Black Clothes made Summery with a Kimono

Summer Black Clothing with Kimonos

Black Clothes made Summery with a Kimono

Quote of the day: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but don’t quit.” Conrad Hilton

On the quest to make our black clothes more summery, I decided to use a kimono for a topper! Ever since I discovered these kimonos, I’ve fallen in love with how perfect they are as a lightweight covering!

This particular subject was the suggestion from our reader, Gail, since she still loves to wear black, no matter the season. I first approached the challenge by adding in different colored accessories since I think accessories are pretty much the answer to everything, ha ha!

And I hope you’ll welcome our 80+ blogette model, Clara, again! I included her at the end of the post since her age is the best!!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I will admit that I don’t have a lot of black clothes in my closet anymore.

I’ve been on a mission to steer away from the colors that aren’t my best, so I haven’t been replacing my black items. That may be evident in these pants, since they don’t fit as well as they used to!

I guess I’ll put a new pair of black pants on my list to look for, since they are one of those must haves in your closet. Besides I’m planning on a series focused around them in the future and it’d be nice if they fit better!

All black clothes with a kimono for women over 50

My kimono was purchased two years ago from SheIn!

I had searched many sites to find one that was colorful and not too expensive! Then the 3 of us wore this same one in a series of posts!! Nancy loved this kimono so much that she even purchased one just like it.

black clothes camouflaged

I really can’t say enough good things about the kimonos, now that I’ve discovered these pieces!!

Even though I’ve linked to many other great ones below, I just had to show you a couple more. If you love showing your patriotic side, then this one is perfect for you! Then again, if you like the more subtle pieces, then you might appreciate this one!

Add color to black clothes with kimono

Of course having a black layering shirt can be very smart.

This is the one I received from Covered Perfectly, when I honestly explained what I liked and didn’t like about the company’s items!

And then I decided to accessorize with all of the colors from the kimono. That’s the advantage of having a colorful one, I think!!

All black clothes for summer for 50+ women

Pants: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Kimono: SheIn (similar here)~~Top: Covered Perfectly c/o (here)~~Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here as a donut!)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: Bauble Bar (here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s kimono seemed to be too long with these capris, until she had the idea to tie the ends in front.

I thought this was brilliant since many times these slippery pieces don’t stay in place very well!! And tying it solved this issue as well!!

the kimono adds summer to black clothes

You can see this same kimono worn over Nancy’s jumpsuit last summer!

I didn’t worry about the length of the kimono at that time since her jumpsuit was full length! However, with the capri pants, it seemed overpowering. I have seen many short kimonos which would also be a great option. This floral one, this one, or another print one would be just the right length with your shorter pants!

And the best thing about this kimono? It was $10 from Charming Charlies with one of their flash sales!! I actually bought my maxi dress along with a couple of items for Nancy!! If the sale comes around again, I think I’ll buy a couple of more things!!

Women over 60 Wearing black clothes for summer with a kimono

Nancy accessorized with both green & yellow-green.

The color in the kimono is more of a yellow, and I know we all tend to want to match exactly. But sometimes, certain colors look different in certain lights anyways. And Nancy’s green earrings have more of a yellow tint to them anyways! I think this is a great way to try to look at our items. Because we can’t always have the exact color of items that match another piece!!

Women over 60 with kimonos and summer black clothes

These shoes have been one of Nancy’s favorites since we purchased them last summer!

They are really more of a yellow-green, but I think they look great paired with yellow pieces also! I’m a huge fan of yellow shoes especially for the summer. They seem to add brightness to any other color they are paired with.

If you are looking for some great yellow sneakers then make sure to check out this pair and this pair. However, if you are more of a sandal girl, then this pair or this pair might be more your style!

Summer black clothes for women over 60

Pants: Petite Sophisticate (similar here)~~Kimono: Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: Chicos (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: I’m sure you don’t think about buying your clothing at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

But leave it to my mother to find fantastic clothing items anywhere!! That’s where her kimono was purchased just last year! Heck, then you can use your B, B & B coupon on it, right? And it was a lot less expensive then the one I linked to below that is as similar as I could find.

How do you feel about black sandals?

If you are someone who does wear a lot of black in the summer, I bet you would get a lot of wear out of them. I know I have a pair, but hardly ever wear them.

Of course, maybe if I upgraded my black sandals to this pair or this pair, perhaps I would wear them more?

We talked about graphic t-shirts a couple of weeks ago when I had a reader ask for suggestions on how to style her school shirt.

Whether you prefer pictures, embellishments or words on your t-shirts, they can really say a lot about your hobbies, personality or even history!!

This is one that I really should buy for my husband!! Also, I did have a couple of women comment that they don’t like words on the front of their body because they feel like people are staring at their chest. I totally get that! So instead, there are also fun designs out there!

 Of course if you don’t have a kimono and don’t want one, there are other wonderful pieces to brighten up your black clothes.

There are always the short sleeve cardigans for a little coverage. There are the longer ones that are plain or fancy! But there are also shorter bolero types available, which also work so nicely with dresses!

When I was working, I always had trouble finding short sleeved jackets. Of course now that I’m retired, it’s a little easier since they can be more casual. Like this one is almost safarish,or you could like the fancy version or more modern one!

Pants: Way (similar here)~~Kimono: Bed, Bath & Beyond (similar here)~~Top: Marsh Landing (similar here)~~Shoes:Karen Scott (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Claras (80+) Outfit: Clara used the bright colors in her kimono to brighten up her black pants!

I also love that Clara added in an orange purse and turquoise watch to the mix!! When Clara’s daughter sent me these photos, she also included the fact that Clara remembered where most of the items were purchased. I know the 3 of us are the same way! How about any of you??

Ecclissi watch: TJ Maxx 5years~~Bracelet & necklace: Fabiana Totoli~~Earrings: Express – gift from grandchildren this year~~Tshirt: Jones NY last year~~Kimono: Chicos 3 years

Any bright or colorful topper could make your black clothes seems more summery! Whether that topper is a kimono, cardigan or jacket, it’s a perfect way to add a pop of color to any outfit!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

And last reminder before the event tomorrow!! We would love to see any of you there!!

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Kimonos are one of those items, that I think you could shop in the junior’s department and no one would ever be the wiser!! Wouldn’t these look nice with your black clothes?

  • I wear black all year long and as you’ve shown, it’s a versatile neutral that can be “lighten” by the addition of bright colors. I even have several black sandals as I consider them a wardrobe staple as well. The kimono idea is fabulous as it adds a fun and flirty feel to the outfits. Thank you for sharing your inspiration on my Fine-Whatever link up.


    • I need to hang around you more, Rena and figure out how my black sandals will work for the summer!! Every time I put them on, I end up switching them out to something else!!

  • Mother Daughter

    I had never thought of a kimono, I always wear cardi’s, and they are too warm. I like this idea.

    • I do think kimonos are the perfect topper for the hotter months—although sometimes I need the warmth of a cardigan in the stores…LOL!!

  • This is the sort of thing I wear in spring and autumn, great for these “between” seasons.

    • You are exactly right, Janet!! They are just perfect!!

  • All your kimonos are so pretty! I have one from Shein that’s a couple years old too…I really love wearing it all year long! Great way to brighten up an outfit. 🙂

    • They are a wonderful topper, aren’t they, Lindsey??

  • Love all of your gorgeous kimonos! I love wearing them in the summer and they definitely change up an all black outfit!

    Doused In Pink

    • Thanks Jill!! They really are so perfect, aren’t they??

  • All your kimonos are so pretty! I love kimonos! Thank you for joining the Ladies Who Link Up today! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  • Nicole Mölders

    Nacy’s earrings are calling my name! Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Love these kimonos, Jodie! This was another great way to brighten up an all black outfit! I love how you picked colors in the kimono for your accessories. How clever of Nancy to tie the ends of the kimono together. I love your Mom’s graphic tee. Clara also looks great. I love how she brought out the orange in the kimono with her clutch. You all did such a great job! – Amy

    • Thanks so much Amy!!
      I have been so surprised at how much I love these kimonos…and I think my mom is no different. She has more than one in her closet, now!! LOL

  • I bought a gorgeous Calvin Kline pool side kimino from Macy’s last year in Vegas. Haven’t worn it in Australia yet though. You have reminded me I should pack it to wear with other clothing when I head to the Aussie resort town of Noosa shortly for me mid-winter escape. #teamlovinlife

    • You should absolutely wear it Leanne!! Even if it’s just to the store!! My theory, is to try to wear the piece a couple of times when I first get it…otherwise I don’t think about it!!

  • I love wearing black. It never really makes me hot. Clothes in general, no matter the color, make me hot, LOL! Love the kimono additions with each look!


    • That made me laugh Whitney!! But it’s true!!

  • I wear black at any time of the year, but I do love your kimono idea to mix things up a bit. They are all pretty, but I especially like yours and the gorgeous Clara’s too 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • I actually feel cooler when I wear black clothing in the summer. As usual, everyone looks mah-vah-lous! #Topoftheworldlinkup

    • Thanks Antoinette!! Then you’d agree with the study that I talked about in Monday’s post? The article said that you should wear black in the summer–it was interesting…

  • Kimonos are the perfect little layer for summer. I love how they stand out on a black outfit

    • I was surprised at how good they looked with the black, Michelle!! I normally stick to white and colors, so it’s good to get out of my box!!

  • Victoria

    All these wonderful kimono pictures are making me want to go on holiday! Such a brilliant summer piece #brillblogposts

    • Thanks Victoria!!
      Maybe that’s how I can kid myself that home is almost as good as vacation?? Ha ha!

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I love the trim on your kimono. Must keep my eye out for a good kimono deal 🙂

    • Thanks Alicia!!
      I’ve found some great deals lately on them!!

  • Kathy Marris

    I think I want one of these Kiminos NOW! They all look fabulous. I have seen the Shein ones advertised on my Facebook page and have almost been tempted to buy one. Now I see how fabulous they look on mature women I will be putting this on my “must buy” list. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • I do think you’d be surprised at how much you wear it, Kathy!! And the best part is this one doesn’t wrinkle (always a plus in my book!!!)

  • Jo Tracey

    I’m a huge kimono fan – the more fringes, the better. I especially love the one that you’re wearing. #TeamLovinLife

    • Fringe is the funnest detail, isn’t it Jo??

  • writeofthemiddle

    Oh my goodness I am a huge Kimino fan!! LOVE all the ones you have featured in this post Jodie! I am also a tad fond of black. It works good for a shortie like me and is slimming!! #TeamLovinLife

    • Kimonos are such a wonderful topper for all of us, right,??
      Thanks for the love!

  • I love all of these and also the pop of colour in each. I used to almost only wore black but changed that a few years ago. It’s handy to have a bit of black in your wardrobe though as I tend to always have a pair of black shoes I can match with them if I need to. #teamlovinlife

    • I’ve gotten away from a lot of black too—but it certainly works at times!!!
      Thanks Deb!!

  • Girl, that blogette of yours stole the show…what with orange being my fave color and all. But I’m also loving your kimono, Nancy’s earrings and your mom’s black sandals. 🙂

    • Didn’t she totally??? I love the idea that I can still look fantabulous when I’m over 80!! Because you know how time flies!!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Love the kimonos, they look perfect with the black, very dramatic! I read somewhere to always match your shoes/sandles with your pants/skirt/shorts especially if wearing black on the bottom. I don’t have much black blouses or sweaters, but a few black pants, jeans and skirts. Black washes me out. I peeked at your other kimonos posts–the unstructured look looks casual and breezy 🙂

    • I think that black washes me out too, Terri, which is why I’ve been staying away from it!!
      And I’d love to hear where you read that about matching shoes with the bottom half. I’m working on a post (as I write, because you know I always have to be multi tasking…) where I experiment with that idea!!

  • I don’t care what you wear on black! I just love black!😀😀😀

  • Well, since we seem to be on the same wavelength lately, you’ve probably already guessed my next statement, but I’ll say it anyway… I love kimonos! Dress them up, down, use them as cover ups, for a boho look…they are fabulous! And they definitely can bring color to an all black look as you’ve all done here! Beautiful!

    • They really seem like the best piece ever, right, Ronnie??
      I feel the need to increase the number of them in my closet…ha ha!!

  • I am such a fan of kimonos! Love every single one on you ladies. I am going to be styling one very soon on my blog. They are so chic and comfy. Great post Jodie!

  • Kimonos can take you places… and they can pretty much go anywhere !
    Can double as a swim suit cover all, it can be worn with jeans, also with dressy black trousers and with a belt and even in the winter layered over a turtle neck ! Nicely worn !

    • That’s a smart idea about them being a bathing suit cover up, Lorena!!
      I do think I need to get another one…LOL!

  • ah kimonos are my fav! I need to get one for the summer! so cute!

    • Aren’t they the best, Kelsey?? I think I need another one!!

  • I love seeing the kimono trend rocked at every age!! I have a black dress that I’ve been looking for a kimono for!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Ahhh…a kimono would be the perfect topper for it, Brooke!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Your necklace is quite interesting!

  • I love kimonos for summer! This is a brilliant way to lighten up black for warmer weather. I really like the different kimonos each of you are wearing. Love those teal sandals! I will also tie my longer kimonos at times for greater variety. Charlotte’s owl tee is so cute. Clara’s kimono is fabulous – I like the bold colors and print!

    • Thanks so much, Jennie!!
      I just think the kimonos are so perfect for anyone!! How can someone not like them??

  • I have been wanting to buy a kimono for a while now, and I honestly have no idea what’s holding me back. I love all of these looks, especially how the shoes and kimono coordinate so perfectly in your look and Nancy’s. LOVE those shoes!

    • Ha…I know what you mean Shea!! Sometimes, I wonder if I should buy something because it might go out of style!! But there are so many of these that are pretty inexpensive. And it makes me wonder if I could reuse the material somehow if and when they go out of style??

  • Lesley Watson

    The bulb lit up with this post! I remembered a kimono (sort of top) that I’ve had for YEARS and I know just how to style it now. I also remember where it is too. With Charlotte’s sewing talent I’m surprised she hasn’t made kimonos for you all to style. Seriously I’ve seen some lovely old table cloths that would be beautiful kimonos. Great post today as usual.

    • Isn’t that the funniest when that happens, Lesley??
      I’m totally going to forward this to my mom and see if she’ll take up the challenge!! She has a ton of material sitting in her basement!!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I think kimonos have a kind of scarf like charm and function! They improve on the scarf in that they offer more coverage for hips and thighs with all of the wondrous color and pattern that we love about a scarf!! In a manner of speaking they’re like the lighter version of a poncho!
    All of you have found beautiful prints and colors! I’m especially in love with yours Jodi. The gorgeous print and colors of your kimono give you so many options for what to wear with it and your jewelry is wonderful!!!! My second favorite is Clara’s kimono. The blues and turquoise and touchof orange in that print are so lovely. She also wears a very pretty necklace! Clara is one stylish lady.
    When I think of cooler season kimono wearing I see leggings or slim pants, a turtle or mock neck sweater and the kimono worn as you would a pashmina, large scarf or poncho. Imagine the fun of Nancy’s kimono enhanced with other gold and brown tones and brown booties for fall. Picture Charlotte with a grey t-neck, chunky silver jewelry, a muted grey tweedy pant and grey (or red!)booties near the holidays.

    • You always have such great ideas, Judy!! In fact, after Debbie said she wears these for every season, I thought I might put together a post to wear kimonos in the winter!! Maybe you want to join in??

      • Judy Gramith

        I’m in girlfriend!:-)

        • Fabulous!! We’ll catch up when the time gets closer!!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    Darn, wish I had taken photos of my outfit from Sunday where I wore a column of black with a kimono. Alas I was stuck at a State Bowling Tournament with my son and didn’t bother taking pictures. I love black outfits for Summer

    • Ahhh…see we are on the same wavelength, Tracey!!
      But the question is, how’d your son do at the tournament??

  • donnaduck

    Great post! I do wear black, but in the summer, not as much. Although, black capris are a good neutral. And black and white together- you can’t go wrong! I like the kimonos, although I haven’t added one to my wardrobe… yet! I like Nancy’s idea of tying up the front of her kimono.
    I do have a pair of black leather sandals (a take off on a flip flop) and a pair of black criss-cross-ie sandals and I love and wear both in the summer. Usually if I wear them though, there IS an element of black in my outfit! I don’t like real matchy-matchy, but I do like some continuity in my outfit colors!
    I won’t be in CO for your event, but have a great time!!

    • Maybe that’s why I don’t wear my black sandals as much–because I think the same way with continuity most times (except when I want to add in a bright shoe) and I rarely wear much black any more!!! I’m going to have to ponder this, and maybe come up with a post or two about my black sandals…..thanks for the idea, Donna!!!
      Thanks for the love and enjoy your Wednesday!!

  • All of you look simply grand! Like Jennifer, I am not a fan of kimonos because I need something that stays put when I play the piano.

    Then I went looking at your links as I am wont to do and found a kimono-style jacket similar to the one shown at Nordstrom Rack but a little more colorful and in LINEN! Macy’s seems to have the best prices while their sale is on and a wide selection.

    • Now there’s the answer to having it stay put…linen, or even cotton, right, Jean?
      And Macy’s is always having a sale, so that’s a great resource!!

      • Linen or cotton, a sleeve rather than a wrap and never pay the original price.

        My rules are fairly simple.

  • Jonet Gleason Wooten

    I so enjoyed seeing each kimono. The add such style and color to any outfit. What fun. Xo Jonet

  • Kimonos are such a great third layer in summer. I bought my first one last summer and getting a few more is on my “list.” I like that you used kimonos to brighten up a black outfit. All outfits turned out great!

    Have a wonderful time tomorrow!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks Andrea!! I do think these are such great pieces to anyone’s wardrobe!! In fact, I’m searching for another one too!!

  • What a great idea – I love this! I never thought of wearing a kimono with black.

    • I know—I usually wear mine with white or blue! But I kinda like it with the black!!
      Thanks Gail!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Such great kimono looks and living in NYC, I certainly have an abundance of black in my closet! I hope Clara becomes a regular feature on this blog as I think she is such a wonderful style role model for us.
    I also wanted to thank you for the daily quotes, they are a terrific way to start each post. I wish you, Nancy and Charlotte all the best at tomorrow’s event. I’ll be there in spirit and would love to see photos of all the fun and festivities.

    • Thanks for all of your wonderful support, Rebecca!!
      I know when we were in college, we wore a ton of black, so when my friend moved to NYC, she felt totally like part of the city. I didn’t realize it was still like that now??
      I love a great quote, so I’m glad you like them too! I have a daily calendar of them right now, so that’s where I get them recently!!

  • I love kimonos in the summer! They are the perfect light layer!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • They really are, aren’t they?? I think I need a couple more too!! (This is how my wardrobe expands…ha ha)

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Gorgeous kimonos all 3!! I’m still smiling about your cute do!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with a good kimono. It’s guaranteed to add a little something to any outfit. I wear them all year ’round; I just go with darker colors for the colder months. I love Clara’s, the watercolor-esque floral is gorgeous!

    • I never think to wear mine in the winter—it’s always sweaters and thick jackets!! But I’m going to have to consider this—-maybe a future post thanks to your idea!!
      Isn’t Clara just a dear??? I may need to shop her closet!!

  • donnanance

    Great post showcasing kimonos! Jodie, love the accessories you chose for your outfit. The colors are just perfect and the necklace is my favorite. Nancy’s kimono looks like it is designed to be tied like that and her earrings are fabulous. Your mom’s outfit is great…love the embellished tee and her BB&B kimono. Who knew they had cute clothes? Miss Clara is one sharp gal! She fits right with the three of you ladies. I love seeing well-dressed gals. Cutoffs and Crocs don’t cut it… xoxo

    • Thanks Donna!! I couldn’t agree with you more that being well dressed is important. I just read that taking pride in your appearance is as much for showing respect to others as it is for ourselves—interesting, right?

      • donnanance

        I have read that neglecting one’s appearance and grooming is a sign of depression. If I have a down day, spiffing up a bit turns it around.

  • Kimonos liven up so many outfits but they really make your all black outfits pop! Great post! Peace! Cheryl

    • I usually wear this kimono with all white, but I really like it against the darker background—who knew??
      Thanks and have a fabulous day, Cheryl!!

  • Love your new hair cut, the kimono and those earrings couldn’t be more perfect!

  • Mireille

    Beautiful kimono! Been wanting to add one to my closet and need to be on the lookout for an inexpensive one! I actauullybhave a pair of black sandals that wear a lot, I think that their edgy detail makes them on trend. But oh, yellow ones, I would love…

    • I didn’t even know about kimonos until about 2 years ago!! I just think they are perfect for the summer…and even the inexpensive ones look nice!! I definitely think this is one item that you could snag at the “teen” stores!!
      I may have to revisit my black sandals this summer—I get so excited about the colorful ones that they get left in the dust!! 🙂

  • Kimonos are amazing! I love all of your looks here. `Gemma xx

  • Karen Anderson

    I love all of these looks. I will be looking for a kimono because I can see now how versatile they are. I see them in catalogs and absolutely love them and want one, so what am I waiting for? Clara is still amazing me. What a gorgeous outfit she has on here – I love the shades of blue! I am wearing black today and do wear it in the summer, but have been inspired with these past two posts to toss on something colorful with black. The kimono was a win for this and I’m going shopping! How funny that your mom found hers at BB&B! And yes, that coupon makes it a good deal every time! Also like the idea of tying the front like Nancy did to control the length. This gives you many more options, and I can see it worn this way over a dress. Your shoes Jodie…wow! Love those! They draw the blue out of the kimono you are wearing (which is beautiful!) and really brighten up the black pieces. I’m feeling really inspired by this post today and think the time is right with all the end of season sales! With the popularity of ponchos, kimonos and wraps of all kinds, I think these will be here to stay for awhile! To me, these pieces seem like classics!

    • I really have fallen in love with the kimonos since I found them a couple of years ago, Karen! Although I did buy one last summer that just too huge and weird and I gave it away. But the print, colorful ones just call my name!!
      My mom just recently found another one at a consignment shop! But many of the ones I see aren’t too expensive—especially at Forever 21—and they look nice!!
      You’ll have to let me see what you get!! You could join in for our next kimono adventure!!!

      • Karen Anderson

        I’ll get shopping and let you know what I find! I might be able to join in that adventure! : )

  • As always, you find the perfect topper for the outfit. I haven’t been a fan of kimonos because they don’t tend to stay in one place, but loved your MIL’s idea of tying the ends.

    • Thanks Jennifer!! When Nancy suggested tying her kimono, it was like a V-8 moment!! I can’t believe I never thought of that!!