August was full of House Projects

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August Jodie's Touch of Style

August was full of House Projects

Last month was all about the ice cream, and this month is all about home renovations. Of course this only happens because our wonderful neighbor is an energizer rabbit and loves working on projects. We joke that our place wouldn’t look as nice without him around.

I’ve joined up with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of August with a sentence and some photos. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

New booties in August

8-1: To start off the month right, I ventured over to Trendz, our local boutique because they were having a $5 sale. And check out these fabulous booties that were there in my size. I had to buy them especially because it’s yarn on the top, which means they were made for me. And they are Tom’s brand, so super comfy!

8-2: Today was stretch class and then massages. I always thought I wouldn’t need massages once I retired, but all of this computer work is hard on my back too.

Painted kitchen cabinets in AugustPainting the kitchen cabinets in August

8-3: And we pretty much finished up with painting the kitchen cabinets today. Even though we had to start over with white when the grey didn’t work, I think it was worth it. I absolutely love how light they make the kitchen, and how the backsplash tile pops so well.

8-4: We attended a fun business picnic with BBQ, an ice cream truck and we even played Jenga! You saw these photos with our matching open shoulder tops.

8-5: We have been spending almost every evening with our friends across the street. Since they are only here in the summer, we have to get as much Jean & JoAnne time as possible.

8-6: The new home project got started with a trip to Home Depot (our second home lately..ha ha)

Our August home improvement putting flooring on the wall

August home renovations putting flooring on a wall

8-7: Here’s the man who made this wonderful project happen.  We put white washed flooring on the entry way wall and above one half of the kitchen cabinets. Now I can’t decide if I want to hang anything on the piece de resistance?

8-8: Today we joined a couple of friends to attend the Shakespeare Festival in Boulder. My husband and I used to attend this every year. I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan, but the troop always makes it so enjoyable.

8-9: We took our neighbor, Jean, above and his wife to the airport, so Rob is off the hook for more home renovations for a week!! He’s very happy about it too!

August with mom and her smartphone

8-10: A huge kudos to my 80 year old mother. After working with TracFone (you can see the Instagram post) we are starting to set her up with her FIRST smart phone. Let’s just say you’re never too old to learn something new, right??

August blog photos with camo

8-11: It was blog photo day, and it’s so nice to have Nancy back with us!! You can tell we don’t have any fun right? This photo won’t be on the blog because you can’t see my outfit!! But I bet you can tell what the theme is??

8-12: One of my guilty pleasures it getting a pedicure about every 6 weeks in the summer months. I feel guilty because I know I could do it myself, yet I just earned some money on alterations, so I figured it was a good reward.

August friends

8-13: Our friend, Lesley who has been joining us on the blog a couple of times, came over for movie night (we watched the original Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn). The funny thing is last month I showed that we both ended up wearing red and white striped shirts when we got together, and this time we both wore blue! Great minds!!!

8-14: We just switched our phones from iPhone to LG, so it was a day to add the apps to our new phone and try to figure things out. Well, this will be an ongoing process, but today was a good start.

Rob's outfit as men's style in August

8-15: Haircut day!! Which means we usually go take photos afterwards and have lunch somewhere fun. And can I point out how dapper my husband looked this day?? See, white jeans aren’t only for women!

August home improvements

8-16: Today our fabulous neighbor is back so the home projects continue. Now we are adding that white washed flooring above the other set of kitchen cabinets since we loved it so much above the other ones.

8-17: We met with our friends who we will be travelling with for our upcoming Alaskan cruise. It’s getting close….

August dinners with Jodie's Touch of Style

8-18: Going out to dinner after our blog photos, is Rob’s payment for a job well done. What you don’t see yet, is the fabulous pasta dish that was eaten.

8-19: Finally a day at home to relax and get caught up. It may seem awfully early to plan what to pack for our upcoming Alaska trip, but I’m also trying to figure out the blog photos we will be taking. So I had to work on my editorial calendar.

August funnies

8-20:  Book Club night always brings such great woman support just like the napkin says…. Our new book for the month is The Devil in the White City.

August with Rise Collaborative

8-21: I met up with a wonderful woman, Stacy, who started Rise Collaborative. She’s starting an office in Denver, along with the one in St. Louis, and I hope to work with her more in the future.

8-22: After our stretch class, I worked on a ton of blogging, yet it didn’t seem like I got a ton done? Is it just me??

8-23: We had a wonderfully busy day today including a webinar about SEO that was offered to us since we had attended the Everything Food Conference. I know I’m not a food blogger, but it was an amazing conference that we hope to attend next year.

August Colorado bloggers

8-24: It was a lovely morning meeting up with another Colorado Instagrammer, Shawn, who is working to start a blog soon.

August patio project with pavers

8-25: Our (hopefully) last home project for the summer is now done. We added pavers to our patio and it turned out amazing. It reminds us of a European patio.

8-26: And since we were updating almost everything else in our house, I wanted to use the services that my decorating friend provides. We worked with her for some clothing inspiration last winter on the blog, and I wanted to get another set of eyes to help us with our living room. They have a virtual design package that isn’t too expensive. And they work within your budget. So we moved furniture around as suggested by Laurel. We will work on getting a new couch once we are back from our Alaskan cruise.

August dental

8-27: Today was dentist day for a small tooth correction. People used to ask me all the time who fixed my teeth, and truthfully, I used to try to do it all myself. Now it’s nice to have a great dentist.

8-28: Strech class but also starting to put together my outfits on what to take on our Alaskan cruise. #JustCallMeaCrazyPlanner

8-29: Went over to mom’s  to use her serger for some alterations. While I was there, I recorded an IG TV a video of my mom’s material stash and my yarn stash that you can see by clicking on the link. Beware….we might be considered hoarders….

8-30: Fabulous massage for both Rob & I. We’ve been using Hand and Stone for the last 6 months, and am really impressed. They don’t have the contracts like Massage Envy had, and you can get bonus points for extras. So if you go, tell them I sent you!

Thanks to Ivana for the sketch in August

8-31: It was the most heart warming thing to see that Ivana had sketched the 3 of us on her blog and even included it on Instagram. On the blog she even drew a sketch of just me. You should check out her wonderful talent.

If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your month of August with a sentence a day, then we’d love to have you join in with this link up! Or why don’t you start for next month? Feel free to email me to let me know you want to join the fun!

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