Are leggings still in style as told by chic women

Are Leggings Still in Style? Stylish, Grown Women Speak Out

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Here’s a question I came upon recently. Are leggings still in style? This makes me laugh because I remember when I was writing about if grown women should be wearing leggings in the first place.
It’s always so interesting to be part of the fashion world where clothing items are either “in” or “out” of style.

Quote of the day: “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” Cynthia Ozick

And one of those gratitudes that I appreciate is the opportunity to wear what I want no matter what my age or size or budget. We have quite a selection available to us and I love being able to get creative with my clothing.

While I’m all about looking like a modern woman, I do think we should be able to look dashing in whatever we decide to wear. The secrets? Try interesting colors, include intentional details, and most of all, have fun.

If you have asked the question “Are leggings still in style?” then I have options for how to make sure you look stylish no matter what your age that includes Charlotte, and Lesley who are both over 70. And we don’t look like we just came from the gym!

BTW, leggings are not much different than skinny jeans in their silhouette. And we recently showcased reasons that you shouldn’t throw out your skinny jeans.
And if you are really worried that you might look out of style wearing leggings, then think about the more modern materials for them.

If You Love Tunics or Longer Tops

Are leggings still in style for grown women
Leggings: Go2 ~~ Sweater: Lildy-CVS~~ Turtleneck: Pierre Cardin ~~ Boots: Bandolino~~ Earrings: from the Denver Art Museum (similar here)~~ Purse: no label-estate sale

If you’re still a fan of longer tops and tunics, then I think leggings are going to be perfect for you. In all reality, you can wear your longer tops with whatever you want, yet we realize that proportion and balance are key factors in a look.

I’ve heard many women saying they want tunics that cover every part of their thighs because their thighs are fat. I relish the day when we don’t consider fat a bad thing. Do you ever analyze who decided that the fat on our body was bad, and why it should be covered?
My mom will be the first to tell you that she won’t show off her thighs wearing a dress, but don’t they look amazing in these leggings? Va va voom!! And remember people, she is 84 years young.

Let’s talk about both the top and the leggings.
First, these leggings are compression leggings from Go2. We worked with the company years ago and you can see how my mom styled them here. The advantage of wearing workout leggings is they may have more hold which can feel better.

And then this fabulous top is from CVS. Yes, you read that right. CVS may not be the place you go shopping for most of your clothes, but it never hurts to check out their selection when you’re there.
Charlotte layered the red, black, and white top over a turtleneck for warmth.

The Extras

The accessories my mom chose are ones that match the colors of the top. Red earrings and a red purse tie in with the colors of the top.

Charlotte wore her black ankle boots with heels to give this a sexier look. But any black footwear would work if you don’t wear heels. Here are a couple of ideas
1-Sneakers will give this a more casual look
2-Combat boots will add an edgy vibe
3-Tall boots would be warmer

Insider tip: You don’t have to match the shoes to the leggings. I’ve shown one outfit with multiple shoe options that can also change the feeling the outfit gives off.

Are leggings still in style for women

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Lesley’s Answer to Are Leggings Still in Style?

Wearing a kimono over a sweater
Leggings: Suave Steinmart~~ Sweater: Style & Co-Macys~~ Kimono: Estate sale~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Winnie 2″~~ Necklace: Estate sale ~~ Purse: no label

Lesley’s answer to are leggings in style is that she is going to continue to wear them because they are comfy, cozy, and easy to wear.

I love how Lesley continues to also wear her kimonos even in colder weather. There is no reason you can’t wear these lovely pieces of clothing all year long. They may not add much warmth to an outfit, but they can be for decoration.

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She commented that since her workout wear of choice is a swimsuit (she loves water aerobics), her leggings get the most wear as casual attire and not for workouts.
Another fabulous reason to positively reinforce that leggings are in style is they are great to wear when thrifting. Many of our secondhand stores don’t have fitting rooms and thus it’s nice to be able to slip pants and skirts over a pair of leggings.

Lesley layered her kimono over a sweater, but there is more to the story. I didn’t realize until she showed me that she is wearing this pink sweater backward.

Insider tip: You are the boss of your clothes and can wear many items backward, inside-out, or even upside down. Remember, it’s just a piece of material sewn together in spots.

I’m also very impressed with two other details. One is that Lesley’s leggings are green, and green is not a color she likes.
And secondly, notice that there isn’t bright pink in her kimono, yet it goes beautifully with the outfit.

Accessories with Leggings

Even though leggings are considered casual, there’s no reason not to add in your favorite accessories to your outfit.

Lesley kept her shoes and purse neutral. The shoes are a well-worn and loved pair of Walking Cradles (still available and called “Winnie 2”) that she uses for many of our walking escapades (today was a day of shopping).

But she did add a fun necklace that keeps the focal point at the top half of her body. It’s a turquoise-colored piece that contrasts against the bright pink and ties in with the leaves on her kimono.

Print kimono with the idea are leggings still in style

When In Doubt-Print Mix

Are leggings still in style with plaid leggings
Leggings: no label-faux fur lined~~Vest: from Belong Lifestyle USA~~ Top: Target~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Walker”~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted

So you may not think print mixing when in doubt about, are leggings still in style, haha. But I always think that if you aren’t sure about a piece, then change the focal point. And with print mixing, you are creating a mish-mash so your eyes don’t focus on just one thing.
Well, at least that’s how I rationalize it.

My pair of leggings are faux fur lined. In fact, I didn’t understand that they were leggings when I first bought them. I remember trying them on and seeing OS on the label. I didn’t know what that meant until later when someone talked about one-size.
All that I knew is they were stretchy and oh-so-warm with that fur lining.

Because I didn’t think of them as leggings, you can see how I wore them as plaid pants almost 8 years ago. I think because of the lining in them, they don’t feel as thin as normal leggings and I didn’t worry about covering my rear.

Insider tip: The fleece-lined leggings are a fabulous option if you live where it snows.

Anyways, I paired them with another neutral print sweater vest and then added a mustard-yellow t-shirt under it.


I could have grabbed a yellow purse but I wanted to carry this lime green crossbody purse. I figured the yellow and lime green could play well together.

It may be too cold in your neck of the woods for bare ankles, but these faux-fur-lined mules make it cozy if it’s warm enough. These mules are Walking Cradles mules because I knew we would be walking a lot today, and I wanted comfortable shoes.

Plaid and spots together

Other Inspiration for Leggings Outfits

We may not wear leggings daily, but we certainly have showcased them on the blog in the past.

1-Nancy wore them with a long vest
2- The original models wearing leggings
3- Wearing activewear outside of the gym
4- Plaid and camo leggings outfits
5-Wearing faux leather leggings

Ways to cover the rear when thinking are leggings still in style

Other Ideas

I think it’s no secret that the three of us have showcased that we can still look great in leggings with different clothing pieces and options.

If you are still asking the question: Are leggings still in style? Then there are other ways to wear them where it just won’t matter.
1-Relegate them to your workout wear. Everyday leggings aren’t that much different than workout leggings. They may not have as much stretch or compression, but depending on your workout, it may not make a difference.
2-Wear them as loungewear. We always want something comfy when we are hanging around the house, so pair them with an oversized sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers.
3-Use them as tights to keep your legs warm. This could be when you are wearing skirts and dresses, but I’ve been known to layer them under other pants too if it’s really cold.

Are leggings still in style from stylish grown women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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