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Back to School: How to Style for Teachers, Rebels and Nerds

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Ageless style for 3 different decades of life

Back to School: How to Style for Teachers, Rebels and Nerds with Ageless Style & Link Up

We are using the idea of how to style for back to school as part of our Ageless Style group thanks to Leslie of Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. While we may not go back to school anymore, it’s still a time that brings back memories. Thus, the three of us are sharing some of those memories and looks.

Quote of the day: “Spend more time searching for better information sources.
A body filled with junk food struggles to move well.
A mind filled with junk thoughts struggles to think well.” James Clear

Back in our day, schools were definitely the place we got our information. Times have certainly changed with the internet, which can make our information confusing. So many good sources and just as many bad sources.
It’s no different than finding ideas of how to style back-to-school looks. One person’s idea of a great outfit could be very different from another person’s.
A no-judgment zone is the best zone for everyone!

Charlotte-The Teacher

How to style for teachers

Charlotte wore an outfit that she would have worn for her teacher days. In fact, she reminisces that she spent more years teaching school than all the years going to school.

The pieces she concentrated on when teaching were comfortable shoes. My mom was a home economics teacher and was on her feet much of the day. Some days she did wear mid heels too. For today, we were off to do some shopping, so she opted for flats.

The other item Charlotte always thought about for how to style a back-to-school look was a jacket or cardigan. With the changes of temperatures from inside to outside, it’s always nice to have layers.

What teachers wear for back to school

Lesely-The Rebel

Belts for apple shapes

In Lesley’s words: “I don’t consider myself a style rebel, but even back in high school I tried to keep up with trends.  My senior year culottes were a trend. Since I made many of my clothes back then of course I made a pair.  Basic black that would go with a lot. I created this outfit as one I wore for my debut of this style. 

That day I found out I was a rebel and I paid the price.  I GOT SENT TO THE COUNSELORS OFFICE AND SENT HOME TO CHANGE!!!!  Culottes were considered “pants” in those days and were not allowed in school. My Mom was a good sport about picking me up and returning me.  I don’t remember what I changed into, but I did get much wear from those “pants” till they wore out. 

NOW that style is still around and I’m no longer a rebel, just a lady who likes comfortable easy wearing fashion.”   

As something totally unrelated, I would like to point out that Lesley is wearing a WIDE belt. Yet she would describe her shape as zucchini shaped (her words, not mine). So don’t believe that only hourglass shapes can wear belts.

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How to style culottes for women over 70

Jodie-The Nerd

How to style stripes and florals

I decided to work on how to style a recreation from 4th grade. Yes, I was a nerd. Or you could say ugly duckling. I tend to say nerd because I was so studious. This photo was taken right before I got glasses, and when that happened, we cut off the pigtails. After that, I was referred to as a boy many, many times. Let’s just say, I think I’ve gotten better with age.

The one detail that is hilarious in my back-to-school photos is how when my mother dressed me for photo day, I was ALWAYS in red. Then when I took over, I was always in pink.

So for our ageless style collaboration, I recreated a red and white outfit and then updated it with another print. Just to show that my style has evolved from when my mother dressed me. (And notice, even in 4th grade I wore a necklace).

BTW, the red and white dress in my 4th-grade photo? It was from Switzerland that my dad had brought back from a trip. AND I hated it and never wore it but once or twice. Until it was too small, and then for some reason I fell in love with it. Can you say “stinker?”

Back to School Ageless Style

Here are the other women in my Ageless Style group. I hope you pop over to see how they styled their back to school looks! I always find so much inspiration from each and every one of them.

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Styles for back to school

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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