Winter coats for short ladies

Best Winter Coat for Short Ladies: Styled and Explained

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Nancy is wearing one of the best winter coats for short ladies, and I will talk you through all of the points about not only the coat but the entire outfit.
Because if you are anything like most of us, we don’t just wear a winter coat when we go out and about. There is an outfit on underneath the outerwear! And depending on where you go, you might be taking off the coat and you’ll need to look just as fabulous without it!

Quote of the day: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” Walter Lippmann

If you only have a basic black winter coat in your closet, then now is the time to think about adding a statement piece of outerwear. One of the reasons that this could be considered the best winter coat for short ladies is because it becomes such a fabulous conversation starter.
In fact, when we were out this day, Nancy received a couple of wonderful compliments on her coat.

While print coats seem to go in and out of style depending on the year, I think they can give the punch of interest to any winter outfit. If you worry that they won’t go with enough of your closet to seem versatile, then how about a solid coat that is brighter than what you would normally wear instead?

People are always going to see you, it’s up to you to provide the meaning of what they see.

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Adding a statement coat to your winter wardrobe
Nancy is 5’0″ tall. Most articles will define petite as under 5’4″.

Coat: Dislay- from a local boutique ~~ Joggers: Love Tree- local boutique~~ Sweater: LOFT~~ Top under the sweater: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Osmond” c/o~~ Scarf: I knit it ~~ Earrings: from a boutique sale ~~ Purse: Rosetti

Best Winter Coat for Short Ladies

While I would be the last one to harp on a certain length for women of any height, this thigh-length coat can be wonderful for a couple of reasons.
1-It covers your tush and thus is warmer than a short jacket.
2-It’s not quite as overwhelming as the full-length coats, so you can rationalize that you still have legs.
3-Can you say vertical panels? While I don’t believe we need to look slimmer, vertical panels are always a great option for shorter ladies.

Now I’m NOT saying that short ladies shouldn’t wear a full-length coat in the winter. Heck, you will see me wearing one this week. Of course, it all depends on your definition of full-length. I always define them as the ones that extend past the knees.

If you want to see an even longer statement coat, check out the one Charlotte bought in Ohio, and gets all kinds of compliments on it.

BUT what really makes this one of the best winter coats for short ladies is the fact that it’s so interesting. Too many times we bully ourselves into buying that black coat because it won’t get dirty and it will go with everything.
Sure, you can have a black coat in your closet, but don’t forget to also include a coat that has some personality and makes you smile.

The History of this Coat

Nancy bought this coat years ago from our local boutique in Denver. Right after I bought a print one very much the same silhouette. (You can have a gander of mine in this recent short video on Instagram).

The best part about this coat is that there are so many different fabric panels on the coat. What this does is grab your eye and make it move all around because you become intrigued. In all reality, your outerwear then becomes a piece of art that you are wearing to provide others with a visual experience.

Nancy tends to wear this coat only around Christmas because there is green and red in the print. I’ve tried to twist her arm to wear it other times too because it’s a shame to save it for only one season.

The only disadvantage to this exact jacket is that it’s not a heavy coat. While that worked to our advantage when we took these photos in Austin, Texas, it’s not always as convenient when living in the colder areas.

Insider tip: If you find a fabulous statement coat that isn’t as heavy as you need, my suggestion is to buy a bigger size. Then you can either layer under it with your outfit OR wear another coat under it.
Does that sound silly?

Layering coats may seem silly, but we’ve done it. When it’s really cold out, I consider it smart!
We tried the idea with shorter coats and then with our long winter coats (in fact, Nancy is wearing this same coat in that post).

The Winter Accessories

You might worry about what kind of scarf or winter accessories would work with such a statement coat. While a black scarf would work, I love that Nancy found this furry tan one that blends in wonderfully. (We are pretty sure I knit it for her years ago. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what I knit when I give it away and don’t see it anymore, haha).

The advantage of wearing a scarf with your coat is it not only provides warmth but also covers up the outfit top in case you are concerned that it would be too much going on. For example, with the outfit, Nancy had on under this fabulous winter coat, you might consider the leopard sweater as a distraction in the overall look.
Yet once you throw on the scarf, voila, you don’t notice the leopard sweater and all eyes are on the best winter coat once again.

Osmond sneakers from Walking Cradles

Joggers & Sneakers

When you are wearing a thigh-length winter coat like this, obviously, you will see your bottom half and shoes. Do they need to match?
I would say matching is not a prerequisite, but you want a cohesive look.

Considering most women I know rely on solid-colored pants and jeans, then a print coat will not be a problem. Nancy is wearing an ecru-colored pair of joggers. Yet any neutral pants would be perfect with this coat.
You can see how Nancy styled these same joggers and sneakers for another day on our trip.

And for which shoes work with joggers? I would say try them all.
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Plus you can see how I styled the same pair of joggers for 5 different events.

This pair of high top sneakers are from Walking Cradles. They are called the “Osmonds” and were a perfect choice for Nancy’s day because they are comfortable for our day of walking and exploring. I consider these basically like ankle boots.
These are the grey version which is limited in stock; however, there are 6 other colors available. These have been around for much of Walking Cradles history because they are so popular.

Double prints with the best winter coat for short ladies

Styling Under the Best Winter Coat

Now if your day is only about being outside which is why you’re wearing your winter coat, then seriously you could be wearing your jammies and no one would know.

But for most of us, that won’t be happening, haha! And most of us don’t start with styling the coat first. In fact, you might have put on the joggers and sneakers because you were running errands and wanted something comfy and easy to wear.

So what to put on for the top half? Since the bottom half is solid colored, may I recommend a print sweater? Nancy has had this leopard print sweater for years now.

In fact, make sure to see how she’s styled it in the past here with a lace extender and then here over a black dress and here over a tighter dress.

It’s one of those sweaters that will work for so many occasions. The details of the hi-low hem make it nice in case you want to wear it with leggings, but it’s not too long in the front to cut the proportion in half.

While the neckline is a crew neck, Nancy added a collared, white blouse under it to create more dimension. She tucked the collar under the sweater because they were so big, yet I love how it turned out!

Best winter coat for short ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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