Different shapes and style for fabulous tops for older women

Authentic Attire: Fabulous Tops For Older Women

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Finding fabulous tops for older women isn’t rocket science! It’s all about trying some different styles and being open to details instead of always resorting to t-shirts.
How are we authentic?? In the fact, that we purchase the majority of our own clothing to showcase on this site instead of buying it to take photos of and then returning it. We are showcasing fabulous tops for older women that we wear over and over in real life.
Real women=real style!

Fabulous tops for older women
Definition of fabulous top
Lesley: Flattering tops to hide a tummy
Charlotte: Sleeves to cover arms
Jodie: Casual party wear
Other Ideas

Quote of the day: “The consciousness that created the problem is not going to solve it.” Albert Einstein

If you struggle to find fabulous tops as older women then this quote could be the answer. It can take another set of eyes or a whole different perspective to find the answer to many struggles. Or as many say you cannot see the forest for the trees.
It only makes sense, because as humans we continue to purchase the things we like. And the things we like tend to be the things we are familiar with and already know. That means we buy the same things over and over.

Repetition is not bad for many things. Yet I always think variety is the spice of life and especially if you are looking for something different in your style. Maybe your body has changed or maybe you want to feel better about yourself.
And finding fabulous tops for older women can involve a couple of details.

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Summer attire with fabulous tops for older women

Definition of Fabulous Tops for Older Women

Of course, everyone’s definition of fabulous tops for older women is going to be different. But I hope you’ll remember that we should be just as kind to ourselves as we are to our friends when trying things on.
And on top of that to be kind to everyone!! Judgment has no place in personal style–it’s called personal style for a reason.

Some details to consider for a top that makes you look and feel fabulous:
1-Color. Choose a color that makes you happy and looks good near your face.
2-Material. Even if you are dressing casually, choosing a t-shirt knit might not be the best choice. Most of us feel better in a top that isn’t quite as clingy or tight.
3-Shape. Notice I didn’t say size. The size label makes absolutely NO difference. But find a top where the shape of it compliments your body. For example, a peplum top could be great camouflage for a tummy. Don’t automatically think it won’t work. Every top is made differently. Try them on and get a friend’s opinion about it.

Insider tip: If you have gained some weight in your midsection, don’t be afraid to shop for maternity items. NO ONE will know it’s maternity. But if that is the shape that fits wonderfully, why wouldn’t you wear it?

4-Details. Finding fabulous tops for women over 50 is easier when you pick one that has something interesting on it. For example, there are knots, wraps, or an asymmetrical detail that can take a ho-hum shirt to something wonderful.
5-Trends. Even though some women think trends are a 4 letter word (and obviously it’s not because there are 6 letters), they can make us too more modern and contemporary. Consider trying out some of the newest trends even if you think they “aren’t you”. Many times the reason something isn’t us is only that we’ve never tried it and aren’t used to seeing it on us.

The three of us concentrated on some special details that work for us with our fabulous tops. Which is your favorite?

Lesley: Flattering Tops To Hide a Tummy

Better than a t-shirt

Shorts: SteinMart~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Life Stride-DSW ~~ Necklaces: From her stash~~ Purse: No label

Lesley has showcased this top many times in the past because it’s a summer favorite. As you can see in the related post below, she tends to style it with white bottoms and blue shoes.

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In her words: “This top has many things going for it to distract the eye from a dowager’s tummy. First, the color is one of my best, and since it is close to my face, it makes my eyes pop and draws attention to them. Secondly, the layered floaty fabric glides over my tummy and doesn’t cling.
The fact that the top is tunic length is nice because it bypasses the midsection.”

Insider tip: Styling a tunic for the summer works fabulously with longer shorts like these. You can see how the proportions are ideal with the top being 2/3 and the shorts only showing 1/3 in the entire look.

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Bermuda Shorts for Older Women

If you love this kind of flattering top to hide a tummy that is tunic length and flowy, then you might consider a pair of bermuda shorts or at least a skirt of this length.
Not that every outfit has to be the perfect proportions, but if you find something just not right about the outfit, proportions could be the element that needs adjusting.

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While our legs have definitely changed over the years, there is no reason to worry about having them be covered.
It’s summer, the sun is out and the temperatures are warm, so enjoy the day. Life is way too short to worry about some scars or imperfections.

Accessories for Flattering Tops

When you are wearing a solid-colored top like this one, it’s only normal to want to accessorize it. On one hand, you might worry that a couple of necklaces are too much. However, if you don’t wear any necklaces, then you have a large expanse of solid color that seems unfinished.

Noticed Lesley layered 2 necklaces together for this look. They are the same lengths yet work together perfectly.
She’s also carrying her color-blocked purse and wearing tie-dye espadrilles.

Blue top and white shorts on women over 70

Charlotte: Sleeves to cover arms

Fabulous tops for older women with color

Capri Pants: Ethyl c/o~~ Top: eShakti ~~ Shoes: from Horizon thrift~~ Earrings: Borrowed from Jodie ~~ Purse: no label, partly DIYed ~~Hat: Borrowed from Lesley

Charlotte has an entirely different concern when it comes to fabulous tops for older women. At this stage of the game, she has a couple of requirements:
1-Sleeves. She rarely wears sleeveless items by themselves. Except recently when I was very proud of her for exposing her arms in this post.
2-Necklines. Low necklines are something she doesn’t love.
3-Fabric. Clingy fabric is not her friend.
4-Back Zippers. These can be a bit of a struggle when living by yourself.

That’s why this eShakti top is perfect for her. She ordered it through my discount (use my link to get $50 off your first order with the company). I need to write up a post about eShakti, but the idea is you can customize the sleeves, neckline, and length of their items. So by using my discount with that extra customization charge, their reasonable prices, and shipping, you could get an item for around $25.
That’s much better than trying to get something altered after you purchase it.

Insider tip: eShakti also has overstock items that are only available in a certain size yet at a much-reduced cost.

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Breaking down the factors of what makes this a fabulous top for older women is that it’s not tight, yet not too big. Plus the small ruffles at all of the hems give it some interest. On top of that, it’s colorful and different. You aren’t going to find this top on every other woman out there!!

Capri Pants for Summer

Every article I read comments on how capri pants make a woman look frumpy or matronly. Sure, they may not be the item of choice when you are 20 years old, but by the time you are past menopause, I think you can rock them in different ways.

One of the details that can be hard with capri pants is the proportion factor. You can see how this length of capri pants is basically a half and half proportion with the length of the top. Does this make the outfit bad?
I say no!! Maybe it’s not the picture-perfect example of proportions, but the interesting details of the top half of the outfit outweigh that.

Insider tip: Remember that your outfit is not just ONE ITEM. If you are worried that a piece is a tad frumpy, make sure you put the focus on something else to basically camouflage it.

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The Extras for a Complete Outfit

Since my mom chose a print top for the look, she forgo the necklace and accessorized it with a pair of dangling earrings and a hat.
Both of these details are borrowed. When I saw that my mom was wearing this top, I knew that I had the most perfect pair of earrings to go with them. And then when we picked up Lesley, she realized that she had forgotten a hat, so Lesley let her wear this one.
Isn’t that what friends are for??

Capris for older women made stylish

Jodie: Casual Party Wear

Better than a t-shirt

Skirt: eShakti ~~ Top: Weston-thrifted from Savers~~ Shoes: Pashion Footwear-won in a giveaway ~~ ~~ Bracelet: it was my Aunt Nancy’s ~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor ~~ Purse: no label~~Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co.

It’s no secret that I try to be as open and nonjudgemental about clothing as can be. So instead of having certain restrictions on this idea of fabulous tops for older women, I decided to concentrate on wearing a top that would be perfect for a casual party.

I chose a colorful print top that I recently found at Savers. The details that I love about it:
1-Colorful. While it’s really a white background, there are so many bright colors in it that it will work with almost anything.
2-Material. It’s a cotton top that has some structure to it. So when the temperatures are high and I’m sweating, you won’t be able to tell.
3-Details. I love the extra including white raffia around the neck and the split hem on the sides.
4-Sleeves. Even though I’m an equal opportunity sleeve lover, I chose this one for today so that my shoulders were covered. Yes, I use sunscreen, but if I know I’ll be in the sun a lot, I prefer to be somewhat covered.

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Midi Tiered Skirt

The tiered skirts are all the rage right now, and I can attest to their fabulouslessness! Seriously. They are super cool in the heat because you get airflow. Plus the length and silhouette make them easy to sit and move around in.

This exact skirt is from eShakti. No my mom and I did not plan to wear our eShakti pieces together. But you know what they say, birds of a feather, haha!
Anyways, this exact skirt is still available for under $40. What I loved is how it’s lightweight and 100% cotton. I know it looks darker on their site, but in the light it’s blue. Don’t forget to use my link if you want $50 off your first purchase through eShakti.

Insider tip: BTW, if your tiered skirt is too long, it’s usually easy to take off one of the tiers and make it shorter.

I did wear this same skirt with 3 other tops to give ideas for styling it.

The Other Details in My Casual Party Wear

I added on a lot of extra with my look. The earrings are from a small company on Etsy called Frannie & Elinor. In fact, I showcased a couple of her designs earlier this year in this article about matching your earrings.
The bracelet was given to me by my cousin when my aunt passed away. I always love wearing sentimental items.

For my purse, I decided to use my mom’s trick of lining a clear purse with a scarf.
And these shoes are ones I won in an Instagram giveaway. They transform from heels to flats with a twist and pull. It’s a super cool concept but I think it still needs some work. You still have to carry around the heels you take off. I want it to be more like a 007 thing where the heel goes into the shoe and presto it’s changed.

Tiered denim skirt and print top

Other Ideas: Fabulous Tops for Older Women

There are so many options for this category, and since we have been blogging for so long, there are many ways to see a variety of tops styled.

Basic white top
Colorful tunic
Dressing up a summer shirt
Pink gingham

Insider tip: I keep a running list of posts already published on my Categories tab. Feel free to check it out often to find any older articles.

And remember, the best way to solve the problem stated by the quote of the day, is to not approach it the way you always do. You can’t expect to do the same thing over and over and get a different result.

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Fabulous tops for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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