Women over 50 with best travel outfits for a short trip

Best Travel Outfits: Women and Men from 50-80

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The idea of the best travel outfits is such a huge concern anytime we go on a trip. Yet it differs in so many details including where we are going when we are going and especially what we will be doing on the trip.
So I thought I’d showcase these looks we all wore on a recent trip to Austin. I’m also including links to the other outfits we wore. Heck, even Rob joined in on the fun.

Quote of the day: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Doubt and angst are something so many people experience when packing. We have this idea in our head that we have to wear everything we pack and it all has to be perfect. That’s hogwash!

The Best Travel Outfits
1-Twinset for 80+ women
2-Comfy shoes for 70+ women
3-Variety for 50+ women
4-Borrow from the wife for 60+ male
5-Other Outfit Links & Things to do in Austin, TX

We have traveled extensively, and I’ve talked many times about what to pack and how to find those best travel outfits.
Only recently I’ve decided NOT to stress about the idea of “overpacking” and being perfect in this regard.

As long as everything fits in my suitcase and I’m well prepared for the variation of temperatures, then I consider it a success.
BTW, these outfits are really what we wore on our Texas trip in December when the weather was temperate.

Insider thought: Does it REALLY matter if you wore everything you packed? Who is grading you? This is something I believe has been touted by articles galore, yet it’s not worth the angst we attribute to it.
Pack what you need, and enjoy your vacation. This has become a very freeing concept for me.

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Twinset for 80+ Women

Charlotte packed 2 pairs of dark pants for our short trip. You can see the black pair with her short winter jacket post. Knit pants are my mom’s go-to when traveling.
And you saw these boots in that post also. Having comfy yet stylish footwear for exploring is the name of the game.

This yellow sweater is part of a twinset that my mom found while thrifting. The cardigan was worn with her winter jacket and she wore the crew neck sweater this day. Both times she layered over the white mock turtleneck.

Having a twinset like this can be advantageous so that you can wear it together or split it up a couple of times. Since they are both the same color scheme, it makes it easy to match with the other things in your suitcase.

Insider thought: You’ll notice that this outfit and the one with her winter jacket look do not look very different. Especially since she did carry the jacket with her this day. But for many women, it’s not important to look different every day especially since you may not be seeing the same people when traveling.
The most important part of the best travel outfits is that you are comfortable with the temperatures, have shoes that feel comfy, PLUS feel good with what you are wearing.

If you notice the evening outfit from this same day is full of all different clothing options.

Pants: Apt. 9-Kohls~~ Sweater: Belford-thrifted~~ Turtleneck Top: Pierre Cardin~~ Boots: Softstyle~~ Purse: The Sak

Comfy Shoes for 70+ Women

Our footwear can be one of the most important factors for the best travel outfits. Especially if there is exploring to do on your trip.
In fact, many times I will start my packing with the shoes I will be taking on the trip. It’s a smart way to make sure the shoes you bring are comfortable ones and they will go with the outfits you will be wearing for the exploration days.

This pair of “sneakers” is Nancy’s original pair of Walking Cradles called the Osmonds (see post here where she styled them the first time she wore them). Since they are grey, they are neutral that should combine with everything else.
Because they are a higher vamp, you could even consider these ankle boots.

The lighter color of footwear makes them easy to pair with these ecru pair of joggers. The nice thing about joggers is most of them have a cuff, so you don’t have to worry about tucking them into shoes or boots.

She wore these joggers and shoes for the other exploration day on our trip seen here. Yet when we went out for a fancy dinner this same evening, Nancy had other clothes to change into seen here.

Insider tip: If you want to wear your “dress” a couple of times when traveling, think about layering a tee or cami under it so it doesn’t get sweaty.

I love how Nancy incorporated a colorful tunic and “jacket” for this look. Granted, I twisted her arm, but I’m glad she listened to me.

Pants: Love Tree~~ Cardigan: Habitat~~ Top: Jostar~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Osmond” c/o~~ Necklace: Bought in Greece~~ Earrings: Bought in Greec~~ Purse: Rosetti

Variety for 50+ Women

As someone who loves clothes and styling outfits, I don’t do well with limited choices. That’s why a capsule wardrobe is not something I strive for in my everyday life. In all reality, your travel wardrobe is exactly a capsule wardrobe, so I can say I do it. But only to come up with the best travel outfits.

While I may not LOVE being limited in my clothing choices, I am a professional at getting versatile with the same clothing item. Therefore, you can see how I wore this lace top for both the day and my evening outfit.
Yet that’s the only thing that is the same from my travel looks besides my boots which I wore on the plane. (As witnessed in my blurb on the perfect airplane outfit in the Austin, Texas post).
Here is the other travel outfit with all different clothing items including boots.

Insider tip: You can pack boots relatively easily in your suitcase. Make sure to pack smaller things inside the shaft so use up that valuable space.
For example, your curling iron or straightener fits easily there or even your undies or socks.

This sweater is one that I handknitted. In fact, Nancy has one very similar because the first one I knit was a tad big (so it got gifted to her). I paired the sweater with a pair of gold pants (worn 5 different ways here).

Pants: Altar’d State~~ Cardigan: Handknit by me~~ Top: Kleids~~ Boots: Style & Co~~ Purse: Patricia Nash-won in a giveaway

Jeans: Cultura~~ Shirt: Alfani~~ Shoes: Florsheim~~ Scarf: Shopping with Gigi~~Hat: no label~~ Tote: no label

Men’s Best Travel Outfits

I thought I might as well include Rob’s choice of best travel outfits for the day since he has become such a dapper man!!

He wore jeans and a shirt, but one of his tricks is to wear a different t-shirt under his shirt so he can re-wear the shirt a couple of times. You can see how he has done this in the past when I used to include him on the blog more.

The weather was a temperate 60+ degrees so instead of wearing a coat or jacket, he grabbed a scarf. But this isn’t any ordinary scarf. It’s one of the scarves that I had as an extra in my tote bag when we traveled.

Insider information: This scarf has buttons, and can be fashioned in many different ways. I showcased it in a short video here. Remember, a scarf is not feminine or masculine and is JUST a piece of material. I call it magical due to the fact it can be styled in so many ways.
In fact, here are 25+ ways to style one.

The other great addition to add to the best travel outfits is a good tote. This one has a pocket on the outside designed to carry a bottle of water.

Other Outfit Links & Things to do in Austin, TX

You can see these outfits in action in some of the photos from the article about what to do in Austin if you aren’t a music lover. I also showcased my travel outfit in that post which included these boots I wore for our day of exploring.

Insider tip: Wear the same thing to the airport both ways for ease of packing and fewer decisions. Just switch out a t-shirt, socks, and undies, and you’re good to go.

The other outfits we wore on the trip:
1-Using red for accessories-Jodie
2-Red with leopard-Charlotte
3-Burgundy instead of red-Nancy
4-Colorful long coat-Jodie
5-Shorter jacket-Charlotte
6-Statement jacket-Nancy

Insider Thoughts: You can see how a lightweight cardigan or topper is ideal as part of the best travel outfits. It adds warmth when you need it or you can take it off if it gets warm.

Best travel outfits for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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