Options of what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert

Best Ideas: What to Wear to a Taylor Swift Concert

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Some of the best ideas for what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert are the ones where you take an inspiration photo and make it your own. For our Thrifty 6 group of bloggers, the youngest of the group (Grace) came up with the idea to style an outfit from one of the Taylor Swift eras.

Quote of the day: “Start unknown, finish unforgettable.” Misty Copeland

While the 4 of us are not exactly Taylor Swift fans, you have to admit that the woman is a successful example of wholesome talent. Luckily, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the singer, there is no lack of inspiration for what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert.

Going to a concert is a fabulous way to get both music and visuals at the same time. So it’s not unusual to dress in a look that copies the artist. That’s what we tried to do, yet make Taylor’s outfits work for our age, and our closet, as well as concentrate on thrifted items if possible.

If you like seeing outfits inspired by other women, then you would love some of the other outfits we have worn in the past.

Lesley and the First Taylor Swift Album

Taylor’s first album, self titled, was known for innocence and cowboy boots. Lesley thought this would be perfect for what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert as she would be colorful and comfortable.
Even though Lesley is not a country fan, she was able to take Taylor Swift’s look and make it work for her.

Lesley loves color and added turquoise to the yellow dress. Her cowboy boots may be more subtle since they are booties, but the vibe is still fabulous.

Suzann & Fearless for What to Wear to a Taylor Swift Concert

Suzann loved the idea of Taylor’s Fearless album, for not letting the feeling of fear stop you from going after what you want. Taylor’s style for this album included many sparkly, fringe dresses so Suzann felt she could rock the inspiration photo in her own way.

It may not be obvious when you first look at this outfit, but Suzann wore a sequin scarf around the middle of her dress. Because the scarf and dress are so similar in color and texture, it looks like they go together. It’s a great example of fearlessness.

Insider tip: Wearing your scarf this way is easy. If it’s a square scarf, just fold it in half diagonally and tie the ends at your waist. Don’t forget you can use either elastics or magnets to keep it in place.
A rectangular scarf works just as well. Open it fully, and then take one corner and fold it down so the point is below the edge. Then it will have a triangular component.

While the cowboy boots were a nod to Taylor Swift’s country origins, I think your choice of footwear is a great option to casualize any fancy dress.

Jodie-Taylor Swift’s Red Album Inspiration

When I read that Taylor Swift’s style for Red was a nod to her love of vintage, I had to try out this look. In fact, I think this would be a fabulous idea for what to wear to a Taylor Swift concert even though I’m much older than the star.

The best part about this outfit is both the hat and bracelet are sentimental pieces. I felt a tad naked when I first put the outfit together so I added the fishnet stockings. For some reason, even though they are an open weave, I feel more covered with them on.

Insider tip: If you’ve ever worn fishnets, then you know how your toes go through the holes easily. That’s why I wore my Sheec no-show socks first and then put on the hosiery. It’s also a great tip for any pair of hose if your toenails tend to put a hole in them.

Charlotte-Embracing Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album

It’s not always easy to put together an outfit that a younger girl is wearing because some things don’t seem appropriate for an older woman. Yet, when you break down the specifics of this inspiration photo from Taylor’s Reputation album, you come away with lots of sparkle and sass.

Sparkle and sass is precisely how my mom would dress for a Taylor Swift concert. The faux leather pants are such a modern item and give my mom a va-va-va-voom vibe.
Then Charlotte wore a thrifted sparkle grey top with glitter shoes.

I thought my mom could rival any star and make an incredible statement on the red carpet in this.
PS. She did comment that the pants are a tad long with these sneakers. She was originally going to wear silver heels and we decided she should shorten the leather pants a tad so she can wear them with flats.

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What to wear to a Taylor Swift concert for older women

Thrifty 6 with Taylor Swift Era Outfits

With the fashion and textile industry being a major contributor to landfills and other environmental pollution, we decided to make it the mission of this little group to focus on second-hand items. Every month we will choose a theme and share our styles with you to hopefully inspire you to shop more preloved and less fast fashion.

Insider tip: If there aren’t many wonderful secondhand shops near you, then I included a list of online shops that I love at the end of this post.

Check out the other members of the Thrifty 6 group and see if it would be something you could wear to a Taylor Swift concert.

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“My thrifted outfit was inspired by Taylor Swift’s Debut Era which began in 2006 when she was 16 years old. Her style was defined by a casual cowgirl vibe with her outfits consisting of short, flirty, bohemian sundresses paired with western boots. I wanted to showcase my favorite thrifted cowgirl boots, these two-tone Tony Lamas, so I started with my feet. Then I added a preloved dress and secondhand kimono for a mostly thrifted outfit perfect for a Taylor Swift show and perfect on a budget. You need to save money somehow if you want to go see Taylor Swift perform live in person because, you know, her tickets are insanely expensive!” 

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“Gosh what a theme! I think I know all about Taylor Swifts life now! Lol. And still struggled with the theme. Her songs are not ones that talk to me so to speak so the lyrics didn’t inspire me. And all I saw was shorts and mini skirts and dresses all glittery. Short it has to be! So I thought of a mini dress I had and boots and all, till I found out I just brought that dress to the container! And then I remembered I had one photo, somewhere. I searched and searched and of course in about the last map there it was.
The skirt was pre loved, but can’t remember where I bought it, I think it was in the UK. The rest is long gone. The skirt also. But this was what I thought represented Taylor Swift the best as a 57 year young women can do.”

Emma of Style Splash

“I am not a Taylor Swift fan (I don’t mind some of her songs, but I’m more into rock music) so I was flummoxed with this challenge. After searching Pinterest I found some ideas and got a feel for the aesthetics of the different eras. Luckily,  I’d just bought this red military style jacket on Vinted which I thought would be ideal for the Red Era. And then while I was going some bags of clothes I came across these Ted Baker frilled trousers that I’d bought in a charity shop for £6 and never worn. I added a graphic T-shirt (which is very old) and gold bag to pick up on the piping on the jacket.”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

October’s T6 theme is ‘Taylor Swift Eras’ – I must admit, I had to consult with Google.
On stage, she seems to love sparkle which reminds me of a vintage showgirl bustier I have.
This amazing silver and gunmetal number is intricately spangled and bejewelled within an inch of it’s life…
…and adorned with beaded tassels, each finished off with a tiny bell!
It truly is a remarkable piece; I believe it’s handmade and probably dates back to the 1960’s or maybe even in the 50’s.
When I came across it, the condition was terrible; I had to remove the bra fastenings from the back but luckily I was able to save the fun part by attaching it to a plain black bodysuit.
So it lives on as part of my vintage eveningwear collection and is very happy to make an appearance celebrating Taylor Swift’s Eras tour!

Grace of Graceful Rags

“My turn to choose a theme this month and it didn’t take me long to decide on Taylor Swift eras! I know, I know, she’s everywhere… But she’s had tons of fun outfits over the years, and with all her styles I knew there would be something for everyone. I made a Reel back in July where I put together an outfit for every Taylor era, and I realized that most of the featured items are secondhand. I decided on this 1989-inspired outfit today because both the blue velour dress and snakeskin booties are items I thrifted while in Scotland. Swing by my blog post to see the full look!”

Online Thrift Stores

These are the ones I’ve used more than once (except Swap, but it comes highly recommended by a friend)
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women.
Gild the Lily–a local Michigan store that sells online.

What to wear to a Taylor Swift concert

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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