d never know, right?

Jambu “Sandy” Comfort Fit Shoes

Jambu brought us another comfortable yet stylish sneaker and she is named “Sandy.”
What makes this style different is it’s considered a patchwork design. There are two different materials for this style and my version is felted black material with black leather around it.

However, the best detail is the zipper on the side. This means you can tie it once and forget about ever tying them again. Notice the no-show socks that I adore in the photo (these are the Active-X Low cut version). If you haven’t tried them, they are the perfect addition to any of your comfort fit shoes.

Insider details: The “Sandy” style comes in two more colorful varieties which are the olive green option and then the cognac option. Both have two different materials and they have different colored shoelaces as well.

Which reminds me. You can always change out your shoelaces to different colors or even use ribbon if you want to make your shoes more unique!!

The “Sandy” sneaker has all of the features of the other comfort fit shoes with the APMA certification. I have worn these sneakers multiple times and consider them a true favorite.

Soles of Jambu fall 2022 selection

Jambu Shoe Review Sponsored Post Details

This is a sponsored post with Jambu. What a sponsored post entails is that the company gifted us the footwear and paid me to write the post.
I feel so blessed to be able to work with smaller companies and they appreciate your support too. It is truly a win/win for everyone and your purchases and clicks show the company that blogging marketing really works. Thank you for reading and clicking over to explore their site.

We have worked with Jambu for 5 years now because we appreciate their comfort and style. The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JTouch30FF (that is a zero after the three and NOT the letter “O”) for 30% off your purchase on anything on their site until Oct. 31 2022. If you’ve never tried Jambu footwear, they are one of the companies I’ve mentioned in my Comfortable Everyday Shoe post

If you are interested in Jambu’s sandals, take a look at the spring styles we showcased here.

Comfort fit shoes for grown women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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