Black Jumpsuit Worn for 3 Different Events

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Styling a black jumpsuit for a first date

Black Jumpsuit Worn for 3 Different Events

A black jumpsuit can be perfect for all different kinds of events. Lesley and I were talking about how at this time in our life, we should have outfits for many occasions without having to go shopping all the time.

Quote of the day: “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” Emile Zola

While jumpsuits may not be the item of choice for each and every one of you, this can be easily copied with a black top and a pair of black pants. Or heck, even a black dress could work.

Lesley bought this jumpsuit when we were researching Amazon shopping. This cropped version is the one I showed in that post, after Lesley shortened it for the summer months. If you like the idea of a jumpsuit but not always the bathroom reality, I did touch of some tricks about jumpsuits in a previous post.

She’s styled it differently for 3 different events with a change of shoes and other items. The first outfit is her favorite, so I’ve included more details on that one. Yet the black jumpsuit works wonderfully for so many occasions. Do you have outfits you could easily put together for these?
1-First Date
2-Patio Party

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Wearing a Black Jumpsuit for a First Date

How to style a black jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: NY Collection ~~ Wrap: ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Necklace: SteinMart ~~ Belt: thrifted ~~ Purse: Target

This was Lesley’s actual outfit for a date a couple of months ago. Her first date in 22 years, and nothing like her dream date that she described months ago, LOL.
This combination of a black column of color and blue wrap is something she feels very comfortable wearing. And that’s exactly what you need on a first date.

Insider tip: Why take a wrap or jacket? Just in case the place is chilly.

Black jumpsuit worn 3 ways

What Your Accessories Say

Lesley explained the reason she took a smaller clutch for her first date. It’s not too big so it doesn’t look like you are ready for an overnight! Now that just cracked me up. I like that she grabbed a colorful one instead of black. To me that also showcases a fun personality.

The black jumpsuit is a perfect back drop for any color combination for this occasion. If you had more first dates scheduled, then you could basically wear the same thing only change out different colored wraps.

Insider tip: Wear a color that compliments your complexion so you glow. Not just for dates, but EVERY day! Life is too short to look like death warmed over.

Even if you aren’t going on a first date, this outfit would work for any kind of situation whether you are meeting friends for drinks, or going to dinner with your kids.

Metallic color sandals

Shoes for Comfort

Just like you want a comfortable outfit to wear on your first date, you’re better off with comfortable shoes too. I mean, what if you are having such a good time, that you end up taking a stroll together? You don’t want your feet to be hurting so you can’t concentrate on the lively conversation.

That’s why Lesley wore these metallic Walking Cradles sandals. She has been wearing these sandals a ton since she got them because they go with absolutely everything. Both straps are fully adjustable with velcro so they fit better too. (BTW, these are called the Conways if you are interested)

Insider tip: Metallic is a neutral, yet lighter than black for the summer. And not as bright as white. So you’ll be surprised at how much you wear the color.

Black jumpsuit for a first date

Party Attire

Now switching up this black jumpsuit for a patio party or BBQ isn’t all that hard. Lesley pulled out a print cardigan, a matching red necklace and colorful sandals.
Instead of wearing the black belt, she even chose a belt bag that I inspired her to buy. In fact, keep your eyes peeled for a post on 5 different ways to wear one of these items. Lesley chose this because it makes it easier to have your hands free at the party. You know? So you can eat, drink and hug people once we go to parties again.

Patio party and a black jumpsuit

Insider tip: Wedges or flats are always easier if you might be walking on grass or uneven surfaces.

Black for a Funeral

A funeral is another of those affairs for which we should have an outfit in our closet by this time of our life. We’ve showcased examples of funeral outfits on the blog in the past. And they don’t always have to be black.
Yet, if you are unsure, black is the safe bet.

Lesley made this black jumpsuit work for the idea of a funeral with a black and white cardigan. The pearls and shoes add a classic vibe to the look.
She couldn’t resist adding the pop of color with her purse, and even rationalized that red is the color of mourning in South Africa.

A pop of red with your purse

Insider tip: If you’re not sure about the location of the service, or if you’ll be attending the burial, it’s good to have a hat and flats at your disposal.

I think these are perfect examples of how a black jumpsuit could be the staple in your closet for many different circumstances that pop up.

Jumpsuit worn for a first date, party and funeral

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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