Bishop Sleeve Blouse: 5 Creative Ways to Wear It

Bishop Sleeve Blouse: 5 Creative Ways to Wear It

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Use a pin to secure the front ties of a blouse

Bishop Sleeve Blouse: 5 Creative Ways to Wear It

Even if you don’t appreciate the bishop sleeve blouse, you can use these creative ways to wear any button down top. This exact top was purchased with my Target gals on Instagram and the last time I looked it was on sale.

Quote of the day: “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” Rose Kennedy

My take on this quote?? I’m going to interpret it with style that one item of clothing isn’t just a milestone in your closet. It’s not just ONE piece, but it can be worn in so many different ways with so many different other pieces. In fact, when I was posting this on Instagram, I called myself the Dr. Seuss of clothing.
This is what I came up with:
“Style me over,
Style me under,
Add some bling,
It’s not a blunder!!”

And that’s what I try to do so many times with my clothing. Layer it, or somehow style it so that it’s a bunch of fun moments in our daily style. In fact, this idea is part of the trend about “shopping our closets” and having fun instead of thinking there is a right and wrong with what we wear.

This bishop sleeve blouse is very lightweight and the advantage of that is I will be able to wear it easily here in Arizona. Plus it does make it easier to layer either under or over!! Did you know the term bishop sleeve?? I have been seeing more of the statement sleeves again this spring, and these sleeves are more poofy!!
However, these ideas work for any kind of blouse in your closet. Be Nike and just try it!!

By Itself

I didn’t photograph the bishop sleeve blouse by itself, but that would be the norm. Not a “creative” way to style it, but a way we are comfortable pairing it with either pants or a skirt.
FYI, this color of the shirt is somewhat thin and you might be more comfortable with a half tee under it.

Insider tip: Halftees are a short t-shirt to help stay modest but not create bulk or too much warmth. I am an affiliate which means I can offer you 20% off with code Jtouch20.


In my rhyming poem to style this bishop sleeve blouse under something else, I also didn’t want to cover up the sleeves too much. Although I will point out that because the material on this top is so lightweight, it isn’t hard to put a jacket over it.
The disadvantage is the sleeves do get wrinkled a tad which you can see in some of these photos.

Blouse under a blazer on the shoulders

Wearing a Blazer Over your Shoulders

When I first saw women wearing jackets and blazers this way, I thought it was SO silly. But now I get it. Granted, you can’t wear them over your shoulders and expect to actually do housework or be moving your arms all around. Sure,in these cases then it comes off.
However, I love using this trick especially when sitting at a restaurant and need an extra layer for a short time.

For this outfit, I matched the green striped bishop sleeve blouse to a green corduroy blazer. I kept the look lighter with white jeans and then added in floral kitten heels and a Gibby’s scarf that matches the shoes almost perfectly. (My Gibby’s discount code is good until March 31, 2021. Use JodieTOS25W for 25% off which makes them under $10.)

Layer a bishop sleeve blouse under a sleeveless dress

Layer the Blouse Under a Dress

I know I’m not the only one who wonders why so many dresses are sleeveless. And the funny thing is I thought I’d be able to wear them in winter once we moved here. Haha…the joke was on me after learning about the fallacy of the Arizona winter.
In fact, after I purchased this dress when some bloggers gathered in Seattle (and the blog post is here), I added some long sleeve lace tops and sheer tops to layer under it. Yet, I think this bishop sleeve blouse works fabulous too.


I consider a blouse like this as part of the foundation of an outfit, so it took me awhile to realize I could layer it over other pieces. I’m only showing it with two different “over” layers here, but it could easily layer over a turtleneck too!

Dress with a blouse over top

A Blouse Over a Dress

I bought this Old Navy long sleeved dress to have it be another “perfect” travel dress. I wrote about the anatomy of the perfect airplane outfit, although in that example it was a sleeveless dress. I wanted to see if a long sleeve one would work as well.
And layering a top over a dress is one of my favorite things to do to transform a dress into a skirt. When I let the blouse hang down over the dress, I didn’t like the proportions as much. Therefore, I tied the front panels and fastened it with a pin even through the dress.

Insider tip: A dress is much more versatile than you think!! Did you see how we transformed it into a skirt (like I did in this example) or into a shirt?

Wearing a bishop sleeve blouse over another blouse

Wear It Over Another Blouse

How about layering the bishop sleeve blouse over another blouse? We’ve styled this idea before on the blog with two collared shirts. I thought it worked just as well with this shirt and I even let the under blouse hang out underneath. It’s not the best proportions, but I wanted the extra color.

Now why would you want to do this? Maybe you have a button down blouse that tends to gap open?? Well this would be a perfect way to “fix” it by layering over it.

Bishop sleeve blouse as a jacket

As a Jacket

The last way I thought to get creative with this blouse is to wear it as a jacket. Almost any button up piece can be worn this way. In fact, we’ve tried this with the classic white blouse before.
For this outfit, I wanted to practice my print mixing skills, so I layered the stripes over a floral top. Heck, then I even added in the leopard belt to pull the darker brown from my booties into the outfit.

So tell me how you like the Dr. Seuss approach? I feel like it helps me to remember all of the possibilities with my pieces by reminding me to layer over and under it.

5 ways to wear the bishop sleeve blouse

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