Another month, another post highlighting some fun activities and events that you don’t always see on my fashion posts.

Day 1: Maybe you saw this on Instagram. The expression says it all.

Day 2: We were invited to join a Goodwill luncheon to celebrate work and how Goodwill helps the community. It was truly inspirational, and another great reminder that we can make a difference.

On a totally different note, about my outfit. These pants are actually workout pants. I signed up to be an ambassador with Peach. I know the athleisure wear is huge right now, so I decided to at least try it. This brand is all about clothes for the gym, work and play. And as you can see, these pants are a perfect example. These are the culottes. You can see me in another outfit wearing their pieces on my Instagram post.

Day 6: This is what happens when you have 2 bloggers together….LOL!! We were incredibly blessed to meet Lisa of MidLife in Bloom. Please take a moment to check out her site. We had so much fun talking with her because she and her husband went on the same cruise that we will be going on in December.

Day 9: We flew into St. Louis and we were staying with my contact from Walking Cradles. Now it’s not like I know Lisa that well. We’ve met in person twice before. Yet, when she and her husband offered us to stay with her, we figured we could use the savings. And look what greeted us. Their hospitality was overwhelming (even their pets are truly social and wonderful).

Day 10: We went into work with Lisa from Walking Cradles because we had rehearsal for the Shoe Stravaganza show for the next day. But we also got to meet up with another blogger, Penny, who I reached out to since she lives in the area. I feel like I’ve met the nicest people lately.

Day 11: Shoe Stravaganza!! Of course this day consisted of a lot more preparation for the event. I know many of the employees at Walking Cradles thought we were crazy to enjoy helping out this way. But I enjoy being able to give my time this way. And the event? Truly fabulous. Make sure to read more about it on the blog post if you missed it.

Not only did Penny from the day before join us, but also Carrie who is another St. Louis blogger. And my discount code, Style15 is still good until July 1, so make sure to check out Walking Cradles.

Day 12: Before we left St. Louis, our incredible hosts, Lisa and Craig showed us around town and of course took us out for some wonderful food. The entire trip was full of great restaurants and discoveries.

Day 16: I am super excited to be joining in with Goodwill Denver for their Shop and Share event. If you live in the Denver area, I hope you’ll join us. If you ever feel overwhelmed when you go to a thrift store, then this is for you. I’ll have a rounded up a bunch of fabulous things to make it easier for you. (check out the link above for a better description of the event! Besides you could win a $50 gift card just for attending)

Day 17: Hair cut day usually involves some wonderful food too. Rob talked all about this place in Denver on his blog.

Day 19: We were out running errands and Rob wore his new t-shirt that I found while researching fun items for your Easter basket. He loved it so much when he read the blog, he ordered it.

Day 21: Happy Easter from the Filogomo family and my cousin, Joy and her son, Jullian.

Day 24: I gave a talk to a group of women about “Getting Creative with your Clothes” at a nearby senior community. It’s so fun with me to share some of the ideas I’ve learned while blogging. Feel free to watch the Facebook live if you’re interested. Or Rob will have the shortened version on YouTube soon.

Day 26: I’m hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway with other friends. I hope you click over to have the opportunity to win some substantial gift cards. The giveaway ends on May 10 so you still have time.

Day: 29: I knitted this “kids dress” many, many years ago and it’s been unloved for years. I decided to see if any of my knitting friends would want it, and Connie took it home to her granddaughter. I’ve been trying to showcase my knitted pieces on Instagram every Saturday. Even if you aren’t on Instagram, I think you can click here, and look at all my photos. Make sure to click on the heart button to show me that you saw it!

Day 30: I was chosen to help promote the movie Poms. When I was out in St. Louis, Lisa, helped me take photos for the campaign. You can see the post on FB to read all about it. And tonight my mom, Rob and I are going to see it as a sneak peek. It’ll be a perfect movie to take your mom to go see together!!

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