What to wear with a black skirt for women over 40

Attractive Grown Women: What To Wear With a Black Skirt

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Part of my goal for my site is to come up with options. Different color options. Different style options. All around variety with what you have in your closet.
That’s why I thought it would be fun to have 4 of us show different fashion styles for what to wear with a black skirt.

Quote of the day: “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.” Dr. Charles Swindoll

I would consider a black skirt one of those wardrobe staples that are probably hanging in your closet as we speak. But do you always wear it with the same things? Or with the same color scheme? Heck, do you even wear it at all in our casual society?

You’ll see not only a wide range of what to wear with a black skirt, but you’ll see how there is also a wide range of versions of black skirts including assorted lengths.

Since black is considered neutral, then remember that ANY color can be paired with it. Some combinations will be more muted, while others will give you a lot of contrast. And even if black is not a good color near your face, wearing it on your bottom half is not an issue.

Insider tip: If your black has faded, you can always dye it black to make it more vibrant.

Grown women with what to wear with a black skirt

There is no shortage of past outfits shown on my site where we are talking about what to wear with a black skirt

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Feminine Style: What to Wear with a Black Skirt

Faux wrap white top and black skirt
Skirt: Valerie separates ~ Top: Rebellion~~ Shoes: Via Veneto~~ Earrings: Modzines~~ Purse: 31

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Laura is showcasing a feminine vibe for what to wear with a black skirt. Yet there is also a slight yin/yang that she has incorporated which keeps it modern and fresh. Let’s discuss:

  • The skirt is a pencil skirt but with pleats and is longer than Charlotte’s. The top has lace detail and a bow which gives it a girly vibe.
  • Black and white together are very classic yet the purse and earrings bring in other shades.
  • Laura’s footwear choice is sassy and not your run of the mill pumps.
  • Check out the accessories. Her camo tote bag is the opposite of feminine and her earrings even have a boho vibe.

All of these points work together to give ideas of what to wear with a black skirt in a feminine way yet it’s not too girly or old-fashioned.

Classic Option For Older Women

Woman over 80 in what to wear with a black skirt
Skirt: Mom made it ~~Top: Liz Claiborne-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Belt: All star- thriftted~~ Bracelet: from Tuesday Morning~~ Earrings: from yard sale ~~ Purse: J Garden-Dollar Tree

Charlotte chose the classic style option for what to wear with a black skirt. Her original thought was to pair her skirt with a white blouse, but knowing how pure white can blend too much with her hair and complexion, she grabbed this red & white striped button down blouse instead.

Let’s talk about the classic details:

  • A button down blouse is one of those items that our age groups consider a basic. On top of that, my mom paired it with a black, pencil skirt.
  • Low heel flats that are patent leather are a perfect alternative for pumps.
  • I would say that incorporating red into her accessories is very classic since there is red in the top.
  • The one area that Charlotte gives a wave to jumping outside of the classic style is her zebra purse with the hot pink strap.

I also love the nod to her obsession with owls when you look closely at her earrings.

Black Skirt and Boho Style

Boho version of what to wear with a black skirt
Skirt: no label- boutique in Wickenberg~~ Top: Step In Style-online~~ Shoes: Naturalizer~~ Scarf on belt: ~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek

Lesley has created a fabulous boho look with her black skirt. Her skirt is one of those maxis that has a bohemian vibe to start with. And then she added more elements that continued the effect.
You might not realize that years ago Lesley’s style was very conservative. In fact, that was a prompt she fashioned in the past.

Let’s break down Lesley’s look of how to style a black skirt in a style that is floaty and fun.

  • Lesley kept the skirt and top both the same color to make it appear like a dress. The top itself has that boho vibe with the embroidery.
  • To give the top some shaping, she even added a belt and then tied a scarf around the belt to give some vertical dimension and colorful elements.
  • Here’s something you might not have noticed. Lesley has one of those faux hair scrunchies over her ponytail. They are such a cool way to make it look like you have more hair, and you can find them on Amazon.

Overall, this could be a fabulous look for every day if you switch out the shoes to flats. Or wear it as is for a date night.

Edgy & What to Wear with a Black Skirt

Vest and tank for what to wear with a black skirt
Skirt: Lattelier~~ Vest: Apt. 9-Kohls~~ Tank Top: no label~~ Shoes: Michael-DSW~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted ~~Glasses: Zeelool

The edgy style is not something I see in many older women. Yet I think it can be a great way to feel rebellious about our age and realize that we still are a force to be reckoned with.

I’ll point out the details that I would consider edgy in my look:

  • First off, leather is a material that is perfect for an edgy vibe. Even my mom and stepmom have faux leather skirts. I like my skirt, but after these photos, I cut off a couple of inches.
  • Moto jackets are another item that was a rebel thing from our youth, so I incorporated that detail as a vest.
  • The spikes on my sandals are a nod to grunge.
  • My accessories included a pop of neon green and then mismatched earrings.
  • The last aspect is the statement glasses. Anyone who needs prescription glasses might as well have fun with them and have all sorts of colors and sizes. This pair is from Zeelool.

I don’t think the outfit is too far away from a street-style look that could be seen in most places, and it could be easily transitioned to winter with combat boots and a moto jacket.

Different styles for what to wear with a black skirt

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What to wear with a black skirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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