Colors to wear with light blue sweater on 3 women

Basic Yet Outstanding Colors To Wear With a Light Blue Sweater

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For some reason, I was head over heels when I saw this Daisy sweater on Just Be Youtiful’s FB feed. So much so that I bought one for each of my crew so we could talk about outstanding colors to wear with a light blue sweater.

Quote of the day: “If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are-we can all be freer.” Emma Watson

While we are showing 3 options today, I hope you aren’t limited by these looks.

Light blue is a color just like any other color and can be combined in a variety of ways. Don’t automatically think that you have to match the daisies on it. More on that below.

While some floral items can give off a matronly vibe, I thought the daisies on these sweaters were whimsical and fun. Nothing that would make you think frumpy and old ladyish.

The surprising part when I bought them was how lightweight and perfect they were for spring and summer. One thing I’ve learned is that if you are out by the beach in the mornings, you always need a sweater.

Insider detail: Just Be Youtiful had more of these the last time I checked. Just reach out to Kym on her FB page and ask. Make sure to give my discount Jtouch15 so you save some money.
Sizing wise, these are meant to be boxy and thus are a generous cut. I’m wearing a small, Charlotte is wearing a medium and Lesley is wearing a large.

If you need help pairing colors together, I have come up with a color recipe that you can use with any color or print.

Sky Blue, Light Blue or Baby Blue

There are many descriptions to call this shade of blue, and in reality, it makes no difference what you call it.

The idea of what colors to wear with a light blue sweater comes down to what you have in your closet, and how bold you are with your color pairings.

Our light blue sweaters may be very different than your light blue option, but I bet you can get great inspiration for what colors to wear with any light blue sweater or top.

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For our examples of what colors to wear with a light blue sweater, we gave options for
3-Print mixing
This means you can extrapolate all kinds of different options this way.

Light blue daisy sweater worn three ways

Charlotte-Denim with a Light Blue Sweater

Neutrals are the easiest place to start when thinking about what colors to wear with a light blue sweater (or any color for that matter).

My mom chose a pair of jeans but any neutral would work.

Insider tip: The usual list of neutrals is:

Since the daisy sweater has a boxy silhouette, my mom paired it with a pair of jeggings.

Insider tip: You can never go wrong by pairing a tighter item with a looser one. Then you achieve more balance in your outfit.

Charlotte wore a pair of pink and white gingham shoes with her outfit and accessorized with light blue earrings and a blue and white purse.

Woman over 70 with colors to wear with light blue sweater

Lesley-Colors to Wear with a Light Blue Sweater

Lesley used the color pink in the daisy print to choose which color to wear with her light blue sweater.
On top of that, she wore a pair of shorts.

While many women over the age of 70 steer away from shorts or anything above their knees, I hope we can all stop the negativity associated with aging skin and embrace the changes.

In fact, Lesley commented: “Be brave and style clothes to be happy.”

As for which colors to wear with a light blue sweater besides pink, there are a ton of options. You can always keep the shades light to work with the light blue or you could try a brighter color to give it contrast,
Here are just a couple of ideas:

Two points about Lesley’s look.

1-Even though the sweater is boxy, her shorts aren’t fitted. While this seems to break the suggestion I talked about with my mom’s outfit to pair something loose with something tight, it works well because Lesley is showing skin by having worn shorts.

2-Let me also point out the hem of her sleeves. The original sleeves were too long even with the elastic, so she shortened them.

Insider tip: Alterations are the best way to make something work for you. All clothing cannot possibly fit every unique human body in existence, so alterations are key. If you don’t sew, then you don’t always realize what can and can’t be changed for an item. That’s why I published an article about knowing more about alterations.
And if you don’t sew, find someone who you can count on to alter things for you. It’s an invaluable service and worth the extra cost.

I also love how Lesley added this sling bag to her closet. Sometimes it’s the accessories that can add the modern vibes we need.

Lightweight sweater for spring

Jodie-Print Mixing with the Daisy Sweater

I always like a challenge, so I wanted to pair my daisy print sweater with another print. I found this plaid pencil skirt in my closet from ages ago.

While the skirt has the colors of the sweater in it, it also has other colors.

On top of that, I added a floral purse to bring in more fun.

This light blue pair of Converse sneakers was a recent thrift store find and they had never been worn. I added my Sole Insoles to them (because if you’ve ever worn Converse sneakers, then you know they are flat as a pancake) and my Sheec socks (which are the best no-show socks).

More Details

What I always love is seeing how the three of us take an item and create a look all our own, as well as tailor it to our bodies as well as our personalities.

For example, since the sweater is lightweight, we all wore something different under it.
My mom wore a mock neck top in pink.
Lesley wore a pink tank top.
I wore a grey bralette.

Then the variety of shoes is fun to compare also. We were attending a docent tour at our own Phoenix Art Museum, so we knew that we needed comfy shoes for walking.

Options of colors to wear with light blue sweater

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Outstanding colors to wear with light blue sweater

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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