Better health for what to do when bored at night

Better Health-What To Do When Bored At Night

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For our Where Blogger’s Live group, Bettye gave us the prompt of “What I do when I’m bored.” Of course, leave it to me to change things up and concentrate on what to do when bored at night in the interest of better health.

Confession: My initial response to this prompt was to laugh hysterically. I think the last time that BORED was part of my vocabulary was when I was 10. Anyone else remembers complaining, “Mom, I’m bored.”

Quote of the day: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Complaining that I was bored was understandable since I was an only child living on a dead-end street with very few kids around.

Thus, I’ve learned how to keep myself busy. Sometimes too much.

So I thought I’d concentrate on 3 things for what to do when bored at night–the Jodie version which means healthy and good for you.

In a nutshell, better health for what to do when bored at night=restful and relaxing.


Reading or even listening to a book is such a great way to either learn more or be entertained.

It’s only been since I’ve retired that I’ve had enough time to read for fun. No more dental journals and boring clinical studies to read through.

Hanging nightstand

At first, I only read fiction because I wanted entertainment. But the more I’ve been on this health journey, the more interested I am in learning about natural ways to keep our health ideal. You could say that I’ve gotten jaded about Western Medicine for much of our health-related topics.

The latest books we have read and/or listened to are:

Insider tip: I shared my recent favorite books on aging recently.

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2-Exercise or Stretch

Of course, I had to include this. You may think that being a couch potato is what you need at the end of the day, but your body will be much happier with movement.

Insider tip: That’s not to say you can’t do your stretching or exercises while watching TV. It’s a perfect way to multi-task.
I share a lot of easy stretches and Instagrams of older women who physically, are inspiring in my emails. Make sure to sign up.

For Rob and I, we retire to the bedroom around 8:30 pm where we get ready for bed which includes our neck stretching, and now my physical therapy exercises for my neck. This usually lasts a good 30-40 minutes.

3-Your Hobby

Most of us have some hobby or things we like to do. These activities are usually perfect for what to do when bored at night. They make you happy, you’re good at them and thus are relaxing.

For me, it’s knitting. “If I’m sitting, I’m knitting” is one of the pillows I have. And it’s true. When we sit on the couch to watch a movie, I have my knitting in both coffee table drawers ready to continue the project.

True confession, it usually takes us 2-3 nights to see an entire movie because we go to bed so early.

And I usually have more than one knitting project going at a time. For instance, at this moment, I am trying to finish the sleeves of the Fair Isle cardigan pictured below.
As you can see by the photo below, it’s tedious. So most nights I’m lucky to get one row done before I work on my easier project.

Knitting fair isle

Insider tip: If you’re a knitter, I recommend knitting both sleeves at once. It’s so much easier that way.

The Opposite of What to Do When Bored at Night

  • In this modern day and age, I know it’s easy to get caught up in social media scrolling. Not that I don’t do that too, but I try to limit it, especially at night.
    Why is it good to limit your scrolling at night? Research suggests that the blue light can disrupt our sleep.
  • Watch the news. IMO the news is too negative and slanted to give you peace of mind before going off to la la land.
  • Start a new house project. Just ask my husband about this since we recently moved 3 months ago. The problem is you get excited about the project at hand, and then can’t sleep because your mind is figuring out all the ways to change it.

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Better health when bored at night

What to do when bored at night

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