Sheec, the best no show socks

Best No Show Socks: The Pros and Cons

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Sheec, the best no show socks

Best No Show Socks: The Pros and Cons

It’s been over a year since I introduced you to the best no-show socks from Sheec. You can see that original post here where I talked about both Rob’s and my favorite styles. Recently, the company changed some of the sock details and even added some different styles and colors to the collection.
So I wanted to update my thoughts (not all of them are good) along with my favorite styles now.

Quote of the day: “All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou

First I want to say that I have NOT tried all of the no-show socks in the world. I used to buy mine at DSW and Marshalls and they would never stay put unless my shoes/boots were tight enough to keep them in place. In fact, if you read some of my older posts, you’ll hear me give my opinion that no-show socks only work if your shoes fit snugly.
And the only reason I started working with Sheec is that I bought my first two pairs and decided my original hypothesis was wrong. These really stay in place.

Full disclosure is that after I bought my first pairs and fell in love with them, I reached out to the company to ask about their affiliate program. What that means is I do get a small commission if you purchase through my link (thank you for supporting me this way). Trust me when I say, I’m not going to get rich off this venture. My true purpose is to share wonderful products that really work for you.
There is a discount code that is updated on my site at all times, under the logo and title “Jodie’s Touch of Style” called Sheec No-Show Socks. It changes about once a quarter and can only be used once that quarter per person.

BTW, you should know that Rob and I have purchased over half of the Sheec socks we own. We had been sent some to try at the beginning of working with them, and recently to try the new styles. Yet we love them so much, that we have spent our money on at least 2 dozen more.

Insider tip: If you are new to Sheec socks, I would suggest one of the various bundles to start and use my discount code. Wear the different styles and figure out your favorites. Then when the next quarter rolls around and you can use my discount again, in order to stock up on your favorites.

Reasons These are the Best No show Socks

Now my original hypothesis that all no-show socks are the same was because that was true of the ones I was buying. What makes Sheec socks different is exactly what makes them the best no-show socks.
The only reason I include this information is if you are anything like me. My personality is always about figuring out the why, which helps me understand why one product would work better than another.

1Different sizes for feet-This is a huge factor. Normally when you buy socks they are either one size fits all or span 5 different sizes for women. Sheec socks span 2 sizes at the most which is one reason they fit so well.

2Matching socks to shoes-I never thought about this when choosing socks. Even when I started wearing Sheec socks, I thought I would just buy the smallest ones and they would be fine with all of my shoes. While the smaller ones still stay in place, one of Sheec’s premises is that socks are to protect the feet, so it’s better to have as much coverage of socks as possible.
I’m not sure I totally agree with this, but I haven’t done a study to prove them wrong.

3-Sole hugger technology-The sizing is part of this technology, but also the material and strategic silicone placement along with stitching methods.

4-Updates– Sheec does work hard to improve their product, which is exactly why I’m writing this post. They updated their socks (which is why they are the 3.0 versions now which you see on the labels), and both Rob and I could tell a difference.
The main differences in the 3.0 socks? They have used a more flexible nylon blend for the sock. The sole is terrycloth cotton instead of just cotton (this is something you can really notice). And the stitching is inverted so it doesn’t rub on your toes.

Other changes for some of the new styles, there are more color choices and they don’t call the thinner socks liners anymore.

The Pros

While I love the original Sheec 2.0 socks, the upgrades for the 3.0 socks really are nice. Not that I’ll be throwing out my other ones because they still work great.

I know many of you have tried the Sheec 2.0 socks and have told me how much you love them. I appreciate hearing your opinions too, yet I never think to save what you say and share it with everyone else. But recently, I posted about the socks on my Instagram stories, and someone made this comment below (and I was smart enough to screenshot it to share).

testimonial for Sheec

1-They really stay put-Heck, I was just out shopping, taking my shoes on and off and wearing the newer style for mules, and even though I would shove my shoe off each time, the socks didn’t move.

2-My feet don’t sweat-I never minded going sockless before. Sure, my feet would sweat, but I didn’t think anything of it especially in my ballet flats or pumps. But now, I love having a Sheec sock on instead. It’s also nice because when I take my foot out of the shoe, the lining doesn’t pull up.

3-They really don’t show-If you order the correct sock for your footwear, they really stay hidden. Below, I pulled up my foot from my sneaker to showcase the Sheec sock. So many times I’m wearing them but forget to tell you about them because they are hidden so well.

Insider tip: If you AND your hubby both get them, keep them separate when you wash them. I use these kinds of bags and we each have our own. Otherwise, they are hard to tell the different sizes apart.

Sneakers and no show socks

The Cons

In my humble opinion, everything has a pro and a con. I used to say this when I was working all of the time, and I think it’s true for almost everything.

So even though I call these Sheec socks the best no-show socks, I do have things I consider cons.
1- I’ve had issues with the back falling down when I am wearing my most favorite Orlean style of Walking Cradle shoes. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but it’s happened a couple of times. I think it’s because the Orleans footwear has a padded collar on the heel for comfort. Which probably pushed down the Sheec sock from time to time. Once I readjust, the sock will stay put, but I remember the first time it happened, I was shocked.
I have yet to notice it in my other sneakers, so that’s why I think it’s the padded collar of the Orleans style.

2-There are almost too many different styles and it’s hard to tell a difference once you wear them and store them in drawers. I am too lazy to save the cardboard from the sock and keep them categorized that way.

3-The original ultra-low sock was thin enough that my toenail has made a hole in one of them. Really it’s my fault because my toenails weren’t trimmed.
I did have a friend wear a hole in a pair of her sneaker version of Sheec socks on the side of her foot. We reached out to ask them about the situation, and I thought the company handled it well. They sent my friend a couple more socks in a larger size to try.
But the fact is, they will wear out if you wear them, just like anything.

My Faves and Not So Faves of Sheec Socks

If you wear heels or ballet flats, then the ultra-low cut is the best option. I wear these with all of my heels and flats.

The Sockshion is an interesting idea as a ball of the foot cushion for my heels. I wore these a lot last summer with my high heel sandals, and they do help. However, if your sandals are somewhat tight across the top of the foot, they can get uncomfortable. They really do add some cushion, so there needs to be enough space for that sockshion to fit. Because of this, I’ve gotten out of the habit to wear them this year.

For my sneakers, I usually stick with the low-cut version. Some of my sneakers are okay with the mid-cut, but very few work with a high cut.
My ankle boots cover enough of my foot so I can wear the high-cut socks and not have them show.

My most surprising favorite of the new styles is the mule version. I have the dressy half sock but haven’t tried the casual half sock. They stay on amazingly well (I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s true). I have the slingback style too, but I would say that’s my least favorite. The clear elastic strap wasn’t the most comfortable for me.

Best no show socks

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