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Best Option of What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather

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The idea of trying to figure out what to wear in 70 degree weather is the kind of thing you ask especially when you are traveling. I always confessed I was the worst at this way of thinking until I started really evaluating the facts.

Quote of the day: “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.” J.K. Rowling

The question of what to wear in 70 degree weather is one that comes up when we are trying to pack for an upcoming trip. We look at the weather forecast and try to think about how that will feel when we are there.

Charlotte showcased her outfits wearing something for the 60 degree weather and I discussed in that post the important aspects to consider about you and where you are going.
Now I will give you my outfit for a slightly warmer day with a few tweaks that make such a difference.
And Lesley joined in with what to wear in 80-degree weather.

Olive green and yellow for what to wear in 70 degree weather

Jeans: Juicy Couture~~ Cardigan: Cotton Emporium~~ Top: Holding Horses from Anthropologie~~ Shoes: Vivaia c/o~~ Bracelet: thrifted~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code GSHOT35 for 35% off

The Difference Between 60 & 70 Degree Weather

10 degrees doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but that little bit of warm-up can feel so much better for a day you are spending outside.

Let me share the tweaks I made for what to wear in 70 degree weather:
1-Cotton shorter cardigan. I’m still layering because the day starts out cooler. Yet I don’t need heavier items like wool or fleece. And the fact that my cardigan is shorter than Charlotte’s could also be helpful.
This would also be the perfect time to pull out your vests!
2-Lighter top. Even my green embroidered top is thin and thus adds the layer without being bulky or too warm.
3-Shoes that don’t cover the entire foot. While some people can wear sandals or boots in this type of weather, I love to take advantage of my flats or sneakers that don’t cover the entire foot.
4-I will also bring a thin jacket. While many people won’t need an extra layer, I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Especially because you know how many times the forecast is WRONG.

Insider tip: I actually have thrifted denim jackets that I leave in the trunk of both of our cars for “just in case” times that I am chilly and need an extra layer.

Layering Issues

The hard part about layering for what to wear when it’s 70 degree weather is you need to make sure that the outfit looks wonderful with and without the topmost layer.

For example, if you love that column of color kind of outfit, but decided to take off the topper because it’s warmed up, you may need some more color or interest with the look.

Insider tip: This is when adding a scarf to your purse can be functional. Sure it’s on the purse to look nice, but then you can quickly tie it around your neck to give the outfit a focal point if you remove your topper piece.

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Another fabulous idea when you take off your cardigan or coat is to layer it over your shoulders only instead of putting your arms through the sleeves as seen here with my green dress and pink coat.
This works wonderfully to give a little more warmth, but not be too hot.
The disadvantage is that you certainly can’t be moving around a ton and expect the topper to stay in place. I use this trick when sitting or walking, but not when I’m trying to actually “do” things. (that’s very descriptive, don’t you think? LOL. But you all know what I mean, right?)

For this outfit, if I did remove the cardigan, I would “do” something with the blouse instead of leaving it just hanging out as is. Sometimes a blouse hanging out like this can give off a sloppy vibe.
While I love it hanging below the cardigan, if I took off the cardigan, I might use one of the half-tuck tricks to make the outfit seem more intentional.

Half tuck ideas:
Side tuck
Front half-tuck with reasons for trying it
The faux tuck

Accessories For 70 Degrees

I would consider 70 degree weather to be almost idyllic for wearing any kind of accessory. Scarves are usually not too hot (unless you grab your heavyweight winter scarf) and necklaces work also. In fact, this is the time I love to layer my necklaces if I have the chance.

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For this outfit on what to wear in 70 degree weather, I used many of my accessories to add in a totally different pop of color. The orange brooch, purse, and earrings all brighten up the look. If I had only worn yellow or green accessories, then nothing would stand out in particular.
My necklace is the perfect example of the matching color not standing out. The pearl choker really blends into my blouse and I consider it unnecessary when I’m looking at these photos now.

BTW, these Frannie & Elinor earrings are lightweight and easy to wear all day long.
I list many of the small businesses I love in my shopping tab here.

Jeans and cardigan as what to wear in 70 degree weather

Olive Green Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will forever be a classic in my closet because I still love them. Sure, I also love experimenting with other styles for variety, but I see no reason not to wear them all depending on the day and my mood.

You won’t see me wearing skinny jeans during the hundred-degree days here in Arizona, but they work wonderfully for what to wear in 70 degree weather.

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And I do consider olive green a color that really works well all year long. Most of us think about it more during the fall days, but since spring tends to have us pulling out lighter and brighter colors, the olive green acts as a wonderful contrast.

Insider tip: Olive green can be VERY SIMILAR to brown in certain lighting. Therefore, if you are wondering what colors to pair with olive green, just think of how you would style brown.

Vivaia Aria 5 flats

Comfy Flats

You know that one of the biggest concerns for older women is comfy yet stylish shoes. It’s been so wonderful to work with many different brands for this exact idea.
In fact, I keep updating my comfortable shoe post as I find more and more brands that might be wonderful for you.

This new pair is from Vivaia which makes their shoes out of recycled water bottles. In fact, all three of us wore a different pair and style last fall and gave our opinions about the shoes.
The company updated their ballet flat style to make a wider toe box, more arch support, and padded heel area due to prompts from people who had worn the style when it first came out.

My personal experience with these shoes has been fabulous and I wore these the entire day. Yet for those of you who require a lot of arch support, I am not sure they would work for you. It’s definitely not as elevated as the Walking Cradles Metro+ arch support (which is too high for me).
However, I not only love the comfort of Vivaia but also the fact they are trying to be sustainable PLUS these are machine washable.

I also shared a video showing how this olive green goes with so many outfits on Instagram.

The warmer weather is the perfect time to bring out these kinds of ballet flats, espadrilles, mules, and loafers where some of your foot is exposed. It’s also the time that I’m wearing my favorite no-show socks. For these shoes, I’m wearing the Ultra-Low Sheec sock.

Layering as part of what to wear in 70 degree weather

What to wear in 70 degree weather

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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