August Memories

August memories

August Memories

If someone asked you how your August went, what would you say? It’s so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right? So I joined forces with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of August a sentence (and some photos) at a time. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

August memories

8/1- I was so lucky to win a $50 gift card from Cuddy in July’s #thriftedchicstylechallenge on Instagram!! And today I received the shirt I ordered!!

8/2- Rob & I enjoyed Wine Wednesday at Finley’s Pub with Cathy & Jeanne!!

August Memories

8/3- Ice cream in August is always a good idea, right?

8/4- Our favorite activity is joining up with friends to try out new places to eat, so we visited the new View House in downtown Littleton!! We’ll definitely be back as their happy hour is a great deal!!

August Memories

8/5- We met with friends for dinner to discuss an upcoming Alaskan cruise to celebrate both mom’s birthdays next year!! Any advice for those of you who have been on an Alaskan cruise??

8/6- Lazy day with a wonderful meal at our neighbors for dinner that was homemade enchiladas and margaritas!!

August memories

8/7- It was book club night and if you saw my Instagram Stories, you could hear that we really do talk about the book!!

8/8-I’m trying to grow my Instagram following (@Jtouchofstyle), so I’ve been spending a ton of time on this social media site!! The IG stories are really fun, but my thumbs are getting tired…LOL!

8/9-Knit day with my knitting buddies!!

August Memories

8/10- Rob took the day off work so we could see the one man show called “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m in Therapy.” It wasn’t our favorite, but it’s always nice to spend time together.

8/11- It was Jodie Uber again with a trip to the airport to pick up our neighbors from their Iceland trip even though the neighbor was sick and had to stay another day, we did fetch their friends!!

August Memories

8/12- The 3 of us had some body painting done at a picnic. That’s Nancy (the 60+ model) with the flowers on her arm, my mom (the 70+ model) with the ladybug on her shin, and myself (the 50+ model) with the butterfly on my shoulder.

8/13-It was a lazy day reading on the porch, and getting our food ready for the week! We’re having breakfast burritos for lunches and pizza for dinners!!

8/14-It was the start of our #thriftedchicstylechallenge for August on Instagram. If you love thrifting and are on Instagram, it’s usually running the middle of the month!!

August Memories

8/15- I received some shoes from Mochiis which you saw on the blog. The 2 women that started this company had a kickstarter campaign that ended in August! But check out how we styled the shoes!

8/16-Off to Home Depot to get some tile for our kitchen back splash….. #newprojectfun

8/17- The question of the day should be how many times do we need to go to the home improvement store for each project??? Today it was a trip to Lowes!!!

August memories

8/18- This is the project that has had us visiting Home Depot and Lowes so much lately!! You’ll be able to read more about it in the upcoming Bucket List post next month!!

8/19-And just so we’d have something to keep us busy for the next couple of weeks, we went to AFW to get some new office furniture!!

August Memories

8/20- And while shopping for office furniture yesterday, I fell in love with this fuzzy ottoman. I named her Trudy the Tribble!!

8/21-Eclipse day and I spent most of it at mom’s house altering some tops for a neighbor!!

8/22-There was a ton of blogging, photo editing and overall computer work going on today (along with potato chip eating–LOL)

8/23- We enjoyed a dinner out with our friends (and the man who fabulous did our back splash above)! Obviously I need longer arms for a better selfie!

8/24-I had a migraine today which hasn’t happened in many months….ugh

August Memories for Instagram

8/25-One of my blogging friends Instagram account was hacked, so we joined forces to try to help her out by getting her followers back since she had to create a new account. If you are on Instagram, I would ask that you follow her too!!

August Memories

8/26-When your breakfast burrito is enough for both your husband and you for 2 days!! Thanks Toast in Littleton!!

8/27-We traveled up to Boulder to spend time with my cousin and her family as a memorial to my Aunt Nancy who passed away 2 months ago. You can see some of the baubles I brought back in memory of her!

8/28-The best thing about retirement? Being able to have lunch with friends! I was lunching with Dawn and ran into my knitting buddy, Dianna!

August memories

8/29-I’m helping a friend try to find a good home for their fabulous dog, Tucker, since the kids have left and he needs more time with people. He’s better as a one pet dog, and if you’re interested let me know!!

8/30-Off to visit the dentist to have my teeth cleaned!!!

8/31-Our Forever Fierce Revolution (which used to be called Fierce 50 Revolution) is having a giveaway drive and every week is giving away fabulous prizes! Make sure you’re a member of the Forever Fierce Facebook page to be eligible!!

If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your month of August with a sentence a day, then we’d love to have you join in with this link up! Or why don’t you start for next month? Feel free to email me to let me know you want to join the fun!

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  • I absolutely love your August memories. It sound like you are having a time of your life – everyday! I am now following you on IG too! 🙂

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost Please don’t forget the badge. xx

    • Thanks so much for the follow Su!!
      Ooops…sorry about the badge. I noticed a couple of things changed on my sidebar the other day—my thumbnails for the most recent posts aren’t showing up either….

  • What a great recap of the month – Ice cream really is always a good idea, and I’ll be excited to see your finished kitchen project.

    • Thanks Lydia!
      I’m just working on the updates that include that kitchen project for next week. The photos didn’t turn out that great, though….

  • Looks like August was great for you, as always! Love the body painting you guys all got, very pretty. 🙂 And those shoes are pretty neat and cool looking, too. I need to check that out.
    I can’t wait to see your kitchen; the backsplash is beautiful. You’ll probably swear off Home Depot as soon as the kitchen renos are done. I can relate and fully empathize. Seriously, though, how many trips does one need to make to HD. Really. LOL!
    Love your style and vibrance Julie, as always. Keep shining. 🙂
    Just curious, has Tucker found a home? I hope so. He’s adorable. 🙂
    Take care and I’ll see you again soon, Julie. xo

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful thoughts, Lindsay!!
      The HD runs can be so entertaining or frustrating, can’t they?? I guess I should be glad that it’s only a 10 minute drive!!!

  • Mariana Olnowich

    These are my suggestions for the ports of call excursions: Ketchikan-Great Alaska Lumberjack Show, Juneau- Mount Roberts Tramway and Mendenhall Glacier and Skagway- White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad. I know you will love Alaska, it is absolutely breathtaking. Not sure which cruise line you are taking, but I highly recommend Princess. I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I loved your August memories.

    • Thanks so much for these Mariana!! I wrote them down, and my friend and I are talking about excursions this weekend, so I’ll have to check these out—perfect timing!!
      We are going on Royal Caribbean (which seems oxymoronic to me, buy hey)!!

  • So many good things going on this month! i hope Tucker finds a good home. He is a beauty! Seriously loving the fun shoes. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Jodie!

    Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    • Tucker still is looking…he’s such a good boy. I guess that’s the only bad thing about downsizing….
      Thanks Jennie!

  • Mariana Olnowich

    Love your blog. I follow quite a few, and I must say that you are one of the most sincere and appreciative bloggers. I see your posts on other peoples blogs and you are always so supportive and down to earth. About your Alaska trip, we just went this past May on Princess. We did the land and sea which I highly recommend.

    • Thanks for such a wonderful comment, Mariana! I do try to be very supportive and kind, because we can all use more kindness in this world.
      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed your Alaskan cruise. We are just doing the cruise part ( I think), but maybe I need some insight from you?? Did you have any favorite excursions? We are actually thinking about trying to plan those this weekend…

  • Sarah Stockley

    And what a fab August you’ve had too. Sarah #fabfridaypost

  • Looks like you had a blast last month. Cheers for more eventful blogging September for us!

    Jessica |

  • Burnished Chaos

    Sounds like you had a great month. I’m loving Trudy the Terrible and ice-cream is always a good idea x

    • Isn’t that ottoman just smile worthy? I’m not even sure what I’ll use it for—I just had to have it!

  • Jodie, I love how your new blouse matches your kitchen backsplash! Both are smashing, by the way. 🙂

    And I have to say that your book club looks muuuch funner than mine! Mine is very serious, as are the books we read, but sometimes a girl just has to have fun I think!

    • For our bookclub, we really do talk about the book, but only during dinner. The rest of the time is all about catching up on life!! You are welcome to join us!!!
      Thanks Tamara!!

  • Deb’s World

    Sounds like a great month Jodie! Love your photos too 🙂 Enjoy September!

  • You have such a sweet, good heart. I hope Tucker is soon in the arms of his forever family. He is a cutie pie. I miss my pups. Someday hope to have some new ones.

    And you are so kind to alter a neighbors clothes. Bless your heart. That’s quite a job. Or certainly would be for me!!

    Your new back splash is so eye-catching. Just pops! Gorgeous work. We can sure relate to multiple trips to the home improvement stores for a single project. Have spent our share of time at Lowe’s all summer. Seems like everything we own is starting to fall apart. Exhausting just trying to stay caught up on repairs.

    You have such a warm smile, Jodie. In every photograph, you just radiate such a positive, upbeat vibe. No wonder you are such a busy lady with varied social activities. I am sure you are the belle of the proverbial ball. XO

    • You must be Italian, Leslie, with all of those wonderful compliments flowing from your typing…ha ha!!
      But thank you for such a heart felt, lovely sentiment. I’m not sure I would say I’m the belle of the ball…more like the crazy step sister! LOL!
      Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Mother of 3

    What a busy month! I love your tribble; such a fun and fuzzy addition.

    • Thanks!! I think I’ll plan to use it as a phone holder…then maybe my phone won’t get buried under paperwork?? We can always hope….

  • Kristin McCarthy

    You had quite the bust month!

    Love the Mochiis.


    • I certainly did, Kristin!!
      Thanks and happy weekend!

  • Oh I do love that blouse you got from Cuddy such a gorgeous pattern. Sound like a fab month lovely! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    • Thanks Catie!
      This blouse is so colorful—I’m sure that’s why I was drawn towards it!
      Have a great weekend,

  • Laura

    Can’t wait to see how you wear those Mochiis! They are really cute!

    • Aren’t they just so stunning, Laura?
      My mom is wearing her pair on today’s blog post. We also styled them here: . I’m sure I”ll be wearing mine quite a bit in the future!!
      Have a fabulous weekend!!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    I do think a sentence a day is a great way to keep track of things and pick out the best bits of your day, great idea x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Thanks Jocelyn! I wasn’t sure I’d like doing this activity, but it’s been super fun to look back at each month this way.

  • Migraine aside, that sounds like it was a lovely month. I love those shoes – so pretty! 🙂 #WotW

    • Thanks so much Louise, for stopping by. And even though I had the migraine, at least I have my health!

  • I’m telling you, if we lived near each other, we’d be besties. Between book clubs & knitting, yep… we’d have tons of get togethers.

    • It’s so nice to find other women in our “tribe” Rebecca!! If you ever move to Denver, you’ll have to look me up!

  • Oh my goodness what a full month! I love instagram, I just checked out your stories, your cat is gorgeous!! #wotw

    • Thanks Louisa!!
      I love putting my kitties on my IG stories, because they just make me feel so good!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Trudy the Tribble ist amazing :))
    You had a wonderful august I see. Full of wonderful moments.
    This shirt is amazing 🙂
    I wish you and your mums a great weekend!
    XO tina

    • Thanks so much Tina!!
      I can’t wait to get our office redecorated so my ottoman has a perfect place to rest. I think I’ll use her as a phone holder!!

  • I could spend days in home improvement stores. You usually lose me in the paint section…or the garden part. Awful about your friend’s hacked instagram account. It’s amazing how all that work can be lost so quickly.

    • I agree with you Jo, about the home improvement stores, but then again I have a shopping problem…ha ha!
      It’s so incredible to me about these hackers. What do they get from it (except I guess they were trying to sell her account) Isn’t that awful?

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Love your home improvements and can’t wait to read that post. Love the tribble stool, too! Hubby is scraping off the popcorn ceiling in our house so I’m living in dust again! I miss SAD but it was for the best. I hope to participate in December and January, when I am able to do some fun things and travel a bit! Sorry to hear about your migraine!

    • We missed you too, Terri!
      The popcorn ceiling thing is crazy….we had that done in our office, but they ended up dry walling over it instead—which was such a blessing!

  • You had me at ice cream, Jodie 🙂 Looks like you had a full and fun August, minus the migraine. Look forward to reading about your Alaskan cruise. Have a fantastic September!

    • You are just like my husband, Natalie. Ice cream makes everything better!

  • You had a busy, but it sounds fun, August, Jody! But I hear you on the home improvement projects. Everything that’s required gets old real fast… But I’m sure it’ll be worth it! And how fun that you are planning an Alaskan cruise!

    I hope your September is off to a great start!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks Andrea!!
      Now we have to start reworking our office….it’s such a mess…

  • WOW, Jodie, your August was so busy. I must say that your breakfast burrito really caught my eye. It looks so yummy!!! And that fuzzy ottoman is so adorable.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Jodie!

    • Thanks Miri!
      I thought that ottoman was so fun….I’m not sure it’ll be entirely functional, but hey!

  • Sue Loncaric

    What a fabulous month Jodie! I love the top at the beginning and also the ottoman. We are looking at renovating our kitchen next year so I’m sure I will be visiting many homestores for ideas. An Alaskan cruise is on our bucket list and might even be next year. Have a wonderful September and look forward to reading all about it. x

    • You should get on the Alaskan cruise that we are planning on, Sue!! Wouldn’t that be a kick?? We are going Sept. 2017.

  • mummabstylish

    Wow, that was a busy month – you’re so sweet, picking your neighbours and friends up. x
    Thanks for sharing Jodie. x Jacqui

    • Thanks Jacqui!
      We have some fabulous neighbors, so it’s easy!

  • I loved reading this! What s it with buritos for breakfast? Is that for real? It is so funny how countries are so different!

    • You’re right Nancy…we do eat different things for breakfast. They are called breakfast burritos because they have eggs in them. You should try them…they are delicious!

  • Looks like a fun August!! Lots of fun time with family and friends is the best!

    pumps and push-ups

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Wow what a busy fun August you had (except for the migraine). I have a few friends that took a cruise and tour of Alaska and absolutely loved it.

    • I’ve really only heard good things about the Alaska cruises, so I hope ours will be no different!! If nothing else, it should be a fun time together, celebrating and eating, right?
      Thanks Rebecca!

  • Nicole Mölders

    When you come up to Fairbanks, let me know.

  • Nikki Gwin

    DQ chocolate dipped cones!!! Loved the insight into a retirees days!
    🙂 gwingal

    • I just have to ask, why I don’t feel retired??

  • Lots of great things and fun things you are doing Jodie. Love the enchelata and margarita night! fun.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess!!
      I try to showcase the daily good things…and many times that is food!! Ha ha!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    You have such a nice social life! Lots of yummy food and how sweet for your neighbor to have you over for dinner. I would love to be in a book club, I wish I had more time. I have too many hobbies! Lol! We did a small bathroom project this weekend and had a few trips to Lowes for it!


    • Then you can totally relate to our multiple trips to Home Depot, Carrie—it’s so funny how that happens!
      I was never able to join a book club until I retired. As much as I love to read, I just didn’t have them time. Now, it’s so nice…
      Thanks Carrie!

  • Girl… How do you stay so thin with all those lunch dates??!! You had a jam packed month! I’m exhausted just reading about it! Haha

    • I think you are just as busy as I am—I see your feed on Instagram & FB, Darlene! Ha ha!
      But I do try to only eat half of my portions, and then I’ll have them for the next day too. But most of my weight loss in the last couple of years is because of some hormonal imbalances—nothing of my doing….

  • Judy Gramith

    You and Rob have an incredibly full social schedule!! I can see how an enchilada that’s as big as a Buick is necessary to keep your energy level on point!!!
    I think you’re going to love having this record of fun at the end of the year!

    • It is a little sad that many of our memories involve food?? I have to admit that most of the photos we take our the yummy things we eat, but I try not to show them all!
      Thanks Jude!

  • donnanance

    Never a dull moment for you! You do live life to its fullest…no lying about for Miss Jodie! I’m exhausted reading about all of it. Can you bottle some of your energy and enthusiasm for me? xoxo

    • I know, I know, Donna! But like my one friend says, I can relax when I’m dead—ha ha!!

  • What a fantastic post Jodie. I love this. Such a great variety of ideas and memories.

    • Thanks Rebecca!!
      I think I’ve really been enjoying this feature because then I really try to find a positive aspect of every day!!

  • A very fun and busy month… I often wonder HOW you do everything you do!!! Are you a big scheduler, super-organized day kind of person? Blogging is pretty time consuming on it’s own, but you make time to visit AND comment and link up and…. all the extra stuff above. You’re a marvel, Miss Jodie!!

    • Well, this made me laugh Em. Because you realize that you don’t see an entry in the month for cleaning my house, and my poor husband has probably had pizza for dinner more than he likes….ha ha!!

  • Hi Jodie
    well what a busy month you have had and if I lived nearer Id snap up tucker like a shot!
    best wishes

    Oh PS thank you for joining in with Laurie and my new link-up too!

    • Isn’t Tucker such a good boy?? I sure hope he gets a good home soon!!
      Thanks Ashley!!

  • You had a great and well-documented August!

    • It’s been a fun process, Michele!!
      I never really kept a diary as a kid, so I’m making up for lost time….

  • Karen

    I always enjoy these monthly wrap-ups Jodie! This one is no exception. I love your mom’s cropped pants in the body-painting photo! : )

    • Thanks Karen!!!
      I don’t always remember to take daily photos, but I love reading this back at the end of the month!!

  • Cathy Lawdanski

    I have a whole Alaskan Cruise series, Jodie!

    • I remember that Cathy!! And I’m pretty sure I pinned it! But I’ll definitely be visiting it for more info!!
      I’ve actually started collecting things to wear on the cruise. I got my first pair of hunter boots thrifting this summer, and now I need to keep a look out for some other rain gear just in case!!