Are tunics still in style for 2023? Ways to make it fashionable

Are Tunics Still In Style For 2023? Fashionista Advice

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I had the best question from Linda, and wanted to share the premise by asking the question “are tunics still in style?”

Quote of the day: “Quality of life is having the freedom to make choices that are not fear based. Whether it’s the ability to choose the kinds of projects I want to take on and can learn from, or the ability to take a month off to travel. Freedom to choose is the ultimate luxury.” Danielle Colding

Linda’s question ties into the quote above. Freedom to choose what we want to wear instead of being dictated by trends or by others.
I wholeheartedly believe that our style can reflect many aspects of our life and embracing the newer style ideas can be a good thing.

Yet on the other hand, who wants to be too concerned if what we are wearing is “right?”

Spoiler alert: There is no right and wrong in style. It’s a personal choice.

Are Tunics Still in Style for 2023

Linda reached out saying, “I traditionally liked tops that end at the place where my hip meets my thigh. When tunics came out, I loved them. When tops began to be shorter I disliked that idea, but figured over time my eyes would become accustomed to them. I recently purchased a shorter top that looks great (Bravo, Linda).
Alas, I pulled out my beloved tunic tops for spring and they now look wrong. Do you have any ideas of how to style them?”

As a fix-it girl, I loved the idea of this question and came up with 3 different concepts of what you could do or how to style those beloved tunics. These concepts will work even if you aren’t wearing them with skinny jeans or leggings.

These are the concepts that I will break down in the post:
2-Camoflague that the shirt is a tunic
3-How to make a tunic work in 2023

What I really want to get across is the idea that just because a style or clothing item is “not trending” doesn’t mean we should throw it out. Many of our clothes are still absolutely lovely and wonderful in many regards, and there are always creative ways to make things work.

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Variety with your tunic shirts

Alter or DIY Your Tunic Shirt

Alter your tunic to make it work for now
Original post

Alterations or changes are one way to change up your longer shirts if you are worried about tunics still being in style.

1-Cut it Shorter

If the material and top portion of the tunic shirt are lovely, why not just cut it off to make it shorter?
Charlotte did this with her blue print top shown above which was advertised as a t-shirt dress but too short to be worn alone.
Instead, my mom cut it to be asymmetrical and the right length for her.

2-Make it a Cardigan

Another way to alter your tunic shirt would be to cut it up the front and create a cardigan out of it.

Insider tip: This is also a wonderful option if you have a top that is a tad too tight.

3-Lengthen the Tunic

Many tunics are basically mini dresses anyway, so by adding a couple of inches of material, you can create an even longer item that you can wear by itself.

Insider tip: You can create this same look with a no-sew idea by using the trick I show below of wearing it over a dress.

Camoflague Your Tunic

Tie up your tunic shirt as an option
Original post

My biggest motto is that we are the boss of our clothing. One thing that means to me is that just because a clothing item is meant to be worn one way, doesn’t mean you can’t change it up.

In the case of asking “Are tunics still in style”, why not make your tunic look like a shorter top and there is no sewing involved?

There are two ways to do this trick:
1-Shorten the tunic from the outside. The example above with the pink print tunic was gathered on the side and made into a tie with a clear elastic (use a hair elastic if the material is thick)
2-Tuck in your tunic. The example below shows how placing your skirt over the tunic makes the tunic look like a normal-length top.

How to wear a tunic shirt. Tuck it in
Original post

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How to Wear a Tunic Shirt in 2023

The reason the question comes up of whether are tunics still in style now, is because the clothing silhouettes are changing.
What we are seeing now is a bigger, flowier silhouette for the bottom half of our body and a tighter, shorter silhouette for the top half.

Insider tip: Being “in style” is not the most important aspect of life. While I consider it nice to look modern, the factor we tend to forget is the intentional part. Putting care and thought into our looks shows healthy self-respect.
Getting dressed is a tool for everyday life.

So if we still want to wear the tunics we love, let’s discuss proportions and options.

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Bermuda Shorts and Tunic Top

Are tunics still in style for 2023?
Original post

If you are working on having the tunic top be the majority of the proportional outfit, then Bermuda shorts could be an option.

While I’m showcasing a pair of tight Bermuda shorts, I think it would look just as good with wider ones. This brings me to my next example…

Tunic & Skirt

How to wear a tunic shirt with a skirt

This is basically the exact same proportion as with the Bermuda shorts but the bottom half is not as fitted. In fact, if both the tunic and the skirt have the same flare, it could look like you’re wearing a dress.

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Are Tunics Still In Style-Wearing Carpis?

Statement tunic answering are tunics still in style
Original post

If there’s one item of clothing that is polarizing it is capri pants, so why in the heck would you pair the pants with a tunic?
Charlotte shows how a longer tunic has the right proportions with a pair of capri pants.

You may not be a fan of capris, or a fan of tunics, but you have to admit that my mom looks amazing.

Insider tip: A statement tunic can be super stylish because it is like a work of art.

Crops and Tunics

Are tunics still in style with wide leg pants
Original post

Call them culottes or cropped pants, but they could fit into the proportional dressing with longer tunics.

For the first example, I paired a flowy tunic with a pair of culottes. I call this my artsy-fartsy look.

Insider tip: There is a rule that if you wear a looser silhouette for the bottom half, then you need a tighter silhouette for the top. However, breaking the “rules” can create an interesting look in some cases.

Cropped trousers and tunics
Original post

Charlotte’s pair of cropped pants are basically ankle-length pants and very wide.
Looking at this outfit, you could say that the proportions aren’t right to be flattering. Yet I think there are a couple of elements that make this a very stylish outfit.

1-My mom’s tunic has an asymmetrical hemline that makes it interesting.
2-She added turquoise accessories to the mix so it’s not matchy-matchy.
3-Shoes!! Her footwear choice is very chic and fun.

Insider tip: If you are worried about whether tunics are still in style yet still want to wear them, it can help to pair them with something that is very modern and trending.

Wearing Your Tunic Over a Dress

Are tunics still in style over a dress
Original post

Don’t forget that your tunic can be styled on top of a dress. This is an easy way to showcase the beautiful tunic in all its glory.
Now the longer top really presents itself as a dress this way, so your brain may not register it as a tunic.

Are tunics still in style from a fashionista perspective

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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